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Refurbished Nextbase Mirror Video Recording Night Vision 1080p 4" Dash Cam Camera Recorder  £93.95 @  velocityelectronics  ebay
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Looks like a good deal to me - refurbished but down from 149 elsewhere.
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Ah fair one :)


Looking at test videos of both cameras on youtube, the nextbase one can make out number plates but the YI one can't.


Voted cold, I think the YI mirror at £60 will be just as good and that's brand new.

NEXTBASE iN-CAR CAM™ 402G Professional - DVR for car - Grade A (White box) £50.99 with code - 99pdvdplayers / Ebay
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
NEXTBASE iN-CAR CAM™ 402G Professional - DVR for car - Grade A (White box) - 15% eBay Code On Amazon new from £139.95 and used from £62.99 The 402G is the best reviewed dash ca… Read more

I have a feeling that they may release another version of the product tomorrow . Getting rid of old stock..


You are correct, there is a motion sensor on the device


nope, you are wrong, it says it activates when it sees a moevemnt. i am pretty sure about that.


Received mine on Friday, Grade B however it was near mint part from the box (original) which had a few dents in it. Easy to use and setup.


Parking mode activates if someone bumps into your car not if someone dances in front of it.

Nextbase Dash Cam 212 - £50.15 with code @ Halfords
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Original price: £59.90. It goes to £50.15 after using the code NEXTBASE15

"Promotion "NEXTBASE15" is temporarily not available at this time." (poo)


After voucher code 46.75..... good price .... well done heated.... can't find cheaper anywhere .....quidco and topcashback as well .....waoooooo bingo


I bought mine from E-Prance on Amazon, but they no longer sell it and I imagine it is no longer made. My point was really that the Yi 2.7" dashcam is really not very good, but It is really difficult to work out which cameras are good. YouTube compress the hell out of all footage and I'm sure some of the footage on YouTube is from 4k gopros etc masquerading as dashcams The G1W is a little old now, and it was a much copied dashcam - the copies are often poor. The genuine ones have a Novatek 96650 processor and record in .mp4 format instead of .mov or .avi This 'looks' to be a good match, but with eBay you are chancing your arm. The extra "S" indicates it has a capacitor instead of a battery (a good thing)


Has anyone posted the deal for the Nextbase 412GW using the 15% Halfords voucher yet? Might stick that one up soon so the whole range is covered. Oh and the hardwire kit is also eligible for the 15% off, bought one earlier this week.


Has anyone true using the code in store?? I'm thinking of withdrawing my quidco cashback so I save another 8% etc Edit. Does matter as this code expires today so I can't use it

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Nextbase Duo HD Dashcam for £135 at Halfords
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Great deal at Halfords if you want s great dashcam. Currently 20% off Dashcams at Halfords plus add voucher code NEXTBASE15 for an extra 15% off!

Yes it comes on if car is bumped even slightly


It has a G sensor function which you can set to low / medium / high which will activate when car is stationary and gets bumped. Would deffo recommend getting it hardwired as with my previous dashcam went through about 3 power leads!


Do you know if it comes with car park protection? Thanks I need one that will record in car park if my car gets bumped. I have some "nice neighbors".


Good deal. I've had this model for 6 months and pleased with result. I paid £170 so this is a good price. I also purchased a hard wire kit online to have it permanently connected to my fuse box. Easy to fit. Footage is good

Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam - £101.15 with voucher @ Halfords
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Nextbase 512GW Dash CamProviding unbeatable image quality, and a vast array of features The Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam is the ultimate Dash Cam experience. At its heart is a Sony Ex… Read more

thanks for the post, with AA voucher and 10% credit card offer managed to get 512GW with rear for 100£, excellent quality


Hello, Thank you for your email and also taking the time to email us about your question. The camera is not able to run at 1440P at the front and 1080P at the back i m sorry, as the internal chips is unable to do this. The camera is designed this way and cannot be fixed with an update. Technical Support Engineer Please take a few minutes to give a brief review of the service you have received on Trust Pilot. T: 02920 866 429


Thanks I got mine fitted and had it all done for £118 as well.


£101 plus the £30 fitting fee minus a 10% voucher


Yeah to confirm they just refunded me the difference.

