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Posted 26 June 2023

Apple iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen WiFi 128GB £549.98 at checkout Membership Required @ Costco

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Product Reviews

TechRadar - 4/5
Creative - 9/10
TomsGuide - 4.5/5


The versatility of iPad. The power of the M1 chip.

iPad Pro features the powerful Apple M1 chip with next-level performance and all-day battery life.

The Liquid Retina display on the 11-inch iPad Pro is not only gorgeous, but super portable.

And a front camera with Centre Stage keeps you in frame automatically during video calls. iPad Pro has pro cameras and a LiDAR scanner for stunning photos, videos and immersive AR. Thunderbolt / USB 4 for connecting to high-performance accessories.

And you can add Apple Pencil for note-taking, drawing and marking up documents, and the Magic Keyboard for a responsive typing experience and trackpad.4

Additional Features

  • Stay connected with ultrafast Wi-Fi 6
  • Go further with all-day battery life3
  • Thunderbolt / USB 4 port for connecting to fast external storage, displays and docks
  • Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
  • Four-speaker audio and five studio-quality microphones
  • Support for Apple Pencil (2nd generation), Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio4
  • iPadOS is powerful, intuitive and designed specifically for iPad
  • Over a million apps on the App Store just for iPad

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You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership
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  1. hotshaun's avatar
    The ram is 4gb on these right?
    InDaHouse's avatar
    As iOS keeps getting updated over the next years….and possibly decade for this FAST M1 models

    16GB ram will be INCREDIBLY useful

    I’d go 16GB for that reason.
  2. GsinghD's avatar
    Is this latest one. Lost track of these generations
    abeuk's avatar
    Latest has m2. This has m1
  3. magpie2468's avatar
    Is it available only online or at warehouse?
    Luca_Zagara's avatar
    This is an online only offer. I went to Costco and personally asked one of the employees.
  4. HHUKD's avatar
    Great deal. Get this over the iPad Air (£669 for 64GB) any day.
  5. cabstar's avatar
    Do Costco accept Paypal credit before I pay to join?
    Ebonydeluxe's avatar
    Yes they do. I purchased the 256gb version last week using PayPal and it gave the option to use PayPal Credit.
  6. MrSmallBear's avatar
    Won't this already be several years closer to losing OS updates and becoming obsolete with the latest apps?
    MLAM's avatar
    It's only one generation behind the latest one, so not "several years closer" as you put it.

