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50% off RAC cover - Personal from £5.25 a month for new single personal Standard cover
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Posted 14th Jul 2021Posted 14th Jul 2021
50% off RAC cover - Personal from £5.25 a month for new single personal Standard cover£186RAC Deals
Got 2 cars fully covered for £186. 50% off a years cover at the moment. 20 hours left according to the site.
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Via compare the market it then came up with the £50 excess.


how to do you build that cover to include the £50 callout? I cant seem to find it.


You can get full cover for £50 if you accept a £50 callout. The 3 or 4 times I have called them out in 20 years makes it something to consider



50% off RAC services - personal cover from £5 per month for 12 months
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Refreshed 8th May 2020Refreshed 8th May 2020
50% off RAC services - personal cover from £5 per month for 12 months£60RAC Deals
Update 1
Offer is still valid and runs until 12th May 7am
1st post, so bare with me, RAC are doing deals on polices like personal cover or car cover Personal covers you in your car or as a passenger of another car, £5 per month. Normally £10

Sorry missed this, no I jumped ship to RAC


Thank you for your advice. :)


Are you saying you got to negotiate AA down to £75??


240 pound renewal letter for AA yesterday. £75 job done. Whoever put this up, I salute you (y)


2 hours waiting time

Premium full Breakdown Recovery £15 for 1 year (£30 excess) or £24 no excess at Wowcher
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Posted 27th Jan 2020Posted 27th Jan 2020
Premium full Breakdown Recovery £15 for 1 year (£30 excess) or £24 no excess at Wowcher£15Wowcher Deals
Pretty good reviews on Trustpilot. Deals Refresh In: 00:08:01:09 Collect 1,500 Club Wowcher points 1-Year Premium Full Breakdown Cover & Home Assistance Bought 707 Save up to 75% Was …
Avatar adamderak
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This is essentially what RAC did to my wife last year, they also failed to instruct the cheap garage properly so she ended up waiting almost 10 hours overnight. Being with a big company is no protection against incompetence.


The pricing alone goes to highlight the type of company you're dealing with in this offer. An effective price of £45 for the standard service, yet low and behold you can get the so called, even better, higher qulaity premium service for £21 less. If it's too good to be true.............


"Pretty good reviews on Trustpilot" Most probably the biggest review site that any purchaser should be wary of and ignore. Proven to post fake reviews or accept reviews from the companies promoting themselves regularly. The better the reviews on Trustpilot should make any purchaser think again.


I wish I was, I should have clarified my comment properly, I was talking about the Corsa comment for my old car (it's not Corsa btw) that hasn't had a break down for nearly 6 years & ford is my work vehicle which did broke down.


are you some sort of time traveller? (excited)

Free Travel Cup for o2 Drive customers with o2 Drive Perks
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Free Travel Cup for o2 Drive customers with o2 Drive PerksFREE£0.01O2 Shop Deals
So I had no clue until a couple of months ago that 02 now does car insurance!? However they were the best price at the time for me so signed up and you still get the what looks like the same…

Well they lasted a year. No longer offering car insurance.


Got to be worth it for free if you have O2 Drive.


Sorry mate its gone forgot to edit the comment .


Can someone give me a code? I can give any code from UNIDAYS



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Flash Sale Now Live - 50% Off All Personal Based Cover (from £2.75pm) at RAC
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Posted 7th Aug 2019Posted 7th Aug 2019
Flash Sale Now Live - 50% Off All Personal Based Cover (from £2.75pm) at RAC£2.75£4.5039% offRAC Deals
Just got the headsup that RAC are offering 50% off all personal based coverage from tomorrow. Link will update with new pricing tomorrow We fix 4 out of 5 at the roadside You can …

Be careful to make sure that you are getting the cover that you think you are getting eg- * 50% off applies to new, single personal based policies. Ends 6.59am on 22.08.19. † FREE Onward Travel with Roadside & Recovery or Roadside, Recovery & At Home. New customers only. You do not get the 2nd line in bold line above for £2.75 pm. It is only basic roadside cover only. (y)


not really, the cheap code readers are ok for basic stuff, and on occasion can get the car out of limp mode, but thats about it. Any garage should have a diagnostic kit, if they are using a £20 one I would go elsewhere tbh. Even with dealer level stuff, if you don't understand the readings, they are useless to you, I don't on mine, and while its useful for some stuff, not for everything. I have a rattle on the engine for example, and I can see which readings are wrong, but what I cant tell is what is causing the fault as I don't know enough to work that out. I know its a fuel problem, probably injector related, but got someone coming out next week, charges £54 who I know will spend an hour and tell me exactly what the problem is at the end of it.


Groupon are doing a deal with Autoaid


You sure know your stuff. I wouldn't know where to start with car repairs. There's no Haynes manual for my car for start. Would there be any use me buying such a device so I could tell my local repair shop what to fix at least?


What kits on ebay cover and can diagnose manufacturer specific codes, and can actually specific what the codes mean? I have a cracked copy of Peugeot Planet and it is vastly superior to anything else I've used, including £3k+ diagnostic kits. Theres no way the RAC are going to purchase dealer level kit for every technician & every type of car out there, it would cost them millions. Having said that, I had to ring AutoAid out last year and the local garage they used turned up with a Bluetooth dongle and app on his phone, which read the code and he googled to find out what it was. He then informed me it was a failed injector, I told him it would more likely be a fuel filter, but he insisted it wasn't. One fuel filter later (which I did myself as he wouldn't touch it), car worked perfectly and still is 9 months later. Autoaid are decent but the level of service totally depends on the local garage they are using.