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Beer is enjoyed every day all over the world by millions – possibly billions – of people. And these days, beer has become big business, with hundreds of craft and micro breweries, beers from around the world and plenty of accessories (like beer fridges) for beer lovers to purchase. Whatever they need, beer lovers can find everything they want at the hotukdeals beer listings and snag a bargain. Read more
18x440ml John Smiths Extra Smooth Ale Cans £7.50 at Asda Glasshoughton
Posted 39 m agoPosted 39 m agoLocalLocal
18pk John Smiths Extra smooth bitter for 7.50 WOW This is at Asda Glasshoughton

How many were left at that price? (y)

Corona Beer - 18 bottles - just £9.73 Instore @ Tesco (Whiteley)
Posted 18 h, 47 m agoPosted 18 h, 47 m agoLocalLocal
Just been down to my local Tesco store in Whiteley, and they have a large selection of Corona Beer reduced to clear down to just £9.73 for 18 bottles. This was opposite the standa… Read more

It says it on the box and you can taste the difference


How can you tell if it is imported or brewed under license?


I know there is imported 18 boxes in most Tesco’s and 24 boxes in Sainsbury’s.


Got a box from sainsburys the other week.


Where abouts can you get the imported stuff? (confused)

Pedigree bottles down to 63p ( plus other beer and wine reduced) at Asda Lowestoft
Posted 19 h, 50 m agoPosted 19 h, 50 m agoLocalLocal
End shelf reductions, I bought some Tanglefoot for 83p and Sierra Nevada pale ale for £1 a bottle. Lots of others, guess they’re having a clear out so may be store specific

Prav2011 wrote: Give a try if you have morrisons near by Buy a load if Aldi’s up the road Fill the car if B&M’s too far


Buy a load if Aldi’s up the road


Give a try if you have morrisons near by


Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Pedigree


Just seen similar post for Asda Milton Keynes so potentially National

Corona Extra Mexican Lager Beer Bottle, 24 x 330ml £17.29 Prime / £21.78 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 22 h, 18 m agoPosted 22 h, 18 m ago
Seems a great price delivered for prime members. Just hope it is brewed in Mexico like the last lot I received a month ago.£17.29 delivered by Amazon

So just been to Sainsbury's rice lane Liverpool No brown box 24s The other white box variants were all brewed under license Fail


Sainsburys has imported 24's in brown boxes. But the week before I went into Waitrose and they had imported 18's in a white box


Hmmm, off to Sainsbury's now, will report back soon


I went to Sainsbury’s based on the brown box deal but mine didn’t have any. They had boxes of 18 which were the UK ones and directly next to those were the boxes of 12 which were the imported ones! Go figure (confused)


Really? I thought only the brown boxed 24's were imported.

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Try for FREE - Claim your money back on the purchase of your first 4x440ml can pack of Tetley's No.4 Premium Lager £4.50 @ Tesco instore
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021LocalLocalPosted 22 h, 22 m agoPosted 22 h, 22 m ago
Purchase one pack of Tetley’s No. 4 4x440ml at a participating Tesco outlet, £4.50 or £4.00 clubcard price; and Visit the web link on the applicable in-store promotional materia… Read more

Excludes Scotland


Free booze is free booze doesn't matter how bad it is I'm sure I've drunk worse


fair enough - i’ll take that on board - but they’re part of the big boys club who don’t care much for quality, because remarkably, they have a solid brand for their market and drinker loyalty. not for the discerning drinker i wouldn’t have thought. but each to their own ✅


Deal. No brained. Heat added.


Thanks op, just submitted receipt

Hobgoblin Ruby ale 500ml bottles, 67p at Asda Milton Keynes
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th MayLocalLocal
Seems to be another of the Asda 'Special Price' offers that are coming up in some stores. Found today in the Milton Keynes store.

Great beer


Not available in Nottingham but they did have McEwans for 85p, Golden Hen for 95p and Marston's Pedigree for 95p.


Nah King Goblin is probably the best of an average bunch .



Best of the hobgoblins imo