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NEW Amazon 8GB 6 Inch Kindle - Black £49.97 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Noticed this Kindle on Sale. The White one is £59.97 Meet the Kindle, now with a built-in adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors and at more times of day. P… Read more

Maybe if one keeps their kindle face down, or behind a cover or something. it's definitely worth paying extra to remove the extra lock screen though.


The Ad is a book cover they want to sell you or an ad for accessories, gone in a millisecond when unlocking. It's not intrusive, definitely not worth paying £10 to remove.


no, you will see the ad whenever you look at the kindles screen. instead of displaying the book cover of whatever you're currently reading. furthermore, it will actually add a second lock screen layer.


If it is with Ads, after a month of purchase you can call Amazon and tell them that the Ad's are annoying. Amazon customer care will then remove the ads for free. I followed the same process and my kindle is now ad free.


Not sure why everyone is so against the Ads version. It's usually just a book cover that you see for milliseconds whilst unlocking

Amazon Kindle 6" Tablet - Black - £59 delivered (UK Mainland) @ AO
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Featuring an adjustable front light, this black Amazon Kindle lets you read for hours without eyestrain, even at night or outdoors in the sun. The 6-inch glare-free display looks l… Read more

Really wish they never got rid of the side buttons. Turning page on the new gen Kindle's I find to be incredibly annoying. Also the fact it's micro usb and not usb c is irritating. Other than that.. it's a Kindle, so does its job.


The basic model on Amazon has 8GB now. I don't know if this is old stock or a listing error. Something to check if you are thinking of buying.


you may be better off with something like a onyx - boox ereader for internet browsing.


How do I read news web pages on it

Kindle Paperwhite (2018 - latest version) down to £99.99 (with ads) inc 3 months Kindle Unlimted @ Amazon-Normal Kindle & Oasis also reduced
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Price dropped back to £99.99 again (with Prime) for the with ads version. £10 extra to remove ads, and you can get 3 months kindle unlimited with it as well (worth £23.97). EDIT :… Read more

Same for me. I traded an old Kindle and used the 20% discount a couple of months later when the Paperwhite was last on offer. The discount was automatically taken at checkout so I bought for £80. One thing I did note when I initially traded my old device, the 20% discount has an expiry date on it and doesn't last forever. If it doesn't work for anyone, then I would guess that it just expired.


Yeah they make them and people buy them. They are great when you see them in person. The ‘paper-like’ technology in the screen makes it actually look like paper rather than a bright reflective screen. Sure a tablet could display a book and also do a million other things, but they also need charging every day or 2. These last months at a time have literally zero eye strain and emit zero ‘blue light’ which has been proven to disrupt sleep patterns (so no good for reading in the evening) They also weigh next to nothing and are waterproof to read in the bath or next to a pool. Granted, £100 does seem like a lot of money, but for avid readers, who will get good use out of them it’s definitely worth it. I read half of my books in physical paper form and half on one of these and enjoy both experiences. :)


But someone with a tablet isn’t posing to look cool on the train or bus? I once sold my Kindle to read on the tablet app instead and even with the light as low as possible and with dark mode on I would get headaches after a while. My Kindle never leaves the house.


Pfff, I read books on my 50'' TV (annoyed)


If this is the trade in scheme, I had a different experience. Traded in my Paperwhite and used the discount when the Oasis was last on offer. Not saying it still definitely works but this was a couple of months ago. Discount for applied at checkout IIRC.

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Kobo Touch RG-N905-MFG - B 6" eBook Reader 1GB WiFi Black refurb £19.99 at ebay WHSmith-outlet
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Refurbished/ex-display From the Seller: "Super-fast page turns, enhanced power management and expandable storage for up to 30,000 books makes the Kobo eReader Touch a reading lov… Read more

Now £17.49 for certain colours


Yes checked both boxes.. turning the cardboard inside out.. no cables Both work perfectly so not too bothered about the cables. The kids love them.


From your pic it looks as though you have a virgin unit, so I'm struggling to imagine what's happened to the USB cables. I'm assuming that you've ferreted deep into the boxes, behind the lift-up panel...?


Thanks for your input on this, it really helped. For those curious, Kobo Touch comes in 3 Models:Kobo Touch - (Model N905, N905B, or N905C) Information taken from here To determine which one you have, connect Kobo to your PC via USB cable, once it shows up in File Explorer navigate to the .kobo folder and open a file called version using notepad. The first 4 characters denote the model number.


Contacted and they supply a replacement. Tried 4 chargers now! I know my nook was fussy but blimey!

Kobo Aura HD Limited Edition 6.7" e-reader with ComfortLight and 4GB of onboard storage Refurb - £39.99 @ WH Smith eBay
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
An ex-demonstration/refurbished device sold by the WH Smith Ebay Outlet at a bargain price (originally had a RRP in excess of £200). Adjustable ComfortLight and slot for memory ex… Read more

Now showing as OOS.


Auto sync your books from a Dropbox or Gdrive: https://github.com/fsantini/KoboCloud




Does it support epub and mobi?


I think Smith's survives on newspaper and magazine sales these days, primarily at transit locations where they can up-sell an uninspiring sarnie to the desperate traveller. They stopped being a serious book retailer in the 90s, sold the music retail business and stuffed their stores with toys. It was very sad.