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NEXTBASE 222 Full HD Dash Cam, Case & Polarising Filter Bundle - £39.97 delivered @ Currys PC World
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Been looking at getting a dash cam and there does appear to be a saving on this bundle, as the cam on its own is £51 from Currys and other retailers like Argos and Halfords etc. … Read more

I'm saying it shouldn't make a difference if it's hardwired or just plugged in because it probably uses the internal battery. If it absolutely needs to be hardwired to a permanent live connection for parking mode to work, then that might cause problems.


So what are your saying, avoid using parking mode?


Parking mode usually uses the internal battery to wake the recorder up if there's sudden movement detected. You don't really want to have your camera on and running from your car battery when the engine is off.


For parking mode, do you need to hard wire or can you use the cigarette lighter socket?


If you're doing 'go to jail' speeds, yes. If you're a relatively small percentage over the limit then no, they can't. With the wide angle lense it makes it even more tricky and they can only narrow it to a certain range (y)

NEXTBASE Cabin View Dash Cam £29.99 delivered at Currys PC World
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Great if you're ferrying passengers or want an extra level of security when your car is parked, the Nextbase Cabin View Dash Cam keeps an eye on what's happening inside your vehicl… Read more

Don’t waste your money on nextbase products have had 2 and both failed after 12 months old in the past only use blackvue now had it professionally fitted front and rear camera and never lets me down automatically downloads bad drivers to the cloud and then onto police website they have have used my evidence when there has been no insurance no m.o.t. And tax a camera never lies


Stick it up where the sun don’t shine...


Come on! We’ll go get ice cream 🍦


There, there, there. Ignore them bad people out there, Mummy still loves you.


Maybe you need a cuddle. Big bad Currys hurt your feelings...

Nextbase Emergency Car Kit Inc Torch. Now only £9.95 delivered - Sold and Shipped by iZilla at Amazon.
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Nextbase Emergency In-Car Kit. Includes a Torch, Triangle, Hi-Viz Vest & very basic First-Aid kit Inc Foil Blanket.

Oh really, yes, I'm after a boot kit for France (he says optimistically)...


I believe the breathalyser requirements were for France but this requirement was repealed on December 24th 2019, reflectors are required on your helmet if motorbiking. Many European countries have legal requirements for you to carry such items, some also want a spare bulb set,headlight beam benders, second warning triangle, second reflective jacket and perhaps other things that are country specific.


Needs a pair of breathalysers


Available since 19 Sept. 2019, yet no reviews, hmmm.......


Good price.

Nextbase 122 Dash Cam - ONLY £36 +£3.99 delivery @ Halfords
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Nextbase 122 Dash Cam 720p @ 30fps HD Recording Supports up to 32GB microSD cards (not supplied), to give up to 4 hours of footage before automatically looping over. 120° Wide V… Read more

I had this and it didn’t record a collision recorded everything else apart from That m. strange


I have this for the rear screen and it sticks great, Good picture to.


It is only £36.00 delivered from Halfords on eBay Have you not seen the last post from the other day.

mardor Shows 36

25% off Dashcams e.g Nextbase 122 Dash Cam £36.75 @ Nextbase
684° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
NEXTBASE DASH CAMS 25% OFF EVERYTHING various discounted prices on all 2 series dash cams. Be quick bank holiday deal only!
Get deal*Get deal*

Correct. They are prioritising MOTs and other such essential things. See under the services they are not offering.


Just to confirm, they are not doing installs due to Covid-19 social distancing?


I think the £30 is for fitting only. They do sell most hardwire kits for the various models and I imagine you could buy one same time as getting the cam fitted but it wouldn't be included in the price. I think they will be happy to fit the cam for you irrespective of whether you bought it from them, yes. Best phone your local store to clarify. As an aside, Halfords and the RAC are both understandably not doing any dashcam installs these days.


Do you know if Halford provide their own hardwire kit inclusive of the fitting price? I take it you can bring in any dashcam (regardless of place of purchase)


Thank you. Bought it yesterday thanks to you

Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam - £69.95 / Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Good deal from Amazon, was previously £129.99 MARKET LEADING, AWARD-WINNING DASH CAM: The 412GW provides reassurance and protection in a slick and slimline design. Market leadin… Read more

Aldi have this same price with free 8GB memory card


I have this model. I find the touch screen buttons a bit non-responsive sometimes and would rather the more basic 212 for their actual button keys. However the wifi aspect is good when it comes to just transferring clips to your phone etc. I had my first ever crash just two weeks after installing this dashcam so it came in handy!


same price on nextbase's ebay store and 5% discount if you buy 2.