Voyager 212 Dash Cam (nextbase) £39.99 Delivered @ Aldi
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
I spotted this when browsing forums, Aldi's Voyager Dash Cam 212 is exact same as Nextbase model 212. On the forum a representative from Nextbase commented and said this model is a… Read more
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29° away from 1000! :/ ;( (lol)


It's incase someone bumps into your car when parked it starts recording when g sensor is activated and locks to try and capture them


I don't understand the Parking mode function. It comes on when i open the door, even if it's very gently, and automatically locks that recording..


Exactly as you described it feels the sensor and turns in and locks it


Oh, thanks. What is parking mode?

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Nextbase 512GW (cheaper than John Lewis deal I posted this afternoon!)
Refreshed 1st SepRefreshed 1st Sep
I recently posted what I thought was a great deal direct from John Lewis for £137 here:… Read more

Got it other day. Coming from old G1W, the video quickly looks shockingly bad. Not in focus. In some cases footage looks pixelated. Can’t read number plates from footage even in good daylight condition. Default settings with latest firmware. Any ideas ? May be faulty ?


that's why even legal types will advise against going up in court even what looks like a 'good case' can come undone (horror)


Thanks. Well it literally worked fine for ages, but then the one time I needed to rely on it, the recorded file seemed to be corrupt. All of the other files were fine, even before and after the incident. To make matters worse, I looked like a liar in court because I was able to show the other clips, but just not the one of the actual incident. I doubt it is the SD card, I am pretty careful where I buy these things from. After looking into things, I noticed that several recordings would just randomly be corrupted. I checked on forums at the time and it looked like others had a similar experience too. I replaced the camera since then and haven't had any issues, but no incidents either now. I am even more ultra careful now knowing that even if you are completely right and legal you can still lose a case in court.


DrP I feel your pain my friend, when you say this model of dashcam let you down was it a fault with the dashcam or was it the sd memory card? The reason I ask is there's so many sd memory cards it's confusing never mind fake ones! It's important to check your sd memory card is still working every week and once a month to format the card as well. As you want the card to have footage of anything that happens. I've bought decent high endurance memory cards and had to return them straightaway as they are corrupted and not fit for purpose so there are various issues that can mean you do not have footage when you need it and this can apply to any dashcam.


Didn't spot that.

Nextbase 512GW John Lewis  & Partners (the Halfords deal I posted is cheaper than this one).
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
This is the pretty standard "premium" Nextbase dash cam. Halfords, Currys, Argos and Amazon sell for £149. Halfords charge £30 for installation (and they provide a £20 hardwiri… Read more
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I fitted another cig lighter in the glove box which is easy to do on the wife's Mokka. using a piggy back connecter off the cig lighter in the fuebox as it's on the same side. We have the 402GW and two of the 412GW cameras in our household. All three come with a battery as the model posted. The 402 is about 16 months old and the battery has failed rendering the camera useless. Yes it still works but because the battery won't hold charge that means the very last file doesn't get saved when you turn the ignition off. That's the file you need when you have an accident. It's a common fault on all dashcams fitted with a battery as batteries don't last forever. It's not easy replacing the battery either. It's something I can do but not everyone wants to solder a battery in place. Loads of complaints in the forums about early battery fails and you may just find it's the same battery in a £150 dashcam as it is on a £30 one. Early signs of the battery failing is the camera looping or not coming on when you turn the ignition on or the camera goes off straight away when powered off instead of it staying on for 10 seconds to save the file. My next dashcam will have a capacitor and not sure why Nextbase have taken the battery route considering the price of capacitors. Something else to be aware of is the 512 looks to have the same mount as the 412, known as a mini mount. The mounts are prone to fail. We have had two broken on the 412 both with the same issue. Replacements can be purchased via ebay, bangood etc and the last one I bought looks identical to the Nextbase one but without the logo. I repaired the wife's last time and the glue is holding but have ordered one from China which looks to have more manoeuvrability than the standard one which makes the camera point a little high compared to the 402 which had a perfect mount. The Nextbase is a nice camera and records well but considering the battery and mount issues I think next time I am in the market for a dashcam I will look elsewhere.


Just hard wired mine into a Q5. Straight forward. Any questions just ask.


