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Hastings Direct - Reduced car insurance payments for COVID-19 if you change the mileage on your policy
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
I'm driving less can I get a refund?? You may be able to get a refund if you change the mileage on your policy. If you think your annual mileage will be reduced in your current p… Read more
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Went from 15k to 5k. Not sure I will even do 5k but thought that might cover off rest of policy now!


£45 for me (y) :)


£0.01 Not worth the effort (lol)


Example 12k miles a year 1k a month Lose 3 months Drop to 9k a year Out of lockdown, you'll not pick up these lost 3k miles. Well if we are all going to the south of France for a holiday them most of the 3k will get made up! XD


Careful, some insurers charge you to make any change to your policy. Its written in the t&c’s so your £10 saving may actually cost you.

Churchill COVID-19 mileage refund by reducing your expected weekly mileage
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
I have not seen Churchill advertise this anywhere, but looking through their website I found it under the FAQs! Application took about 3 minutes, so worth applying. Fingers crosse… Read more

Thanks Op - just checked my account and Churchill refunded £10.08. Not much but original premium was only £230.00.


Not heard anything yet. Checked bank too and nothing refunded.


Just checked my credit card statement. We paid annually. Just had a £25.76 refund. Can't remember what I put exactly but I think we had 12k miles on our policy. I put down that we were doing 15 miles a week in lockdown. Annual policy cost was about £320 so that's about an 8% reduction.


Not a sausage


Me also.....has anybody received a payment yet?

Direct Line Partial Refund on their car insurance based on reduced mileage - Application
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Direct line are allowing drivers to apply for a partial refund on their car insurance based on reduced mileage through lock down

I got £28 refund on my credit card. Got no email or letter but got some money back. I took out policy end of March/start of April. I think I paid sbout £350


Nothing yet.


£12.32 back on my policy, yet all the other members of my family got £25 back each from admiral. Might need to think about swapping insurers next year (embarrassed) (lol)


So today I got a refund of £12.32. Wow. Was expecting a bit more than that


From Direct Line

50% off RAC services - personal cover from £5 per month for 12 months
1356° Expired
Refreshed 8th MayRefreshed 8th May
Update 1
Offer is still valid and runs until 12th May 7am
1st post, so bare with me, RAC are doing deals on polices like personal cover or car cover Personal covers you in your car or as a passenger of another car, £5 per month. Normally… Read more

Sorry missed this, no I jumped ship to RAC


Thank you for your advice. :)


Are you saying you got to negotiate AA down to £75??


240 pound renewal letter for AA yesterday. £75 job done. Whoever put this up, I salute you (y)


2 hours waiting time

FREE breakdown cover for NHS workers @ Green Flag
442° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Please share this with your friends and family that are NHS workers. If they need breakdown assistance when they are travelling to and from work, all they need to do is call our de… Read more

To be fair AA not much better these days. We broke down with 3 kids in car, luckily just local. Took them about 3 hours to get there, call centre said wifey (and thus in effect all the kids) had to wait in the car as it was her policy. (fierce) The mechanic was ace though, he rang to say get them all home in a taxi. But call centre people were a bunch of monkeys.


Green Flag are pretty rubbish. Broke down at midnight on A303 and despite several calls because we had young children, they finally bothered to turn up 6 hours later. Apparently their one recovery had been overwhelmed on that particular night....NEVER AGAIN


Anyone know if any breakdown providers are offering discount or free cover to key workers? My AA cover ends in June. Am about to start a new job in social care. Car is 15 years old.


May be useful to some but the AA & RAC have already been offering this for a few weeks now.

75% off Veygo car insurance For NHS Staff
1541° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
75% off Veygo car insurance For NHS Staff
Insurance company Veygo is offering NHS staff 75% off a temporary insurance policy, in light of the news that many London tube stations will soon be closing amidst the COVID-19 cri… Read more



Has anyone bought and got the 75% off?




I agree we should start an online petition to these companies to also think about people like you too who also work hard and deserve some recognition.


So your point is the NHS staff don't deserve anything? Please tell me how many Corona patients do you have to look after??

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Premium full Breakdown Recovery £15 for 1 year (£30 excess) or £24 no excess at Wowcher
219° Expired
Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Premium full Breakdown Recovery £15 for 1 year (£30 excess) or £24 no excess at Wowcher
Pretty good reviews on Trustpilot. Deals Refresh In: 00:08:01:09 Collect 1,500 Club Wowcher points 1-Year Premium Full Breakdown Cover & Home Assistance Bought 707 Save up to… Read more

This is essentially what RAC did to my wife last year, they also failed to instruct the cheap garage properly so she ended up waiting almost 10 hours overnight. Being with a big company is no protection against incompetence.


