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Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
31/05/2019Expires on 31/05/2019Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
I did this last time the offer was on, and my voucher took a few days to come through, can spend the £20 on fuel or anything in the shop. Also confused beat other sites at the tim… Read more
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I tried direct-line and found it much cheaper than any other comparison page. Not voting as some might still get it cheaper.


Make sure you check all the details that these comparison sites autofill for you once they transfer you to the insurers own site. Had it put incorrect info in on nearly every occasion when you go back through the quote. Usually because the questions the comparison sites ask don't quite match the wording of the insurer. Nothing major but worth double checking, has also reduced the quote before as well.


anyone who doesn't change annually is most likely gifting money to insurers anyway. Havning had both Elephant (admiral) and Aviva deal with non fault claims I've had, Aviva were leaps and bounds above Admiral. Worth bearing that in mind.


Aviva wanted 980 quid for a second car, admiral charged me 330. Never again. The sales rep was shocked when I declined his offer, "but it's a good deal it's fully comp!" Can't wait to change provider at renewal time for my main car.


car insurance is so expensive specially in London, we only use car for like 30 minutes in a week, and that is only for going to Asda, and we are paying £1900 yr insurance, we are looking to sell car and using taxis which is more cheaper.

Buy O2 Drive car insurance directly and claim a free gift. Choose £30 Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Echo Dot, or RAC 107 Dash Cam
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Don't know if this is a deal or an just another alternative to consider whilst carrying out the annual chore of motor insurance renewal. Works for me - insurance quote alone is am… Read more
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I nearly went for this deal today but checked their reviews and they're shocking...I'm going elsewhere now




Wow Total amount payable £3461.75 I pay £700 with admirals Cold there rubbish


Sadly these things use the highest sold for price or the rrp. And the dash cam was indeed 85 when released. Although this is no different to sports direct or tk max. People ain't daft they know how much stuff is worth when they see these adverts.


Are we sure you don't get all three? That's the only way I calculate £85...... (lol)

Free RAC Roadside, Recovery, and At Home Breakdown Cover worth £119 for RAC Car Insurance Customers - Check Emails
LocalLocalFound 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
Just got this email this morning at 10.57am with a unique code. All activated in 3 minutes. Check your inbox.
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There is must be reason give away free breakdown cover, try give them a call first and see how long you have to wait to get someone answer the phone.


It's only a fake price if they have never tried or actually sold it at £119. You should be careful with your use of the word "fake". Intelligent people think before making such sweeping comments ;)


Why repeat falsehoods? Intelligent people think first ;)


THEY used the words “worth”, but hey let’s not let that get in the way of a good rant....


Home, breakdown and recovery is NOT worth £119. This is a fake price. You should not use the word "worth". It is the full price without discounts or deals.

Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
Found 4th Oct 2018Found 4th Oct 2018
Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco vouchers Just had to renew car insurance and they beat my quote by over £120 which was great and on top just… Read more
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I got mine ok. Did you follow the instructions exactly?


did anyone ever receive this? i filled out the online form but received nothing and there doesn't appear to be anyway of chasing them through the website?!?


Well, normally you use Confused or similar (personally I never use Confused on principle because of the annoying adverts) to get the list with prices. Then check the best ones on Quidco/TCB. I shop around every year and it's always better to buy insurance via a cashback site. House insurance (small house) always costs me close to zero after the cashback.


upto £105 on morethan, confused gave me £120 cheaper than my morethan renewal, not much in it, plus dont have to wait for cash to come back. But thanks for the link.

grumbler >> sort by Highest £

10 % off 1 year premium car insurance
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
10 % off 1 year premium car insurance
10 % off for Santander 1.2.3 account owners when you take car insurance from them.

Just renewed mine elsewhere I know it’s postcode lottery but 3ltr v6 Mercedes £300 fc blah blah so guess you should of shopped around


Link didn’t work for me, found it here Protected NCD, legal expenses cover etc all extras. Came out expensive for me


For me it comes slightly cheaper with their discount that my current provider... £650/year before discount for a 3.2 cdi mercedes... I think that's not a bad price at all tbh...