It's great that the prices are coming down but I've always thought it important to have a rear camera. The offer of a separate camera for £35 sounds good until you factor in the cost of fitting it and hiding cables through the car. Surely technology such as Bluetooth could be used instead at not much more expense ? That would enable you to take your dashcam to another vehicle and make use of their rear camera.


No as this camera is discontinued.

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Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam With SD Card £69.99 delivered at Aldi
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Product Information Battery Type: Lithium ion Brand: Nextbase Cable Length: 4m (approx.) Megapixels: 1440p HD Memory Card Slot: Yes, Micro SD Power: 12-24Vdc Power Source: Cigarett… Read more
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Has anyone seen these in the stores or is it online only ?


Thanks I went for this, as fed up of "high spec" Chinese crap that just fails. You often see great reviews of the things when they first come out and then another review a year on after they fail. I have done plenty of research and also bought a 128gb high endurance sd card from pics top for £18.39 and a polarising filter from ebay for £8 which seems to make a huge difference from YouTube videos I watched. Also for those worried about the battery a new 1 costs about 60p and I imagine you can get it changed if it ever fails in a electric shop for a couple of quid if you don't fancy doing it yourself. Nice to buy a British product for a change. Thanks again.


Anyone got their delivered yet? Did you get the SD card? I’ve got mine today but can’t see the SD card that was supposed to be included (confused)


I'll have a look at those to replace my 412GW :)


Its still pretty expensive and somewhat out of range of what most would pay. There are alternatives cheaper super capacitor dash cams available, I would get a viofo A119 v3 for £100 if I were in the market. Got a vicovation opia 2 for £140 odd with eBay 15% off 18months ago. I did not consider a nextbase at all as most were normal battery powered and read many bad stories like yours that they packed up and then it's useless.

Nextbase Dash Cam Rear Window (322/422/522/622) Add-on Camera £35.96 Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon (discounts in basket)
155° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
This rear window camera is an add on for the 322/422/522 Nextbase dash cams. This price is available with a 20% discount applied at checkout. The Nextbase Rear Window Camera o… Read more

Clearly ;) At ease - As you were.


I dont get it (confused)


Its probably better to get 2 separate cams for front and rear to have the highest possible resolution for both. I have tinted rear window and the cam cannot be seen from the outside. Though I have a sticker with 'Vehicle Camera Recording' on the back, yeah tailgaters do back off once they see the sticker. Anthony69 is spot on with tailgaters when they see the cam/sticker.


I think they mean their pull out game was strong


come again?

Nextbase 212 1080p Full HD 2.7 Inch Screen G-Force Sensor Night Vision Dash Cam - £39.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
282° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
The Nextbase Dash Cam 212 offers high quality footage, recording in Full 1080p HD at 30fps. The Nextbase 212 uses the latest 6G glass lenses that provides a wide 140 degree viewing… Read more

I just picked up the 222 model as my first cam, can be found for £55ish at places like Currys and Argos. After looking around, the flashier models with their WiFi transfer for video files seems very slow and flaky - decided to go for an ‘old fashioned’ memory card only model rather then deal with the fuss. Good luck :)


I just got a 112 version, very basic no gps. For the rear of my car, as it can be stuck on as suction cops fall off. It a 720p but works gears for the rear. I use a dod 460 lsw I think it is for the front. The picture Is brilliant Day and night only down side is it only takes a 32gb card. I use SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE cards.


I have messes up my sat nav signal.


No. Old discontinued product. Most basic at that. Go for the x22 range.



Nextbase 212 Dashboard Camera £49.99 @ Aldi
207° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Automatically record when driving so you have independent evidence in the event of an insurance claim. This dashboard camera features full HD technology. You can use it to record r… Read more

@ceanth Or this one.


Cold the newer 222 version is about a pound more on amazon


Just bought and fitted this yesterday, it seems good value


Can anybody recommend a dash cam with rear camera support? Don't mind ordering from Chinese websites where there is a long delivery time


I have to agree nextbase are garbage I have had 2 in the past and only lasted about 14 months each only use blackvue now what a dash cam I know there expensive but quality never comes cheap

NEXTBASE 522GW Quad HD Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa - Black £111 at Currys PC World
83° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
An Excellent Dash Cam. The lowest its been, with Price match gaurantee. It can be hardwired. With Alexa Compatibility It has excellent reviews on Amazon and Trust pilot

Yes I had the 612 it went in the bin I had a lot of issues with it I have had 2 nextbase dash cams and both ended up in the bin nextbase website and backup is rubbish they don’t want to know I paid over 200 pounds for that 612 all in all have spent over 300 pounds in the past on nextbase not no more have now invested in blackvue and its been the best I no its expensive but it offers so much more they have there own cloud and everything is automatically sent to it so is another safeguard brilliant


Yes I misread the date, looks like March 19. Not that likely to be a 3rd gen imminent then, still wouldn't buy one, did they discontinue the 612 because of all the issues?


