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Beer is enjoyed every day all over the world by millions – possibly billions – of people. And these days, beer has become big business, with hundreds of craft and micro breweries, beers from around the world and plenty of accessories for beer lovers to purchase. Whatever they need, beer lovers can find everything they want at the HotUKDeals beer listings and snag a bargain.

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Goose Ipa 355ml can £1 @ B&M
Found 9 h, 49 m agoFound 9 h, 49 m ago
Found these in B&M. £1 per can, many on the shelf when I left. Found in Lincoln B&M
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Craft beer, brought to you by AB InBev. (mad)


Love the goose (y)


Better than current 8 for £9 offer in Tesco!

Checkout error - Guinness 10 packs at Great Harwood Morrison's store scanning as 4 pack £4.75
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019LocalLocalFound 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Guinness 10 packs at Great Harwood, Morrison's store scanning as 4 pack. Though I'd get some Guinness at Morrison's today as online offer is 2 packs of 10 for £16. But at checkout… Read more
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Just wondering if one of the inner can barcodes was showing by mistake and checkout op has scanned that instead of the outer barcode?


Free-ish will suffice for most. Plus, after the first five or so, i don’t think you’ll care too much!


It's not free though..


Super hot. As an Irishman I'd even consider driving down from scotland just to stock up



Cheap 12 crate of ales instore at Costco for £5.94
LocalLocalFound 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Just found this at Costco Hayes Middx. Not sure if its national or local. Not the greatest beers but at <50p a bottle its good for me.
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Heat OP. Good solid 1st Deal. Keep it up mate. Winter pack sell off. Ruddles is lovely &amp; nutty. Both Hens are nice. No complaints from me. ;) (y)


We got this when about £7 couple of months ago thought that was good! ,(it was on the site then) so looks like they’re selling them off . HA well done on your even better find.


Old Speckled Hen is pretty good not sure about the rest of them. Can't really complain at this price though.


Heat good deal


Warmth from me (y)

Honest Brew 12 beers for £15 delivered @ Honest Brew
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
They’ve done a few over the last few months and here’s their latest. 12 beers for £15 delivered. I ordered it on Monday, it came yesterday and there’s a decent variety of beers. IP… Read more
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Cool, thank you. I know what you mean so i will check that out


When I go on to a website that gives TooCashback, a pop-up comes up on the right hand corner of my (laptop) screen that gives opportunity to click onto it via Topcashback. All happened automatically and it tracked within an hour :-)


How did you manage that


If it's not yellow fizzy europish at 50p a can its a hard sell on here also


Thanks for posting :)

20 Craft Beers DELIVERED @ Flavourly £26
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
These are often a cracking deal, had some great mystery boxes. Get 20 Craft Beers for £26 Delivered. From their site.. A case of 20 beers from a range of great breweries. Please … Read more

My case arrived today, cracking selection of top beers and breweries.


Agreed it’s not Doom Bar, there are dozens of great ales available. I used Doom Bar simply as one example of far better value available. I have to date bought around 80 cans of around 20 different flavourly, they’re all OK but I stand by my comment they are not worth more than £1 per can.


Hey COUPONKEV, it's not really fair to compare these to Doom Bar. These are small batch Craft Beer, Doom bar isn't. It's like comparing apples and oranges. If you want to compare it to supermarket offerings then compare it to the Four Pure section, or the Thornbridge beers. But even then, you'll get a much more varied, interesting mix than any supermarket. But if Doom Bar floats your boat then that's totally cool! But these ain't Doom Bar.


I've had a few of these before and had some great beers in the selection. Some have had cans that sell for a few pounds a can normally. Some have had short dates, but I don't plan on keeping them that long!! Thanks evostick, heat added


These crates aren't a mystery at all, just repeat sale beer that they are still trying to flog.

£30 for 24 craft beers delivered @ Beer52
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Offer through MSE on Beer52 for 24 beers all in delivered for £30. ALSO - I have an offer on my Amex for £10 off £20 spend on Beer52, so it will actually come in at £20 for 24 beer… Read more
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Yeah wasn’t keen on the smokey one either, glad I only had 1 of each can.


Sounds like there will be a few for the in-laws in there then (highfive)


Agreed, not pleasant unless you’re a fan of lager and lime. Sticks n Bones isn’t too clever either, I like stouts but this is like a smokey bacon flavour. Probably a reason why these are being sold off in bulk.


This is a one off order - no subscription to cancel.