More expensive than anybody else-so very cold deal

£25 off your car insurance with One Call Insurance (Brokers)
Found 8th Jun 2018Found 8th Jun 2018
Via PAYPAL. Copy and paste this voucher code at checkout.. Expires on December 31, 2018.

I bought a policy from One Call. I cancelled within 10 mins as I found a cheaper quote by nearly £150. I called to canceled and am being charged £50 to cancel. The policy was due to start next week, but they still charge. TERRIBLE and totally unfair and unresonable .

FREE insurance write off check before you buy a second hand car without paying for HPI Check... @ Autotrader
Refreshed 4th Jul 2018Refreshed 4th Jul 2018
*Updated 4th July: Make sure you are on the desktop site not mobile* Credit should go to J4GG4, posted 4 years ago, and this is STILL WORKING. Being in Cat A/B/S/N can significan… Read more

Same! No estimation value given either


Doesn't work anymore


Personally I wouldn't pay more than 2600 - 2700 but it all depends on what the damage was and how competent the repair has been, insist on seeing photos and inspect the area that has been fixed, if the seller can't tell you or more importantly show you what was damaged then walk away. Also worth remembering that not all cat D / C will show on the v5, if it doesn't show you can legally (I'll leave the moral dilemma up to yourself) ;) as a private seller (traders legally have to declare) run about in the car for a few years then sell it as a straight car afterwards getting back what you paid for it. Needless to say our last 3 2nd cars haven't cost us much to run over the last few years. Its all down to what the damage was, I've just sold a cat C (Listed on tje V5) VW Transporter for straight money dispite fully declaring it as a cat C as its an in demand vehicle and j could show exactly what was damaged and how it was repaired properly. Friend if mine bought a 530d Beemer that was stolen recovered, it was prefect apart from having no seats lol it was even stolen with the true key. It's all about buying the correct vehicle.


Ok...take a 15 year old Mondeo with a damage wing and bumper,gonna be written off as it will cost more to fix than its worth. Is a 2018 Mondeo going to be written off for the same level of damage? no its not. What I'm saying is if a very late car is written off due to being uneconomical to fix it is going to have alot more damage than a 15 year old cat d car as they work on a percentage of the cars value. Look up the pics of some cat D late reg cars... I wouldn't particularly want one...certainly not just cosmetic damage.


I beg to differ. An older car would more than likely be written of due to the cost of repair being more than the value of the vehicle. It’s the opposite for a newer car as the cost of parts on newer vehicles mount up, making it uneconomical to repair and the damage is generally more cosmetic. I had a car that was deemed borderline £2500 estimated repair on a car with an estimated market value of £4000. I priced up the parts second hand and it would have cost me approx £600 to repair it myself as it was easily replaceable parts.

AVIVA Car insurance Quidco Cashback increased to £100 (new customers)
Found 6th Mar 2018Found 6th Mar 2018
AVIVA Car insurance Quidco Cashback increased to £100 (new customers)
48 hour flash deal.
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I was with them 2 years ago and I wondering if they would consider me as new customer?


I had Aviva for about £450 for the year, then they wanted something like £1200 for renewal! That's with me scoring highly on their 'Aviva Drive' app. I had also moved to an area which every insurer gives significantly lower quotes for (I assume because it's considered a lower crime area), had 4 years no claims, no points and I've passed my IAM advanced test. If they had just crept it up by a few quid I might have stayed but that's just ridiculous. Obviously I went elsewhere (< £400 from LV).


I tried Aviva quotes and it was expensive, so had to go with Admiral - who were still expensive for my liking, but better than Aviva. Didn't know of the DriverApp through Aviva, will give that a go closer to renewal to see what it quotes me this time around.


Thank you for getting back, really interesting. On the subject of quidco, presumably you couldn't go through quidco and get the driver app discount as well? I joined aviva a few months back so should give this a go ready for renewal. Wife's insurance is up for renewal so will mention all this to her. Thanks again.