The pricing alone goes to highlight the type of company you're dealing with in this offer. An effective price of £45 for the standard service, yet low and behold you can get the so called, even better, higher qulaity premium service for £21 less. If it's too good to be true.............


"Pretty good reviews on Trustpilot" Most probably the biggest review site that any purchaser should be wary of and ignore. Proven to post fake reviews or accept reviews from the companies promoting themselves regularly. The better the reviews on Trustpilot should make any purchaser think again.


I wish I was, I should have clarified my comment properly, I was talking about the Corsa comment for my old car (it's not Corsa btw) that hasn't had a break down for nearly 6 years & ford is my work vehicle which did broke down.


are you some sort of time traveller? (excited)

25% off all GAP Insurance Policies @ ALA
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
25% off all GAP Insurance Policies @ ALA
E25Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
DO NOT LET THE DEALERSHIP SELL YOU THEIR OVERPRICED POLICY Fill out all the details for a quote and add the voucher code on the right-hand side. Great if you're buing a new car,… Read more
Read More

I used this (y)


worked for me today, thanks


...except that the FSCS will only be able to compensate for (a percentage of) the initial premium and possibly any claims that are actually in process. When Warranty Direct’s unrated underwriter went bust last year (Lamp Insurance in Gibraltar), WD had to write to their policy holders to tell them their policies were null and void, as they weren’t able to secure new underwriters. Policyholders only received compensation for the insurance premium and most lost cover altogether as it was then impossible to get cover elsewhere. A-rated underwriters are far less likely to go into administration.


They are both covered by FSCS though. So in the unlikely event the insurer can't pay out you will be able to claim through FSCS instead. Don't see the point in paying anymore than you have to for gap insurance.


Make sure you check the underwriting though - ALA use unrated insurers whereas use Lloyd’s of London who are A-rated.

Free Travel Cup for o2 Drive customers with o2 Drive Perks
244° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Free Travel Cup for o2 Drive customers with o2 Drive Perks
FREE£0.01O2 Shop Deals
So I had no clue until a couple of months ago that 02 now does car insurance!? However they were the best price at the time for me so signed up and you still get the what looks lik… Read more

Got to be worth it for free if you have O2 Drive.


Sorry mate its gone forgot to edit the comment .


Can someone give me a code? I can give any code from UNIDAYS




(lol) Totally baffled me as well in fairness!

50% off a new breakdown membership at Emergency Assist Limited
35° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
50% off a new breakdown membership at Emergency Assist Limited
OFFGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Get 50% off a new breakdown membership! Valid for Black Friday (5 days from today) E.g for a premium cover for car under 10yrs old comes out at £16.50 for the year! There is TopCa… Read more
Read More

mines was new 31/03/2009 (making it nearly 11 years old) but you can still choose up to 2009 so hopefully it wont get cancelled


Under £16 for premium cover! Plus 45% Quidco making it around £8 for the whole year!!!


anyone used these guys?

50% discount on RAC personal cover £3.50 P/M - £35 annual cover
225° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
50% discount on RAC personal cover £3.50 P/M - £35 annual cover
£3.5 a month (£35 annually) instead of £7 a month (£70 annually).

Thanks for pointing out that’s it’s back on. Bought!


It is still valid. I have just bought


Sorry my fault. Offer ended 2nd December! No idea why this showed up on my keyword alerts today!!


Not getting the £3.50. £6 is what I’m seeing when I follow the link.


Been with the AA for many years and they usually cave in and offer some sort of discount to match (or come close to) their online prices for new customers. Not this time. Cheapest they'd offer me is £70 more expensive than the new customer price. Sure I'd lose the 'gold benefits' (which I never asked for). Will take up this offer. Thanks OP.