Just wire an inline fuse onto something that is controlled by the ignition,


Have looked into this before, but it won’t hardwire into the front Q5 fusebix, as per the Halfords installer who looked at it, and I don’t want wires trailing. Good deal though!


Can't use voucher with promotions though (rear cam at half price)

Nextbase 512GW & half price rear cam - £156.15 @ Halfords
LocalLocalFound 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Yesterday I went into Halfords to get a friend the Nextbase 512GW with the rear cam half price. We lucked out because the online price yesterday (only it seems) was £137 still of… Read more

Back doesn't need to have a hardwire kit it plugs straight into the 512gw


£30 front + £20 back this includes labour + 2 hardwire kits.


Anyone know how much they charge to fit these, in particular because of the extra camera. I've only seen the 'from £30' price, but that's going to be for the single front camera. Also, does their 'fitting price' include the kit necessary to do it or is it just the cost of the labour?


Think NEXTBASE15 is taking 15% off the main dashcam price, and you still pay half price for the rear camera without another discount. Also was told yesterday that the 10% off for BCF members is only on bike stuff now (think it was always meant to be but was always accepted on everything before). Good while it lasted!


I don’t get it? The current offer is £173.50 Assuming the Code NEXTBASE15 takes off 15% then it’d be £147.47 Currently it looks like the code only takes off 12.88% and not 15%

Nextbase 312GW Limited Edition bundle - 16GB micro SD + Lens + Case £84.15 @ Halfords eBay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Good price if you're after this model or can't stretch much further. Use code PIGGYBANK for the discount. Can't really go far wrong imo, decent camera and a memory card with it for… Read more

Haven’t had it yet, just reading what site says


When I called their support, they said it was normal that the battery on my cam lasted a minute after being charged for 2 hours. Surprised how yours lasts 30 minutes :/


The internal battery lasts 30mins and records in 2mins loops in parking mode BUT the battery is using no power when “off” and only turns on when movement is detected, so unless your car is hit 16 times in 1 night while parked you are fine!!!


I wonder how that works when the crappy battery on Nextbase dashcams lasts seconds


The 412GW has parking mode which uses the battery from the dash cam NOT the car battery if you get hit while parked up and the dash cam is “off”, in other words it doesn’t need to be hardwired to use this feature

Nextbase 512GW and Rear camera package - halfords
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
You all know about the dash cam and probably too about the new rear facing camera optional extra. I rung my local Halfords, asked for a discount since I was buying 2 x 512GW, 2 x … Read more
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Looks like the price has dropped now to match other retailers


I had it fitted yesterday. No thanks, I really don't like fitting stuff like that. The gent who fitted it at Halfords has done a really neat and tidy job but he explained the rear camera was a pain. He's fitted the cabling through the wiring loom to the rear washwipe in my car but he explained it was a very tight fit but to keep the job neat, wires hidden, it was difficult. If someone who does this type of task often explains it's difficult, I'd sooner not bother damaging the car, camera or me lol. Out of the box, it did need a firmware update, took 10 minutes and then back into the car. Tweaked some of the settings and all's good, it has picture in picture showing the view forward in the majority of the screen and the rear in the right corner, option to have that to the left or not at all is available. Bit confused though, not gonna lie. Despite it being hard wired, the parking mode relies on an internal battery. The parking mode records movement around the car whilst the ignition is off and according to the various forums, records in 2 minute sections, giving 15 x 2 minute incidents. That's not ideal in my eyes. I thought it'd use the car's battery for this but that aside, it does work well and as I hoped :)


Try fitting them see how easy its is. Not to hard when you have plenty of time on your hands. Front camera's are easier rear can be a pain depending on if it's fitted outside or not.


Yes the front cam will drop to 1080p with the rear cam running. And good luck trusting Halfords to fit it properly (should be free when spending so much in my opinion)


I think it only does 1080p when both cameras are active.

Nextbase 312GW dashcam bundle - Halfords
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Great satnav and well priced bundle.
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MrMoonX Care to comment now?


412gw plus hardware kit for £110? I don't think so.