You don’t have to be a customer to have it :) just download it and you have to record 200 miles before you get a score. Best to put your phone in an old fashioned car phone holder as the more stable the phone is the more accurate your driving results will be. I managed to do mine in a week, but that was 120 miles to Hastings and back. Once you’ve done the test your score is valid for one year, so you could even do it 11 months before your renewal. Very easy to use and got my quote instantly. I found I lost stars on one journey I did because I drove in a straight line (stars are given for speed, braking, corners and overall driving) so a little annoyed I lost points for that. If you do the test before buying you just give them your score and they’ll apply it to your quote and give you the discount :)

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£20 Quidco CAR INSURANCE BONUS - Activate our special offer today and take out a new insurance policy with any of our participating providers to earn a £20 bonus
Found 27th Feb 2018Found 27th Feb 2018
£20 Quidco CAR INSURANCE BONUS - Activate our special offer today and take out a new insurance policy with any of our participating providers to earn a £20 bonus
£20 CAR INSURANCE BONUS Looking to switch your car insurance provider? The perfect opportunity has arrived! Activate our special offer today and take out a new insurance policy … Read more

Thanks. Nope - my wife is learning how to drive - will add her once she has her DL.


It also depends on age, have you tried adding another driver to your policy?


This is really good - just in time for another renewal for me - looking to find a cheap and reliable deal. Thanks OP - voted hot.


I know car insurance premium depends on a lot of factor like number of year on no claim, the post code, job you do etc - but I never seem to be able to get a quote of any less than 600 or so - have 4 years NCB and held a license with no blemishes for a similar duration as well - wonder when would I get to paying the sub 500 insurance premiums :(


That's the whole purpose of this site. As it helped you may help others. There are some trolls, just keep voting cold.

£50 COOP food voucher for taking up COOP car insurance. Members only.
Found 5th Feb 2018Found 5th Feb 2018
Apparently they also offer a member exclusive price. Don't know what their charges are like but worth getting a quote.

Worth a try after getting competitive quotes. AXA is often


The £50 vouchers aren't just for members and also apply to combined buildings and contents policies, could someone edit the deal title?


Went co-op last year saved £50 over cheapest on comparison sites for our car. Also saved a packet on home insurence but that went up 16% on renewal cheeky monkeys.


Read this And don't modify your car, even furry dice or a bumper sticker can cause you problems if you have to claim.


nice deal if the insurance quote you get is competitive. However for me double the price compared to DirectLine! Never undestand why they differ so much!

2 for 1 cinema ticket when you buy car insurance from Compare the Market
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
2 for 1 cinema ticket when you buy car insurance from Compare the Market
If you buy your car insurance, you can claim whole year movies 2 for 1 from merrat movies.

Why is everyone taking the pi55? It's good to remind people and new users that this offer is available. Just because you regular users have seen it doesn't mean everyone has.


Post could be a genuine oversight...


BREAKING NEWS alf ramsey has just been sacked from his post as england manager


I heard Orange Wednesdays were the next big thing


Aviva Car Insurance - £95 cashback for new customers through TCB
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Aviva Car Insurance - £95 cashback for new customers through TCB
I have seen other day where Quidco was doing cashback for Aviva car insurance. Just spotted TCB doing the same. Just in case if anyone due to renew their car insurance and missed … Read more

Aviva send renewal price every year, its always more than a new customer quote on their site. For last 3 years i have let my insurance run out for a day, then get the new customer quote AND Topcashback! Never had an issue.


Yes they were very good a couple of years back, the premium wasn't too bad, but the excess way too high - just ran a quote and they want compulsory excess of £500 + £350...


I got a quote two weeks ago from Aviva, then found a £65 cash back offer so resubmitted details - only to find the quote had gone up by more than £65. It seems that the price is always inflated by more than the cash back so you'd be better off getting a direct quote and forgetting TCB/Quidco.