That lime/salt beer is not great in my opinion

Heineken Keg Lager 5L Keg £7 Sainsburys instore
LocalLocalFound 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Half price keg


As this picture will confirm, I read the delivery box the kegs come in and it states a 30 day freshness guarantee once opened. You can just about spot it in that picture if you zoom in.


Many Thanks :).. as much as I love this it will be a task for me to finish it in 48hrs lol


Available at the winnersh store. Only a couple left on the shelf though.


See that's what I originally thought too. Then I found conflicting info &amp; changed it. The thing is that there's these 5L kegs and also the Beertender/Perfect draft stuff. I wondered if the Beertender kept it fresh longer or if there was a different expiry based on the contents. I know the Hobgoblin kegs are 2-3 days.

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Guinness Draught 2 10x440 ml for £16 @ Morrisons
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Morrisons Guinness draught 20 x 440 ml for 16

Cheers for the post OP. If they were 500ml cans, it'd be a far better deal. 500ml is a bit less than a pint, but 440ml is notiiceably less than a pint. Guinness aren't dloing themselves any favours.


Thanks. I thought I couldn't change the title, so wrote a comment. Thanks for advising me on the title. I could change it (cheeky) .


Need to change the title as you're going to get a lot of heat for a false title!


Sorry, its 2 of 10x440 ml for £16. Excellent deal still (cheeky)

Half price Ale Trug And Bottle Opener Gift Set for £6 @ Tesco (from 16/04)
20/05/2019Expires on 20/05/2019Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Ale Trug + Bottle Opener. Half price offer available from 16/04 (y) A Beer Lovers Dream, a fine selection of Traditional Ales packed within a Wooden Ale Trug with Bottle Ope… Read more
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I was tempted a few times, just for the trug, to use for sauces at BBQs, but at £12 no way.


Originally £12...... Oh come on Tesco, that's the biggest load of bull ever!! £6 is about right though.

Alcohol Free Brewdog Raspberry Blitz 4 Pack £1.13 @ Tesco Instore
LocalLocalFound 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Spotted these on clearance in the Leigh store along with assorted other craft can/bottle beers at various cheap prices. really nice and since these are usually about £1.50 a can co… Read more

Leigh near wigan, probably gone now though. Been lot of stuff on clearance in that store on the end of the beer aisle. Not been since, so dunno if anything left


Leigh, Wigan, or Leigh-on-Sea?


I like sour beers, I'll simply add a quadruple vodka, hey Presto.....


Horrible !!


Word of warning - if you're expecting these to taste like a sour... look elsewhere. If you think of them as a raspberry flavoured sparkling water, they're actually quite nice.

£10 beer & ciders - 18 x 440ml Coors Light, Strongbow & Carling, 20 x 330ml Budweiser, 20 x 284ml Stella & 12 x 330ml Corona @ Morrisons
Refreshed 16th AprRefreshed 16th Apr
In store only, excludes Scotland although they have 2 for £20 exclusively online for the Budweiser, Corona & Stella Here 18 x 440ml cans of Strongbow 18 x 440ml cans of Coor… Read more

10 crates flew north of Hadrians wall yesterday :-)


Same price at Tesco for the Budweiser if it helps anyone.


Would Stella not need a tenna lady after an 18pack ?. (lol)


Lucky I don't shop online then!


12 bottles but not pop! Lager beer!

Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier 500Ml Weiss wheat beer £1.29 at Home Bargains
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
One of the best weissbiers £1.80 - £2 in most supermarkets Tesco do 3 for £5.25 although this is cheaper for 4 Would rather have just one of these than 4 cans of fosters / Carli… Read more

very good german beer.. and let the Wetherspoon bosses disagree :D


They do this and the Erdinger in the 4 for £6 offer at Asda if your Home Bargains don't stock it (like ours :( ) And if you want the alcohol free version, currently buy 6 or more and get 25% off in Sainsburys making them 90p each - great if you are driving or pregnant




Wouldn't say 'one of the best', but at this price, there's no complaining .


Think I prefered the Erdinger alkoholfrei to the Franziskaner. May be sweeter, so likely not to the taste of many. As for the normal hefeweizen, didn't think much of it and find Weheinstephaner's much better. You can get it in Sainsbury's and Waitrose. The dunkel is my favourite. I was expecting the Fraziskaner to be very nice but was rather underwhelmed and dissapoited really. Still this is a good price and a nice drink. Wheat beers are great.

THE SUB 2L Compact Edition | Draught Beer Tap for Home by Krups | Black, £59 at Amazon
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Price drop, today only.

