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Posted 22 February 2024

24 x Monster mule 500ml £3.99 - Halifax

In store: North Yorkshire ·
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Farmfoods has 24 cans of monster mule for £3.99 so it works out just less then 17p per can.
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  1. chrisdicko22's avatar
    I find it funny how so many people drink these day in day out and rely on them to get through a normal day, fair enough once a blue moon if you've got an exceptionally hard day as a young parent or something and just need a pick me up, always makes me ponder how scared we've all become of feeling uncomfortable, the very thing that makes us more resilient
    Galo100's avatar
    I take it you say the same about coffee drinkers?
  2. aLV426's avatar
    Does anyone remember this censorship?
    pc2258's avatar
    That was in my Home Bargains the other month
  3. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    I love my energy drinks, but these are pretty grim. Cheap for a reason.
  4. HOTFAM's avatar
    Why are energy drinks such as these bad for you? I've heard much that they are but haven't actually researched why? I personally drink the odd can now and again usually whilst driving a long journey and feeling really tired.
    Ciarlo2006's avatar
    High caffeine, high sugar, one or 2 a day isn't bad, having too many over a long period can cause lots of health problems, but you should get advice on that from a doctor not a comment section.
  5. meinnnit's avatar
    The flavour of these is just a little bit too grown up for the kids they usually sell these to. Just taste like a decent ginger beer.
  6. BargainByleth's avatar
    My favourite flavour. I’m one of them weirdos that like weak tasting drinks, also love ginger beer. My local NISA has these for 50p 🔥
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    The Jamaican ginger beer?
  7. londonstinks's avatar
    Gut rot, just drink water with some nice dilute.
    JoShmo's avatar
    Hope you get better soon.
  8. angleseyman's avatar
    Brilliant to mix with vodka ! Saturday morning sorted
    Jealy's avatar
    Moscow Monster Mule?

    Monster Moscow Mule?

  9. ThisIsFitz's avatar
    This stuff has been getting cheaper and cheaper. I wonder what happened?
    Over production? Did they expect to get orders from bars to mix with alcohol drinks?
    No idea.
    IFRIT's avatar
    People in the U.K don't seem to like ginger beer type beverages much anymore.
  10. Twelvetoes's avatar
    I had 8 one day I was proper buzzing all day
  11. fab3rge's avatar
    This is not a bad drink but there’s not much ‘kick’ compared to other Monsters, which is kinda ironic considering its name.

    It just tastes kinda bland. Even regular ginger beer has more bite than this.
  12. jaks101's avatar
    V nice with spiced rum
  13. crypt_keeper's avatar
    Met a guy handing them out by the case in a petrol station still didn't take any lol
  14. dannykerner1990's avatar
    If you get your hands on it is a great deal.
    meowdchina's avatar
    Are you referring to the £1.34 deal ?
  15. Munkee's avatar
    It's not that bad , dated 4.04.24 for me
  16. Remi.ad's avatar
    Great deal OP, I actually like this flavour
  17. eclogite's avatar
    Seen at Erith farmfoods this afternoon around 12 cases of 24.......................
  18. Darkchef's avatar
    Amazing deal
  19. chmielnik420's avatar
    I can confirm it is nationwide.
  20. emJayO's avatar
    Great deal. Picked up two crates this morning. Thanks OP.
  21. tek-monkey's avatar
    Probably my favourite monster, thanks
  22. Diva82's avatar
    What's the expiry date?
    eclogite's avatar
    4 April 2024 see first comment....................
  23. eclogite's avatar
    These are now 1.99. Found yesterday at Walthamstow.......................
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