Plus do it weeks before yours expires, if you need the insurance fairly soon the gits will charge you more.


Not for me on home insurance. Tried this at weekend - went direct first, cleared all cookies and then through TCB and quotes were exactly the same. Aviva quote was OK, but I think they wouldn't allow me to have different excessess for buildings and contents

Cheap Motor Legal Protection from £15
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Cheap Motor Legal Protection from £15
I would hazard a guess that most of us, who drive and insure a car take out Motor Legal Protection. Were you even aware you could get it elsewhere and it didn't have to be with you… Read more

The free legal advice is worth a bomb!! Whether you use it or not.


third party cover is to payout for any damage or injury’s you may cause to a third party. However it does not cover you for claiming costs for loss, time off etc from a third party. Insurers deliberately make it awkward to claim against them and try to limit what they think you can get. Like all legal matters. A solicitor would help you get the best result for you.


Can somebody explain to me any kind of scenario where this motor legal protection would be useful to have? As we all have to have third party cover by law, when would it actually be used?


5 years is the most you'll get a discount for anyway. He's saved 500 quid by not protecting and if he's over 30 he should be able to find a reasonable quote. 2 accidents in a year is unlucky but he won't be much worse off.


We use Driver Guardian. It uses DAS which is the same policy that my car insurers wanted £30+ quid for. I now pay £20 (for 2 people) and it covers 3 cars and a motorbike. Have also used Driver Guardian for their breakdown cover (which covers EU) for when we took one of our cars to France. For the person saying they couldn't find the policy details its here Not that diffcult to find (clicking on the "Policy Wording" button did the trick for me)

Aviva Car Insurance - £95 cashback for new customers through Quidco
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
Aviva Car Insurance - £95 cashback for new customers through Quidco
Anyone due to renew their car insurance? If so, check out Quidco - Aviva are currently offering £95 cashback.

Try it and report back. When I did mine it specifically said you could not use a saved quote.


Just watch yourself they're a nasty company for cancelling policies for no reason without telling you. Did it to me they then back dated the cancellation made it look like I'd been driving uninsured for SIX WEEKS. Immediately sorted with Admiral but they're really bad for that apparently


"Ways to earn cashback: no cashback available" at time of this post Thurs 30 Nov 2017.


£235 for a 2017 SLC. If the Cashback works that’s £140 (horror) Bargain! Thanks 🕺🏼


Always check them but always find them very expensive myself, post office is guaranteeing to underquote your renewal by £50 at the moment if you're over 50 zo might be worth checking

FREE Motor Legal Protection  for Cars + Motorcycles
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
FREE Motor Legal Protection for Cars + Motorcycles
OK, so maybe this is not a deal but i thought we should all be aware of this offer! I'm one of the many thousands of us having to pay ever increasing Motor Insurance premiums every… Read more
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Motor legal expenses is a pointless add on for most. Some seem to think it covers them for fault accidents and associated legal costs - this is what your car insurance is for. Car insurance covers others' claims against you first and foremost, this is what the bare legal minimum third party cover is. In cases where you're not at fault the other side's insurer will pay for your repairs, hire and injury. If you appoint no win no fee solicitors this should speed the process along as insurers don't want to incur the extra costs of going to court if their customer is clearly at fault. If it's a split liability or 50/50 many motor legal expenses policies have a stipulation they won't cover these costs if chances of success are not more than 50%. So all in all it's £30 for nothing you can't get from speaking to a few daytime TV advertising solicitors, who will act for you for free.




I posted this as a deal about a week a go and the mods took it down, Double standards.


When you take out legal with your policy it costs them pennies, not saying this is any good but you can find much cheaper.


I could see that weird sense of smell..

£10 off short term car insurance - Cuvva
Found 20th Sep 2017Found 20th Sep 2017
This one’s bit niche but a great deal. Cuvva offers short term car insurance for people borrowing other people’s cars. For example, if you borrow a friend’s car for a couple of … Read more
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No you still get your cooling off period, you don't pay an admin fee just the days insurance you've used... However.... If you have a crash and claim, you're liable for the years worth of insurance...