Good thinking Batman, I'll keep a few rather than bin them.


I always keep a couple of spares from empties, you will get the odd torpthat doesn’t pour and just needs the line swapped over.


It’s got a nice citrus flavour, so yes it is


Got one for this price just after Xmas. It’s good. And the beer is good. The tiger lager is really nice.


It's part of the torp. Doesn't damage easily.

15% Off Craft Beer - minimum spend £50 @ Rad Beer
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
15% off Craft Beer @ RAD Beer ( ), minimum spend £50
Read More

Ah Craft Beer, The old Real Ale reinvented in Keg form with some CO2 and Bubbles thrown in for the new gerneration but at 4 times the price.


I absolutely love the craft beer phenomenon. I’ve found some amazing beers that I’ve enjoyed time and time again and the bigger chains are catching on to it. Bagby beers did a great collaboration with Wetherspoons earlier this month for only £1.99 a pint. If you like Fosters, great, enjoy your pint...Nothing wrong in people having different tastes. I personally don’t mind a couple of extra quid on something that I regard as good quality, well crafted and full of flavour. Don’t get me wrong, some of the supermarket ones are getting a lot better, Belhaven, Elvis Juice, Paxton IPA, but a proper DIPA like Cloudwater is worth every penny for c£6 per can. its the same as wine, Blue Nun has a market, as does Moët.


I rest my case (lol) (lol)


I find these "craft" beer deals hard to understand and appreciate. For the majority of ones ive tried, they're terrible, and not exactly cheap. Stick to what you know and love (and probably cheaper). Chances are, all these trendy craft beers wont be around long, because noone likes them, and wont buy them again.


Decent priced? A 440ml can of some unknown IPA for over a fiver is not decent priced. A lot cheaper and excellent ales are available from a supermarket.

Asda 3 for £21 on selected Beer Lager and Cider Multi Packs-  Brahma, Sol and Heineken and more
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Love Brahma, first time i have seen it in the deal. With Sol and Heineken also available at present this gives some great choices of good beers
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Tbh Brahma isnt very nice anyway imo, pretty tasteless, but its good that they're making different ones part of it. Heineken and Stella for me though (although the 18x440mml cans for £10 is a better deal).


Nah, let them use their hospital car park, prescription and student loan money to pay for it. Scots are rolling in it compared to the English.


Beer Easter Hunt?


Agreed.....But as i say havent seen Brahma included before.

24 Cans of Craft Beer (Innis & Gunn) for £19.90 FREE DELIVERY @ Flavourly
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Nice little deal from Flavourly. Only 83p a can of decent Craft Beer. Be quick these can sell out fast. 24 Cans of Innis and Gunn craft lager for only £19.90 with free delivery. … Read more

Not quite. 7.92l = 7920ml / 24 = 330ml.




Think you're referring to 440 cans. So deal is, it's cheaper AND delivered to your door. (y) And remember, this is open to existing customers and not subscription. &#x1F601;


That's top notch compared to the ratings for Budweiser.. 0 overall and 3 for style . :)


£1.29 a can in aldi

Speckled Hen (5%) / Pedigree (4.5%) - £1 instore @ Morrisons
TODAYTODAYLocalLocalFound 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Seen in Oxted (normally it's the lighter Speckled Hen for a quid)

Yeah, you're right


Good deal. Pedigree is 4.5% though.


Both nice beers. Hot.


Good price, heat from me.


Hmmmmm beeeeeeer

3 x gift boxed Craft Beers Brewers Project Hop House Adams Boston Lager £1.39 in store @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Noticed these in St Helens reduced from £6 not a yellow woopsy sticker just normal white label. Consists of 3 bottles beer. The Brewers Project Hop House 13 330ml e. Samuel Adams … Read more
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Dishwater all 3 from me sorry op


Yeah I call these “commercial craft” so I prefer the Hop house to most commercial lager but obviously it doesn’t compare to a proper craft lager. The advantage of these is that you can get them more readily than good craft beer, and are often on offer. They are also a good halfway house for those looking to try different beers but not ready for the real thing :)


Not great beers but Asda usually have something slightly interesting and we have a stout and a pale ale. Great value @£1.25 (there are way too many pale ales out there; there are 3 Bad Co ones alone - good for stocking up for BBQ season - but the West Coast one is the better one.) Cheers!


Bit too mass produced to be classed as craft, but decent beers for the price


Asahi, Sam Adam, Guinness can't get more craft!...

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