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80% off Final Value Fees for up to 100 listings when you opt in (excludes 30p order-level fees) - Selected Accounts 5th to 8th April

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

What's it all about?

  • Get 80% off variable percentage final value fees ("FVF") per listing in final value fees if the item sells and pay no insertion fee.
  • A fixed order level fee of 30p and other fees, including any International fees, still apply.
  • Promotion is valid for up to 100 listings on eBay.
  • Listings must start during the promotional period.
  • Listings can be auction-style or fixed price format.
  • The promotion start and end dates are included in the email we send to invited sellers.
  • Items must sell within the first listing period.
  • Sounds good, where do I find the promotion and how do I sign up?

You can take part in the promotion on eBay.co.uk. Eligible sellers will receive an email with the RSVP link to the offer. You must opt in to the promotion by clicking on this link before any of your 100 listings start.

Anything else I need to know?

  • eBay charge an FVF when your item(s) sell(s). The FVF charged per order consists of: (i) a variable portion (“Variable Portion FVF”) which is calculated as a percentage of the Total Sale Amount; and (ii) a fixed portion (“Fixed Portion FVF”) for example 30p. The Total Sale Amount means the amount the buyer pays for an order, including the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees.
  • The FVF Discount in this promotion applies to the Variable Portion FVF (net of any other discounts) in respect of the eligible items’ Total Sale Amounts. For example, if you would have been charged 12.80% on the Total Sales Amount, the 80% FVF discount will reduce this to 2.56%. The Fixed Portion FVF (e.g. 30p) will not be discounted. Therefore, the fixed charge of 30p per order will still apply.
  • You won't pay an insertion fee for each of the 100 listings. Listing upgrade fees will still apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy.
  • You may also be subject to International fees.
  • The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply. Click here to learn more about selling allowances.

Who can take part?

  • This Promotion is open to all registered Private Sellers who (a) have been invited to take part, (b) are registered to managed payments, and (c) have actively opted in (“Eligible Sellers”). If you have not registered for managed payments you will be prompted to update your details after you opt-in to the Promotion.
  • Participation is linked to the seller's account and is not transferable.
  • Eligible Sellers’ accounts must meet eBay minimum seller performance standards.
  • Please sign in to My eBay and view your seller standards dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards. The seller standards dashboard is available to all sellers here.
  • If you registered after 15 March 2011 or haven't listed any items for a while, you may have a listing allowance of 10 items per month or of £650 per month, whichever is reached first. You may be able to increase this allowance by providing additional verification.
  • An eligible item previously scheduled to go live during the promotional period will qualify for the promotion only if you have opted in to the promotion before the listing starts.
  • If an item that is eligible for the promotion had previously closed without a successful sale and is re-listed during the promotion period, it will form a part of the 100 listings limit of the promotion.
  • You will not receive a refund of your original insertion fee if the item sells.
  • Listings do not have to successfully sell during the promotional period to be eligible.
  • If an item qualifies for the promotion and when the item sells, the invoice will indicate the fee including the discount. Please note: if the item does not sell the first time and if you relist it after the promotional period or if it is automatically relisted during the promotional period, standard final value fees will be charged according to the eBay fees policy when the relisted item sells.
  • Items that are automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function or the Good 'Till Cancelled function will be charged.
  • Only single quantity listings are eligible.
  • For items listed in 2 or more categories, only the insertion fee for the first category is included. Standard insertion fees will be charged for listing the same item for each additional category, according to the eBay fees policy.
  • Free listings in this promotion do not count towards your monthly 1000 free listings.
  • Your first listing period may vary and is dependent on the listing format you choose (e.g. – auction-style vs buy-it-now), the duration of the listing you choose and the listing experience you use. The first listing period will be considered to have been ended when the listing you create first renews or relists.
eBay More details at

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  1. s4m77's avatar
    Why am I never elegible it's so annoying!
    OohToBe's avatar
    You need to sell a couple of things for full fees first

    I know this because I’ve had 70-80% off for 2 years running now

    My wife complained to me for months that she never got the same 80% deal I did (as if it was my fault )

    I suggested the whole time that she should at least try and sell a few bits at full fees, eventually she did this.