Why Is this hot?


Thinking about it again now, what I am referring to may only be relevant for the 14day cooling off period following an automatic renewal direct debit payment on an annual policy that you have already had for 12 months, in that situation you are entitled to cancel your policy retrospectively during the 14day cooling off period.


Ethical/legal or not, I'm not sure you could buy insurance for someone else's car and then cancel the policy? Cuvva is aimed at people needing to be temporarily insured on someone else's car which is already insured by the owner/driver.


Why would you be allowed a cooling off period then, if by cancelling it you'd have been retrospectively breaking the law by using the car in those first 2 weeks? Are we not to drive in that 14 day period? Nah, not illegal, just a bit of a faff to get a few days 'free' cover.

FREE AMAZON £20 GIFT VOUCHER on Car Insurance Policies at GO COMPARE.COM - New Customers Only from
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
FREE AMAZON £20 GIFT VOUCHER on Car Insurance Policies at GO COMPARE.COM - New Customers Only from
£20 Amazon Gift Voucher on car Insurance policies at GoCompare for New Customers only ( ) Terms & Conditions: Expires 30th September 2017 Terms &amp… Read more
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Looking at the most recent reviews on topcashback 99% of them are 1 star because it never tracks. Good luck getting your voucher.


Mine didn't track even though I took scree shots of the transaction. May thought I'd mention it


is there anyway to 'hack' this and pick up an insurance police for a diesel Montego for £7 ?


Arrgh! It's not "free". You have to purchase an insurance policy. Free is when you are given something for doing nothing. Sorry for being pedantic but it amazes me that so many people fall for this kind of thing. It is clearly built into the cost of the policy.


New customers only - based on your email address? Shouldn't be too difficult to get around that. Heat added

AVIVA car insurance £50 cashback with Quidco
Found 24th Aug 2017Found 24th Aug 2017
AVIVA car insurance £50 cashback with Quidco
I am due to renew my car insurance end of August and looked for cheaper quotes online, tried a few comparisons website and direct quotes with insurance companies and got a good quo… Read more

Re Quidco should I do it on the laptop or will it work/track just as well on iPads?


You can still get cashback as a new car insurance customer. :{ I have had both car and house insurance cashback from Quidco/TCB.


Cashback with Aviva much better than direct line. Really easy and paid within a month. Were the cheapest for my car by a significant distance!


Don't they do a credit check every time you take a quote?


How it works: Commission is paid for getting customers directed to websites and/or make purchases. if quidco offer 5% then they will earn say 8% and pocket the difference, you really think cashback sites are doing it for customers? google make pennies every time you use their search to go to a webpage, just remember with these cashback deals it may be cheaper to go direct to the site rather than via a cashback site Last week we just took out pet insurance £5.60 a month, for the same policy via quidco it was £6.70 a month with £35 cashback

Check Car insurance for Free
Found 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
Check Car insurance for Free
I was looking for buying a used car and wasn't sure if the car is currently insured or not, if reliable or not. I could check MOT or other details on GOV.UK site but couldn't find… Read more
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DVLA use old tape backup technology to update their databases. This is a very time consuming process. Bit of a waste of time really offering this as a 'service' as any information it gives you is probably outdated.


Whilst you are physically able to enter any registration you like the site clearly tells you that it is for checking your own car and if you want details on someone else's car to use a different service, in addition the tick box is to confirm as much and to use it for other reasons is breaking the DPA.


This service is for checking your own details only, you cannot use it to check other cars.


Again, the mention of "drive another (insured) car under third party cover" relies on the seller having legitimate insurance, which the database and potential buyer has no way of checking. The buyer simply needs to sort their own (temporary) insurance.


​i have to disagree pal,old site but the data is up to date,my insurance had a day where I wasn't covered before my new policy kicked in and it showed up immediately.

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