Flash Sale Now Live - 50% Off All Personal Based Cover (from £2.75pm) at RAC
95° Expired
Posted 7th Aug 2019Posted 7th Aug 2019
Flash Sale Now Live - 50% Off All Personal Based Cover (from £2.75pm) at RAC
£2.75£4.5039%RAC Deals
Just got the headsup that RAC are offering 50% off all personal based coverage from tomorrow. Link will update with new pricing tomorrow We fix 4 out of 5 at the roadside… Read more

Be careful to make sure that you are getting the cover that you think you are getting eg- * 50% off applies to new, single personal based policies. Ends 6.59am on 22.08.19. † FREE Onward Travel with Roadside & Recovery or Roadside, Recovery & At Home. New customers only. You do not get the 2nd line in bold line above for £2.75 pm. It is only basic roadside cover only. (y)


not really, the cheap code readers are ok for basic stuff, and on occasion can get the car out of limp mode, but thats about it. Any garage should have a diagnostic kit, if they are using a £20 one I would go elsewhere tbh. Even with dealer level stuff, if you don't understand the readings, they are useless to you, I don't on mine, and while its useful for some stuff, not for everything. I have a rattle on the engine for example, and I can see which readings are wrong, but what I cant tell is what is causing the fault as I don't know enough to work that out. I know its a fuel problem, probably injector related, but got someone coming out next week, charges £54 who I know will spend an hour and tell me exactly what the problem is at the end of it.


Groupon are doing a deal with Autoaid


You sure know your stuff. I wouldn't know where to start with car repairs. There's no Haynes manual for my car for start. Would there be any use me buying such a device so I could tell my local repair shop what to fix at least?


What kits on ebay cover and can diagnose manufacturer specific codes, and can actually specific what the codes mean? I have a cracked copy of Peugeot Planet and it is vastly superior to anything else I've used, including £3k+ diagnostic kits. Theres no way the RAC are going to purchase dealer level kit for every technician & every type of car out there, it would cost them millions. Having said that, I had to ring AutoAid out last year and the local garage they used turned up with a Bluetooth dongle and app on his phone, which read the code and he googled to find out what it was. He then informed me it was a failed injector, I told him it would more likely be a fuel filter, but he insisted it wasn't. One fuel filter later (which I did myself as he wouldn't touch it), car worked perfectly and still is 9 months later. Autoaid are decent but the level of service totally depends on the local garage they are using.

Aviva Drive App Save 48% on annual policy
263° Expired
Posted 30th Jun 2019Posted 30th Jun 2019
Hi all, It's not a new deal, but thought it was worth reminding people as I've just saved £720!! All you need to do is download the Aviva Drive App and drive like miss daisy for … Read more
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I'm now certain but I think it is, maybe give them a call to check


Is the 20% additional discount still going on if you have the annual travel insurance? Can’t seem to find any information on this on their website


One of the big selling points is that you do not have to spend ages inputting your details This is all well and good providing you get a realistic quote when you spend the time to input the basics 3 times the lowest quote i received from another insurance website I dont think so


Anyone had problems using this app? It keeps stopping part way through a journey.


Something else I've noticed is that when I enter my details for a quote, it gives me the price after the Drive app discount. Perhaps they already have my score from my current quote but even if I enter a different e-mail address and name, it gives me a quote after the Drive discount. Is it just me? It's very sneaky of them to do this because the price you're quoted is the potential lowest price, meaning that your premium may be higher if you don't score under a 7.

£50 Amazon Giftcard when you take out Single Car Policy / £65 Multicar policy @ Admiral via Giftcloud
-73° Expired
Posted 17th Jun 2019Posted 17th Jun 2019
£50 Amazon Giftcard when you take out Single Car Policy / £65 Multicar policy @ Admiral via Giftcloud
Nice little bonus this if you are looking for car insurance. Obviously the price needs to be right when quoting, but go through the link and earn yourself a little extra :) As pe… Read more

Its no Gift !!!! , always check on comparison sites for your insurance . Normally these "offers" are factored into the policy price and I would be confident you could better Admirals quote by far more than the £50 just by comparing .


Absolutely the worst insurer I have ever used. Horrific claims service. Horrible customer service. Would never touch them again.....not for all the gift cards in the gift card store.....


Truly one of the worst insurers I’ve ever used


Admiral rejected my cashback last time. Disputed them but still rejected. Still with them though with new policy as the premium was not that bad. You probably need to quote directly from the link provided on which the premium would be very higher.


So did I. Got a £20 petrol voucher but still been screwed.

Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
654° Expired
Posted 7th Apr 2019Posted 7th Apr 2019
Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
I did this last time the offer was on, and my voucher took a few days to come through, can spend the £20 on fuel or anything in the shop. Also confused beat other sites at the tim… Read more
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I tried direct-line and found it much cheaper than any other comparison page. Not voting as some might still get it cheaper.


Make sure you check all the details that these comparison sites autofill for you once they transfer you to the insurers own site. Had it put incorrect info in on nearly every occasion when you go back through the quote. Usually because the questions the comparison sites ask don't quite match the wording of the insurer. Nothing major but worth double checking, has also reduced the quote before as well.


anyone who doesn't change annually is most likely gifting money to insurers anyway. Havning had both Elephant (admiral) and Aviva deal with non fault claims I've had, Aviva were leaps and bounds above Admiral. Worth bearing that in mind.


