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All the Kindle Free books from Amazon on one link

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About this deal

This URL will open a filtered search on Amazon UK website showing ALL the books that are currently FREE to add to your account without needing a Kindle unlimited subscription.
That's currently over 50,000 free books to choose from. Just add to your library and read with Amazon Cloud reader through a browser or sync to your Kindle when ready to read them.


Saves a lot of time scrolling through the Freebies section clicking one free book deal at a time only to find they are no longer free etc...

I'd suggest saving the link (I've been using it for years) and then filter on your Genre/Requirements etc...

Link updated. Thanks to for the cleaner URL and detail on modifying URL to add a filtered search

add &k= to the end of the link to add a search term.

So if I wanted to look for cats I would add
to the end of the link.
e.g. amazon.co.uk/s?k…-21
Amazon More details at

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Nice one @Uridium
Info added by @MrSwitch

A select few books choices below

Spies Without Borders: a story of fear, betrayal and old secrets (Clarke and Fairchild Book 5)

Review - Spies Without Borders (Clarke and Fairchild, #5) by ... - Goodreads
Some old secrets still have the power to destroy. A global hacking empire plans to manipulate popular fear and resentment to serve the unscrupulous rich. Rootless intelligence mercenary John Fairchild has ostracised himself from everybody to infiltrate the group, but is taken in a completely different direction. Falling through a hole in his own network, he discovers something shocking that changes everything he thought he knew about himself.

MI6 officer Rose Clarke has followed the hackers to Hungary, but is diverted into discovering an unsettling Cold War secret that causes her to rethink her whole life. Her path crosses with a former agent who bears a grudge, and a lost boy who found everything he wanted in the city, only to lose it again. Their rage threatens devastation.

Battling their own bruising discoveries, can Clarke and Fairchild get ahead of a ruthless mind that's manipulated them both?

Set in vibrant modern Budapest with its turbulent history and troubling politics, Spies Without Borders is a standalone novel as well as the fifth in the Clarke and Fairchild series. Perfect for fans of John Le Carre, Daniel Silva and the Bourne films, it explores the importance of identity and belonging and ends with an explosive finale.

The Bones of Mary Elwes

Review - The Bones of Mary Elwes by Ron Mitchell - Goodreads
Broom Street, an underground railway station with a tragic history and abandoned since the 1950’s, is surveyed by a present day maintenance crew.
After one of them is seriously injured, claiming to have been pushed by unseen hands, and video footage captures strange light phenomena, two of the crew make contact with a small team of paranormal investigators.
Acting without official permission, the paranormal team, including a powerful psychic, are taken down into the eerie dilapidated station, and adjoining tunnels, to conduct an all night investigation. After making a gruesome discovery that horrifies them all, it soon becomes apparent that a dark force is present.

Microsoft Word: The Ultimate Guide to Master Word Features & Commands. Become a Pro from Scratch in Just 7 Days with Step-By-Step Instructions, Clear Illustrations, and Practical Examples

Here's what you'll learn thanks to Word 2022:How to move nimbly through words sections, shedding light on all its tools and features. You'll never feel lost again seeing the Word startup screen.
A Deep Brush-Up of Words Basic Operations and Functions to master every must-to-know command once and for all, without gaps. Even if you are not a complete beginner, you will love this part that will solidify your basis.
The most used functionalities and how to get the most of them, you will learn how to work on Word in a systematic and super efficiently.
How To Professionally Use Functions And Formulas, so you can quickly complete any tasks perfectly and cleanly.
The must-to-know functions for beginners to start with the right foot and avoid the beginner's mistake.
How to become a real pro, mastering the most advanced functionalities that will save you a lot of precious time and banish anxieties and worries.
The most common mistakes you might make using Word and how to solve them in the most brilliant way
Tips and tricks to increase your efficiency
The best shortcuts to literally skyrocket your speed in managing even the most complex tasks and save your valuable time
… And much more.

Below is a list of Amazon Free Trials that may be handy

Amazon Prime Free Trial
Amazon Prime Student Free Trial
Amazon Music Free Trial
Amazon Audible Free Trial
Amazon have a Prime Try Before You Buy on various Fashion