It was released last year! Came out in May.


The 522gw has been out at least 2 years now.


3rd gen? The 2nd gen has only just come out and the 622gw is still to be released. So rubbish :)

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam - RRP £149, Built in Alexa - £104.49 delivered (Savings across whole range - 422GW, 322GW, 222GW, 122GW) @ Nextbase
252° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Best deal I have seen for a while & you can buy it directly off their website. Range of cams on offer including accessories (I appreciate a lot of us aren't driving currently!)… Read more

They work well. with Next base you have 2 options; One that clips on the side which captures what you would in your rear-view mirror effectively. Or another separate module which you place on your rear windscreen. I would recommend this as it is superior to the one you just clip on the side. However, you do have to run cable from the main dash cam to the rear module. I fitted mine myself and you cannot see a wire (although I did spend some time on it to get it like this). If you dont want the hassle & want something quick, I would suggest option 1: The better option in terms of visibility, I would say option 2:


Thanks! How well do the rear cameras work? I like the idea of the one which clips on the side but would that also read number plates?


You can get it on Amazon for £110 thought:




It has now expired im afraifd

Nextbase Dash Cam Rear Window (322/422/522/622) Add-on Camera, £36 at Halfords (+£3.99 delivery)
249° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Good offer here, might suit someone. Nextbase Rear Window Add-on CameraThe Nextbase Rear Window Add-on Camera focuses on the road behind you to guard against tailgates and rea… Read more

Exactly same in my experience too. Next base are overpriced garbage and I know 2 other people with them who have had the same problem. I buy the Yi cams nowadays, for the price they are spot on.


I am on my third set (522GW+this) and this one's faulty too. After a while they stop working. It starts allright but it stops recording while you drive. Not safe to keep checking the bloody led. I used to do a lot of miles though.


Not at all, you only have to ask.....


I have this camera connected to a 322. Really happy with it. I had both hardwired by Halfords for £200 Edit: Paid £49 for it. Realised I missed that bit...


Thanks. Was that so hard?

Nextbase 522GW - £99.95 - Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon
343° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
I've been watching this for a while - back down under £100 for the first time in a while. Nextbase 522GW - Series 2 Car Dash Camera - Full 1440p/30fps HD Recording DVR Cam - Front… Read more
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I Am afraid it’s the same old thing in this world you only get what you pay for that’s the difference between a rolls Royce and a plastic pig


Perhaps you should also state it costs x4 as much @ £425 - For that price I would want the moon on a stick


I have an earlier model and have had issues with it, their support solution was to switch off the mode where it records whilst parked if you get knocked if using the rear camera add on. It works now I have switched this off but I bought the product for this feature and there is no likelyhood of a firmware update to fix the bug. Obviusly not sure if this affects their newer products and this only is a bug if using the rear camera add on.


You'd get it half this price from a fence (lol)


I have had 2 nextbase dash cams and gave up on them I have had this model and 612 and both failed after 12 months old now have invested heavily on the blackvue 900 model front and rear camera with pro magic battery backup from Halfords and I can say it is the best money can buy don’t bother with anything else trust me

Nextbase dashcams - 20% Discount e.g. 122 Dash Cam £39.20 / 222 Dash Cam - £55.20 (more in post) @ Nextbase
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Nextbase are launching new generation dashcams and are offering 20% of products this week. Nextbase site only, I think. Prices listed below and free delivery. 20% discount o… Read more
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522GW £119.20 .. Thanks but no thanks.


Need a dash cam at some point. When I'm not on lockdown


I've never had any issues. Halfords/Nextbase have been great.


Dearer currently.


Hardly any discount here. How come I got my 522 from Halfords cheaper than this???

Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam 3" LED Car Recorder Night Vision GPS Wi-Fi £67.45 @ velocityelectronics / eBay
144° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Exclusive Powered Magnetic Click & Go mount for easy installation in the vehicle Instant evidence to support insurance claims to help prove an incident was not your fault 140… Read more
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I’d love to know too, spotted it a few times in my searches


I was going to purchase the second generation 222 model. Would you say this is better even though it is a first generation model. Thanks in advance.