    2 weeks later and boom!
  2. TuShae's avatar
    So everything we sell on Ebay this year will be taxed the next year?
    dré.'s avatar
    Profit will be taxed, buying something for £100 and selling it used for £80 is a loss. If HMRC want you to account for all sales then the cost of the goods have to be offset. Most people who use eBay to sell personal possessions will NOT pay tax. If it's as ill thought out as people think, you could be looking at tax rebates. Always keep copies (scanned with a phone is fine) of receipts for ALL purchases. It's designed for those running small businesses and making a profit. Same with capital gains tax, it's in the name. Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit when you sell (or ‘dispose of’) something (an ‘asset’) that’s increased in value. If you buy a car for £50,000 and sell for £40,000, that's a capital loss (which you could possibly try and offset against other capital gains). If you buy a car for £50,000 and sell it for £100,000 then capital gains tax applies after your allowance (currently £6K). There's more info on capital gains here: gov.uk/cap…tax (edited)
  3. HottUKDealer's avatar
    70% links plz chaps
  4. Monstercat's avatar
    How do so many people think this is a good deal? EBay is literally a scam. They fee you to hell and back, and it’s full of scammers! There are so many better places to sell stuff and nothing is ever cheap on there. It’s mind blowing they still have a business
    JamesB83's avatar
    Why don't you tell us where you think is better to sell on than eBay? With this promotion it makes selling on there a very viable option, I've sold tons of electronics and expensive (and cheap) items on there and never once encountered scammers. Prices are also usually much cheaper for new and sealed items than getting directly from a store online or otherwise.
  5. whathaveidonenow's avatar
    Time to sell my PS5
  6. Judge-Jury-Executioner's avatar
    Have been on the "100% Off" promo for over a month (ends April 15th) and have never sold so few items.

    The views and watchers have also been the lowest ever.....until I used the "Promoted Listing" feature @ 11%, then I was getting loads of watchers and sold a few things, despite putting the price up to compensate for the cost of the promotion.

    That just proves eBay are deliberately hiding non-promoted items despite that fact the item is what the customer wanted.

    Reminds me of the time when I sold an item and the buyer left a message saying thank you and that that she's been looking for this particular item for ages and promptly bought it when she came across it......but I had been relisting the same item over and over for well over a year using the fortnightly 80% off FVF but it had never came up in her search results before.

    That was until I relisted it without any promotions. Weird that, eh?
    maizipops's avatar
    Usually that's down to a spelling error. I always use these promos and search for my items from another account or while not logged in and it always comes up where it should - so I don't really believe this conspiracy theory some folk have (edited)
  7. GrumpyBob's avatar

    Why do I only ever get the “70% off FVF” offer and not the “80% off FVF” offer or the “Max £1 FVF offer”?! eBay say it is random which accounts are given which offer but I call BS on that! And, if it is BS, how are eBay allowed to get away with such practices (under Trading Standards rules – or whatever)?!

    I have, due to a need/desire to downsize, got A LOT of things I’d like to sell via eBay but I am not going to do so at their exorbitant level of fees (even with “70% off”!) SO FRUSTRATING! What are eBay playing at?!

    Here's the deal eBay: I am NOT going to list items for sale on your platform until you (for items that I expect to reach under c.£27) offer me “80% off FVF”. And, for items that I expect to reach above c.£27. offer a “£1 Max FVF”.

    Simple as that!

    I know these offers are out there and I will wait. And, in the meantime, I might sell via other means (so you will lose out altogether).

    What a farce! (edited)
    bozo007's avatar
    So you prefer to keep unwanted items than get cash? Here's an example if you sell something for £100 - with the 80% discount, you get £97.14 net before any postage costs. With the 70% discount, you get £95.86. So £1.28 additional fees to recover real cash. And if you have anything that becomes obsolete with every passing day, you will lose even more.

    Obviously, all this assumes you need the money.
  8. Mr_Ekho's avatar
    Can someone explain this to me, I don't really understand all the eBay fees I have just sold a phone on eBay and it took over 10% of the profit then 20% tax of that too worked out like 12% of my sale, I'm eligible for this it says so does this mean if I sold something now they would only take like 2% of it?
    bozo007's avatar
    Normal fee is 12.8% + 30p. With the 80% discount, it is 2.56% + 30p.
  9. Stevie_mower's avatar
    52510003-KLLbC.jpgthis is all I get - am I missing something?