Also £103 in Halfords


If you check with your local halfords branch.... I spoke to guy who fits these near me, and he said fitting is just £30 which INCLUDES the cables. So basically it's a tenner to fit it. Online wanted me to purchase kit on top. So bit of a rip off now they work it. I had the £49 cams, had 1 for back and front. Before they changed to these new little ones. They were ok but no night vision. The 312 is great, plus can view vids on phone thro app. Saves having to get out the laptop. Plus night vision on this is great, not had any problems with it. Best price for me was Halfords. But can't rate Halfords on anything else, except price for dash cam lol. Can I just : royals : the suction to window the 1st was rubbish, this new one they do now hasn't fallen off even when it was 37c. Didn't move camera at all. Plus with the cable always attached you literally do just slide it on to magnetic and go. Drama with old one putting it on then the cable, my cam was attached to it's holder as it was so hard to get off. Drive me nuts


Which is the best nextbase to go for please

Nextbase DUO HD Dash Cam down to £159- JL(2 year Warranty)/Currys/Argos/Very/Halfords
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Down from £199. JL comes with 2 year warranty.Links below. May be still pricey for some one. Its HD saves at least one installment for the back because same machine has 2 cams(fron… Read more
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I thought it was Wall-E's love child for a moment!


I have the Aukey DR02D, that does front and back. After using it for a few months, I am quite impressed as was Techmoan The wiring takes a bit of doing but isn't too hard.


That was my first thought, and now I just want a damn 3D dashcam. Why did they have to put that thought in my head with their design? (lol)


I was wondering what kind of detail you would get from the rear facing camera, with it being at the front of the car, apart from having the evidence to tell the kids off for picking their noses and pulling tongues?


Actually some guy in a pub knows someone whos neighbours daughters boyfriends best friend said that these are overpriced, and buy one for 11p from ebay cos money doesnt equal quality, or something ;)

Cheaper than Amazon - Nextbase Dash Cam - £79 @ Halfords
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Sorry if a repost, seems a good deal, Amazon charging £89.95. Bought mine today, had to query the price as shop still displaying £99, they checked online and I got it for £79.
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This deal is from July...


When i click on the link get deal it says they're £99


Amazon now doing this for £78.95


There's a reason these cameras have parking modes; the internal battery holds enough charge to record a few clips when a bump is detected.


I just wanted to add my own thought. When I was researching, I decided to not go for a live fuse because while the car is off, the dash cam will still be on, draining and killing your battery. My dash cam only turns on when I turn on the car. The fuse I connected my dash cam, is the 3amp, the wiper blades fuse. If you want to keep your dash cam on, while parked, maybe find a portable battery charger, plug you dash cam into that. Or you will have to look in your car manual and see which fuse is the best. But, leaving on your dash cam, 24/7, will just drain your car battery.

Nextbase 112 dash cam, £39 @ Currys, free c&c, save £10
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
The only dash cam you need, Don't bother upgrading to higher spec models as they record your speed etc and you could end up incriminating yourself, all you need is the video of the… Read more
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10% off with this deal.... yes this product is on currys ebay page for £39




I don't understand your point? I wish it was a legal requirement that dash cams where in cars by default from new. The sooner almost everyone on the roads has a dash cam I will feel safer while driving. It wasn't me that pointed out to people they could just removed the data from their footage to show they are not speeding it was you? I do 100% feel if I am at fault I would hold my hands up and say I am at fault. The difference being I declare that I have a dash cam and declare which dash cam I have.... im sure with a simple google search, my insurance company could see there should be metadata that tells them the speed im travelling at etc and they would see thats not there and know I had something to hide.


Probably ok as a deterrent but imo true 60fps is a must at whatever resolution, especially at night where some sensors may struggle.


Quite a good deal, except for the quality. If it's just to show basic video on a computer screen then not bad, not great, it's okay. Best to have full HD 1080p at least to ensure quality imagery. As for speed being recorded ... DON'T SPEED ... easy! As they say "Speed Kills" and only idiots speed.

New Nextbase Rear Camera (512GWRC) £25 instead of £50
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
If you have a 512GW, there's a "rear camera" port on your camera. NextBase have finally released the rear-facing camera that it plugs into. And instead of £50, it's £25 (free del… Read more

Ordered Mine 21st july and got delivered yesterday the code still worked then. When everyone said it wasn't


I don’t believe he did as I was told the window has closed when I called because the link was dead.