Free trials may be for selected accounts / new customers only, please check the T&Cs and take note of any additional costs after the free trial period
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  1. ColdUSAScams's avatar
    400 pages.
    Now if someone could post a script to click and add them all to the basket. (edited)
    Uridium's avatar
    If it helps you can add some filters, I'm only seeing 145 pages worth with my filters
  2. The_Kurgan's avatar
    Really useful. Does anybody know of a way I can 'buy' for someone else. I bought my elderly Mum a kindle which seh loves, and I buy quite a few books for her already, which is easy to do via the 'Buy for others' option, and then adding her email address which sends her an email with a link to accept it in her Amazon account, but this method isn't available for anything free (or pre-order). Does anybody know a way of gifting free books in a similar way?
    Uridium's avatar
    Switch users and log into her account, buy them (for free on her account). This is exactly what I do for my elderly mother's Kindle
  3. ET0's avatar
    Does anyone have the same link for amazon.com?
    And maybe amazon.de?
    (tried changing the domain as with individual books but it doesnt work)
    innocent's avatar
    Just put " free kindle books" in the search box at the top of whatever Amazon domain you choose.
  4. Kevin.333's avatar
    Thank you for posting this, it will now save a lot of work! Very much appreciated as I love reading books and even more so, free ones!
  5. JamesSmith's avatar
    I’ve not acquainted myself with my kindle yet.

    Does buying an overwhelming number of books not make it difficult to organise and manage your library on the device?
    Estel_Ellessar's avatar
    You can also create and organise by folders. You will have to manually set books to a folder but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to manage Your library in my opinion.
  6. rapid111111's avatar
    thats the way to do it, thanks
    Uridium's avatar
    Funny thing is I have posted this link before and it got virtually no heat with some people commenting they prefer to see the books listed one by one in the freebies section!
    Can't please some people eh!
  7. JLB75's avatar
    Any free air fryer books
    fryitup's avatar
    its funny cos its true
  8. newbie68's avatar
    link saved - will come in handy - many thanks

    Anything similar with Audible? (edited)
  9. alasrati's avatar
    It's a huge list of absolute crap. There's a reason these are free.

    If you want to read good books for free then public libraries are your friend.
    taffyjock1's avatar
    Do they deliver?
  10. gduk's avatar
    Mostly seem to be Book 1 of a series of books
    Uridium's avatar
    I guess that's to encourage you to get into the series and buy more.

    Could be worse, at least they aren't later books in a series
  11. V8Reverb's avatar
    48135114-nhIv8.jpgI still can't access any of the Amazon books
    Uridium's avatar
    Open the link in a browser.
  12. adil171's avatar
    Nice one OP

    That's another few books to add to the other thousands I haven't read 😜 (edited)
  13. Brown.Panther's avatar
    Can we stop people posting free books to the freebie section of HUKD now?
    Uridium's avatar
    Would be nice eh...not gonna happen though.
  14. deleted179836's avatar
    fantastic hope everyone can save this link and then stop posting separate books cluttering up this once quite useful freebies section which is now basically a kindle section lol
  15. redwavyline's avatar
    You’re a Saint (edited)
  16. GeorgioT's avatar
    Some good books but also ALOT of books with covers of male torsos
    YGWYPF's avatar
    Good books... Male torsos... there's a Venn diagram somewhere that looks like an infinity sign.
  17. Sandeep_Saxena's avatar
    What a brilliant share- made me post for the first time in decades...
  18. Melbury's avatar
    How long is this valid for please?
    Uridium's avatar
    I I've been using the link for 3 years. It's just a filtered search that highlights the books that are free so as long as Amazon offer free books it will be good.
  19. AlChksHotUkDeals's avatar
    Fantastic find . Was trying to craft a similar reusable URL but this one is great indeed, especially with 's &k parameter .
  20. ThunderBolt's avatar
    Great post…

    Trouble is that now I’ve read it I’m not sure I can face reading a book!?!
  21. TiredParent's avatar
    Ordered them all (circa 50,000) thanks op
  22. madmel's avatar
    Great thanks
  23. DiscoBotty's avatar
    nice, thank you
  24. sakurah106's avatar
    Many thanks
  25. viper7's avatar
    Thank you
  26. thehappyhammer's avatar
    that's great - many thanks
  27. mrsandmum's avatar
    Thanks OP
  28. ppsie's avatar
  29. pedrothefish's avatar
    Wow! Thanks
  30. Dealss8's avatar
  31. m0nkeymrs01's avatar
    Amazing, kids kindles filled up!
  32. kkthomask's avatar
  33. shak's avatar
    Just what i needed thanks!
  34. N1vag's avatar
    Excellent! Thanks very much.
  35. amillstone's avatar
    Nice one, OP! Amazon make it needlessly difficult to find a list of freebies or products that meet a certain criteria (e.g. sold and dispatched by Amazon for physical items) so this is most welcome.

    Bookmarking the link too as I assume it will be able to be used later as well
  36. Lee_Lynn's avatar
    Thank you
  37. Bubuka83's avatar
    Excellent post, thanks 🙏
  38. Wowhats's avatar
    Nice post OP.
  39. Yvonne_Howe's avatar
    Thank you 😁
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