Aviva wanted 980 quid for a second car, admiral charged me 330. Never again. The sales rep was shocked when I declined his offer, "but it's a good deal it's fully comp!" Can't wait to change provider at renewal time for my main car.


car insurance is so expensive specially in London, we only use car for like 30 minutes in a week, and that is only for going to Asda, and we are paying £1900 yr insurance, we are looking to sell car and using taxis which is more cheaper.

Buy O2 Drive car insurance directly and claim a free gift. Choose £30 Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Echo Dot, or RAC 107 Dash Cam
22° Expired
Posted 8th Feb 2019Posted 8th Feb 2019
Buy O2 Drive car insurance directly and claim a free gift. Choose £30 Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Echo Dot, or RAC 107 Dash Cam
Don't know if this is a deal or an just another alternative to consider whilst carrying out the annual chore of motor insurance renewal. Works for me - insurance quote alone is am… Read more
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I nearly went for this deal today but checked their reviews and they're shocking...I'm going elsewhere now




Wow Total amount payable £3461.75 I pay £700 with admirals Cold there rubbish


Sadly these things use the highest sold for price or the rrp. And the dash cam was indeed 85 when released. Although this is no different to sports direct or tk max. People ain't daft they know how much stuff is worth when they see these adverts.


Are we sure you don't get all three? That's the only way I calculate £85...... (lol)

Free RAC Roadside, Recovery, and At Home Breakdown Cover worth £119 for RAC Car Insurance Customers - Check Emails
80° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2018Posted 26th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Free RAC Roadside, Recovery, and At Home Breakdown Cover worth £119 for RAC Car Insurance Customers - Check Emails
Just got this email this morning at 10.57am with a unique code. All activated in 3 minutes. Check your inbox.
Get deal*Get deal*

There is must be reason give away free breakdown cover, try give them a call first and see how long you have to wait to get someone answer the phone.


It's only a fake price if they have never tried or actually sold it at £119. You should be careful with your use of the word "fake". Intelligent people think before making such sweeping comments ;)


Why repeat falsehoods? Intelligent people think first ;)


THEY used the words “worth”, but hey let’s not let that get in the way of a good rant....


Home, breakdown and recovery is NOT worth £119. This is a fake price. You should not use the word "worth". It is the full price without discounts or deals.

Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
231° Expired
Posted 4th Oct 2018Posted 4th Oct 2018
Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco vouchers Just had to renew car insurance and they beat my quote by over £120 which was great and on top just… Read more
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I got mine ok. Did you follow the instructions exactly?


did anyone ever receive this? i filled out the online form but received nothing and there doesn't appear to be anyway of chasing them through the website?!?


Well, normally you use Confused or similar (personally I never use Confused on principle because of the annoying adverts) to get the list with prices. Then check the best ones on Quidco/TCB. I shop around every year and it's always better to buy insurance via a cashback site. House insurance (small house) always costs me close to zero after the cashback.


upto £105 on morethan, confused gave me £120 cheaper than my morethan renewal, not much in it, plus dont have to wait for cash to come back. But thanks for the link.

grumbler >> sort by Highest £

10 % off 1 year premium car insurance
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Posted 25th Sep 2018Posted 25th Sep 2018Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
10 % off 1 year premium car insurance
10 % off for Santander 1.2.3 account owners when you take car insurance from them.

Just renewed mine elsewhere I know it’s postcode lottery but 3ltr v6 Mercedes £300 fc blah blah so guess you should of shopped around


Link didn’t work for me, found it here Protected NCD, legal expenses cover etc all extras. Came out expensive for me


For me it comes slightly cheaper with their discount that my current provider... £650/year before discount for a 3.2 cdi mercedes... I think that's not a bad price at all tbh...


More expensive than anybody else-so very cold deal

£25 off your car insurance with One Call Insurance (Brokers)
17° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2018Posted 8th Jun 2018
£25 off your car insurance with One Call Insurance (Brokers)
R25Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Via PAYPAL. Copy and paste this voucher code at checkout.. Expires on December 31, 2018.
Read More

I bought a policy from One Call. I cancelled within 10 mins as I found a cheaper quote by nearly £150. I called to canceled and am being charged £50 to cancel. The policy was due to start next week, but they still charge. TERRIBLE and totally unfair and unresonable .

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