Great. Thanks


Absolutely brilliant. Mine was about 5 weeks out of warranty date when it developed a fault on the display. I asked for a repair cost and I had to send it in for evaluation. Repaired and returned free of charge (y) (y)


I think you will find this model does indeed have parking mode it's the lower models of Nextbase Dashcams that do not..

NEXTBASE 522GW Quad HD Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa - Black, £101.15 at Currys/ebay with code
228° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
NEXTBASE 522GW Quad HD Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa - Black, £101.15 at Currys/ebay with code
£101.15£11915%eBay Deals
Good price for a great camera here. Specification Records in 1440p HD @30fps Click&Go PRO mount NEW Alexa voice control NEW 3" HD touch screen NEW Emergency SOS NEW Bl… Read more

Mine arrived today and the screen is knacked, got loads of lines which makes viewing things difficult, sending it back


Don’t bother buying nextbase dash cams have had 2 of these nextbase cams and battery failure in both of them nextbase web site is rubbish they don’t want to know am using BlackVue dash cams now more expensive but worth it no battery issues with these models


I've got this camera, originally it was locking up, changed the memory card from a U1 to a U3 and it hasn't given me any problems since.


Does anyone have any idea when it’s actually out for sale?


I was debating getting this camera... but not sure after comments?

Nextbase 212 Professional Car Dash Dashboard Video Camera 2.7" 1080P HD DVR Cam for £39.95 Delivered - Sold by velocityelectronics @ eBay
245° Expired
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
Nextbase 212 Professional Car Dash Dashboard Video Camera 2.7" 1080P HD DVR Cam for £39.95 Delivered - Sold by velocityelectronics @ eBay
£39.95£46.8515%eBay Deals
It was £46.85 this morning as a deal but they dropped the price further. About this product Product Information Maintain a full, clear view of the road ahead and record in ste… Read more

What's the picture quality? Can you read the number plate of the cars in front? How's the picture quality at night? Thanks


Are there any downsides/missing features of this old model?


Don't forget that it is an old model. If you don't mind, go for it. However I wouldn't.


It's the same one. Saw that earlier but thought about the seller rating.


Any difference between this and one in OP? Thanks

Nextbase 512GW 1440p Quad HD GPS G-Force Sensor Night Vision WiFi Dash Cam, £88.99 at Argos/ebay
65° Expired
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Nextbase 512GW 1440p Quad HD GPS G-Force Sensor Night Vision WiFi Dash Cam, £88.99 at Argos/ebay
£88.99£9910%eBay Deals
Not a bad camera for a decent price. Clearance With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee The Nextbase 512GW provides unmatchable image quality with the newly upgraded Sony Exmor R Sensor … Read more

(:I (y)


That's fine, this older one I don't think lasted 2 months lol


Unfortunately that model still has a very small internal battery and will be no good in about 2yrs (annoyed)


Mine was just exchanged for the nextbase 522GW front and rear. Cannot comment yet as it was only yesterday I got it. But reading the reviews, people seem much happier with this model.


@gadger_r56 Brilliant, thank you, much appreciated.

Nextbase Dash Cam 112, 720p HD + 2 Year Warranty £24.99 + £3.50 p&p John Lewis & Partners
107° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Nextbase Dash Cam 112, 720p HD + 2 Year Warranty £24.99 + £3.50 p&p John Lewis & Partners
Nextbase Dash Cams are easy to set up, record footage in high definition, with night vision for 24 hour use. With continuous recording and motion triggered incident capture you’ll … Read more

Could I ask what model and from where please?


True. However when it is replaced by a far superior x22 range for a few pounds more then maybe it is. Nextbase are still trying to flog these. Yes, it is potentially better than nothing, but if you can afford to run a car, then I would suggest that you can afford a few pounds to get a current model which is better for both day and night vision.


I have just replaced this. It works well enough and does the job. Night vision isn't the best. But other than its it has been faultless. Better than not having one. However I have just got a 4k cam with wifi and GPS for 32 quid so better out there for around same price


Ironically, don't talk rubbish yourself. Just because you have a 720p CCTV camera that is of fine quality doesn't mean every single 720p dash cam will be the same. OEMs use all sorts of sensors etc. The form factor of a CCTV camera is generally bigger than a dash cam too so bare this in mind too. As for "from one of the best manufacturers", another hit for "don't talk rubbish". There are much better brands out there.


I had one of these, the image quality was just about acceptable, i had to reformat the sd card every other week as it wouldn't overwrite the oldest files. The cheap chinese one that cost £15 had far better image quality, with better colour and a sharper image, you could actually read number plates of other vehicles. The best part was that it would overwrite the old files so i didn't keep getting a memory full error.

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