How did you go about ordering it

Just ordered one successfully - at £25 its too good an offer to miss (y)


Sent nextbase an email last night asking if there was any plans for a discount code again in the future or at the moment, mentioned I had a 512gw which was out of warranty, they emailed back saying there was no plans in the future and halfords would be doing a bundled deal sometime in august...pretty sure I said I already have a 512gw...Oh well

Nextbase 212 Dashcam £49 at Halfords (plus £1.30 TCB )
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Been looking for a decent branded dash camera and found this in Halfords today. The 212 model has 140 degree lens, 1080P recording and supports up to 128gb micro SD card (not inclu… Read more


Saw the Aldi dashcam down to £40 in my local store this morning (Rotherham Eastwood). Probably store specific.


Same price at John Lewis.


Oh I've just checked and I have the 312 model


Totally agree. Hence why I am looking to get a 'rear-view mirror' camera that films to the front and to the rear and is also a reversing camera. Trouble is that there is too much choice and my poor old brain can't find the right one. Recommendations welcomed (y)

Further 10% off Tech e.g. Nextbase Dash Cam 312GW £71.10 / Nextbase Dash Cam 212 £49.50 / ​JVC KD-X241 Car Stereo £25.20 @ Halfords
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Halfords are giving a further 10% off tech products with code TECH10 A few items that seem good value below but should work on most tech items in the Technology category Dash… Read more

You can put the wire in the panel above window down side of door seal then under glove box and then into cigarette lighter, one i have i did this way and you only see a little wire at top.


Wouldn't get it installed by Halfords, whatever you do


It doesn’t have to be wired in.


You need the step down transformer or you'll blow the camera up.


Would have thought easy enough to cut the cigarette end off and either use a piggy back fuse into fuse box, or wire directly into cigarette lighter feed?

Nextbase 212 1080p dashcam, £55  @ halfords saving £14
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
The Nextbase Dash Cam 212 offers high quality footage, recording in Full 1080p HD at 30fps. The 212 uses the latest 6G glass lenses which provides a wide 140 degree viewing angle… Read more
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Same price on Amazon


I've got this model, hardwired it with the official kit and works great. Small enough that it's not a distraction when driving, no GPS so don't have to worry about speed so much, got parking mode. I just leave it there and forget about it, part from every 3-4 weeks i reformat the sd card due to the parking mode locking in footage when i get in or out the car, but prefer that as got pranged by the trolley boy once in a supermarket car-park - so will catch the bugger if it happens again. Having no wifi isn't a biggy, the power cord plugs in to the holder not the cam, so easy to remove the whole cam rather than just the sd card, and video transfer will be quicker by usb lead anyhow. I only wanted mine to record any incident, not to record journeys anyhow so haven't needed to remove mine. For a small, simple, effective dashcam this works very well. Hardwiring is a must and a very quick n easy job and looks very tidy.


This version does not have WiFi, so you have to take the sd card or camera out to transfer off of it.


Having had a few years use of Nextbase cameras, I am in a good position to recommend these as an alternative.....π=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=yi+dash+cam&dpPl=1&dpID=41XeSU3M9NL&ref=plSrch


Good price (y)

Nextbase Dash Cams 20% off at Halfords from £119
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
All nextbase dashcams 20%off.

Not even a 512g


You're conveniently forgetting that your statement was "and they are all chinese, with no uk support, and no doubt are not the easiest to use, or the clearest of images. for that price. Also, this has GPS, i bet those ones dont." You've offered absolutely nothing to back up your claims.


Oh ok, ill prove my point in the same way you disproved my point No UK support? Right. Not the easiest to use? Right Or the clearest of images? Right GPS? Not a Pointless add on. There you go. As it only takes you to say wrong to disprove a point, surely me stating right is as good as your point?


In the event of an accident, police and insurers have far more reliable methods of determining speed at time of an incident, and believe it or not, dash cam footage will give a pretty good record as to your route, speed and driving behaviour far more clearly than any GPS data. As to "You are clearly ill informed about everything you mentioned", you need to do some research. Or you could try and disprove what I've said rather than making a silly comment.


GPS is useful for measuring your speed and showing a route, both useful if you need evidence of an incident for the police/insurance, etc. You are clearly ill informed about everything you mentioned.

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