    When I check my eBay the only offer is I can list things for free....but then still have to pay fees when they sell
    IanL89's avatar
    No, it's a weird error but it means you are not eligible.

    Try selling something at full fees, maybe a couple of things. Others report this will start the 80% off offers every fortnight.
  10. ahotukdeal's avatar
    Does anyone know if items listed during a previous promotion will continue to have it applied after the listing expiry date, or must end and relist it during an active promotion?
    SavageGizmo's avatar
    You'll need to end and relist during an active promo.
  11. simbcfc1875's avatar
    Ebay is dead , long live vinted ...
    LeeTime's avatar
    Yeah if you want someone offering you a quid for every item you own and then doxxing you if you don't accept
  12. TwoJs's avatar
    Standard fortnightly time around, come on eBay it's getting boring now either just do it every week or cut your fees permanently. (edited)
    Judge-Jury-Executioner's avatar
    You know eBay aren't reading this, don't you?
  13. Saad_Hassan's avatar
    Great 👌thanks
  14. wilky67's avatar
    Accepted again, thank you
  15. Psychic's avatar
    Thanks OP.
  16. Koyakami's avatar
    Says expired?
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    That's your last offer.
  17. FlyFly99's avatar
    Thanks OP. Have some heat.
  18. jona77's avatar
    This is the 4th one I’ve been refused on in a row! Sold a watch on there about a month ago and I’ve not had one of these offers since!
  19. twistedanimator's avatar
    Finally it worked! I just stuck some random item up for sale last week and now I'm eligible again after months without. Didn't even need to sell the item either.
  20. Blue172's avatar
    Thanks OP
  21. 123sonny123's avatar
    Thanks Op
  22. horizon-in's avatar
    If you are ready to open a discussion with HMRC, go ahead, otherwise not worth it. Too much hustle to prove you didn’t made enough profit. Any data showing sakes of above 1000 will go automatically to HMRC and burden lies on you to proof. If you are good in doing so then yes theoretically no problem, otherwise leave selling high price items on eBay (edited)
  23. justbrowsin's avatar
    Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired.
  24. Vistrix's avatar
    They should just do free listing fees at this point. They must be losing customers from Vinted.
  25. Skyler85's avatar
    52509311-sJzRR.jpgGot 0 perfect as I have stuff to flog
  26. choudhary.ak's avatar
    is there a 70% one ?
  27. dizzycap's avatar
    Thanks CharlieCheese
  28. W77's avatar
    Saying deal is expired
  29. Utakos's avatar
    "Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired." not had a working reduction in years.
    IanL89's avatar
    Sold anything at full fees for a while?
  30. pokemon2's avatar
    lol another one, we just had one 10 days ago, but cannot complain. it would be nice to have the £1 fee
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    New members or stale accounts only.
  31. freebiehunter's avatar
    Handy. Cheers
  32. TheChamp's avatar
    This no longer works for me, but the 70% one does. I guess I'd been selling too much at 80%, lol.

    All very silly and random the way these deals are allocated.
    stedaman's avatar
    Same here lowered to 70%,

    Anyone know if you don't accept and try to leave it until the next one you would get back 80%?
    Problem is not accepting I would fear losing all offers. (edited)
  33. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    Quite a few people no longer get offers but still these posts go hot every time
    CharlieCheeze's avatar
    Maybe this answers your comment

    52511789-sR43e.jpg (edited)
  34. batemansxxxb's avatar
    Worked for me thanks 
  35. Angel21's avatar
  36. hiccup999's avatar
    Worked for me
  37. Angel21's avatar
    I've just been accepted for this offer again
  38. Rousetika's avatar
    I got the offer in my inbox, a day after listing a watch. The auction finished last night and I’ve just paid £92.00 fees.

    My 21 year long relationship as a seller on eBay is now over, I feel like I’ve been gouged.
    Darter's avatar
    After midnight on the day of the offer you should check your seller dashboard under "seller promotions". If you are going to get the offer at all, it will be available for you to see then. Very often there are long delays for ebay FVF offer messages/emails.
  39. magicalex9's avatar
    I get this every week, so I thought this was just normal!
  40. sagman76's avatar
    Ebay and Amazon hate me in equal measure.
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