    My wife's 2017 iPad Pro is still getting updates to put it in context.
  7. TomLund's avatar
    Anyone know what Year this 3rd Gen is? Thanks
    sazal's avatar
  8. mailandy2's avatar
    Isn’t the M1 5th gen? I’m getting confused and feel like I should buy something!
    richteabiscuit's avatar
    M1 is 3rd gen 11 inch, 5th gen 12.9, it is confusing. The first two smaller pros were 10.5 or something, so that's why. (edited)
  9. LukeyBoi's avatar
    Does anybody have a recommend for a great case for this product? Think that’s a harder decision to make!
    Stuyb's avatar
    ESR for iPad Pro 11 Inch Case,iPad Pro 11 inch Case with Pencil Holder,iPad Pro Case 11 inch (2022/2021),Pencil 2 Support,Flexible Back Cover,Trifold Stand,Auto Sleep/Wake,Rebound
  10. vale.of.clwyd's avatar
    Now OOS
    MLAM's avatar
    Still showing in stock for me when I click on both colours?
  11. buyitall's avatar
    Both colours now back in stock - but without the extra £50 deduction at checkout, so £599 instead of £549.
    kirstylloyd's avatar
    Reckon it’s still a good deal?
  12. GLA's avatar
    Worth putting 11in in the title. Size always matters fella's
    barbiegirl's avatar
    So does the correct use of apostrophes
  13. hotshaun's avatar
    These iPad deals from Costco 🔥
  14. Wik_4972's avatar
    Really good value for the price, 120Hz refresh rate, M1 chip which is absolutely overkill for the ipads and will be future proof for a long time, not sure if anyone has also mentioned that this comes with a 2 Year Warranty when buying from costco which is a great bonus, I just ordered this along with the 2nd gen pencil from the O2 Student deal for £79.20. Overall £630 for both of them is an absolute bargain.
    explosiveblarg's avatar
    explosiveblarg Author
    That's exactly what I got as well. Excellent deal when you get both for that much
  15. yumenolala's avatar
    Waiting for Apple iPad Pro 5th Gen, 12.9 Inch, WiFi , 128GB to be reduced from Costco.
    BlackAdam's avatar
    They don’t have it. Only 256 gb left
  16. sirjonce's avatar
    This is a great deal. I paid £639 for a refurbished one from Apple in Feb.
  17. lemoncake's avatar
    Thank you, just ordered
  18. Mentos's avatar
    Was hoping they’d knock £100 off like the others, but considering buying it in case it sells out (now that you bunch of vultures have been alerted ). If it drops further can just return it within 90 days. You can return in warehouse if you’re a full member. (edited)
    explosiveblarg's avatar
    explosiveblarg Author
    If you return wouldn't it have to be unopened?
  19. icey7's avatar
    Thanks OP - just ordered as a replacement for a 2013 model iPad mini 2
    umirza85's avatar
    Now that’s an upgrade.
  20. plewis00's avatar
    These go for £500 used, this is a great price for new. No massive advantage going for the M2 model, even this M1 is rarely fully utilised. I believe this is probably the best value higher-end iPad on the market right now, completely negates the existence of the iPad 10th Gen and Air 4/5 at this price as it's better than both while still in a similar price range. Excellent all-round, multi-purpose tablet.
  21. Kristang's avatar
    128 wont be enough going forward …
    richteabiscuit's avatar
    Well, depends if you use icloud really. My 64gb 2018 pro is still fine. Although I did just get the 512gb 12.9 from last week's costco deal
  22. deleted2635135's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Hi guys does the 1tb get 16gb as standard ?
    explosiveblarg's avatar
    explosiveblarg Author
    The 1tb does have 16gb ram yes.
  23. TechBlitZ_'s avatar
    This is tempting. I’ve currently got an iPad Air M1 which I could sell to cover most of the cost.
    explosiveblarg's avatar
    explosiveblarg Author
    What do you want from the upgrade? This is the same processor but 120hz screen pretty much
  24. Raja007's avatar
    I was thinking to buy Macbook with M1 but they are more expensive in comparison to tablet.

    Can mac os be replaced with Ipad os? Otherwise tablet size 11 inch is still enough and more portable
    explosiveblarg's avatar
    explosiveblarg Author
    You can't put ipadOS on a MacBook.

    What are you wanting to do with a laptop? In most cases an iPad is more than enough
  25. LukeyBoi's avatar
    Just bit on this deal! This website both saves you money and makes you spend it too. Nevertheless, looks like a good deal
  26. ImSoHotUKDeals's avatar
    Anyone know the in store price?
    TechBlitZ_'s avatar
    As far as I know they no longer stock these in store as they are last gen.
  27. Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Wondering if the next week the 512GB one will be in the offers lol. I wanted the 2TB one for £799 but kept missing it. I got told was back in silver but then go caught up and missed it. If the 1TB was around £679 I would get it
    MLAM's avatar
    I ideally wanted the 1TB too but at that price I'm holding off.

    In fact I'm sitting on a 2TB silver right now, but I'm waiting to see if anything else drops more to my liking lol
  28. umair166's avatar
    Is this the new USB-C or does it use the old outdated lightning connector?
    rodman's avatar
    outdated like you, lightning is only on basic iPads for 300 bones.
  29. Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    Got the 3rd gen with 2 TB awesome deal I thought my old iPad air was still good this thing blows it out of the water easily
  30. netboy's avatar
    Is it worth trying in-store?
    MLAM's avatar
    Online only these, unless the warehouse gets an unopened return then they won't have any.
  31. Adam.Khan's avatar
    Is it refurbished or brand new? If refurbished, what grade? Can’t see it anywhere.
    sazal's avatar
    no brand new
  32. Sheza1's avatar
    OOS just as I was about to buy it
    netboy's avatar
    Same, just went to pull the trigger.
  33. sledwich's avatar
    Are these not available in store?
    BlackAdam's avatar
    Not in south London
  34. UnicornHunter's avatar
    Hi, I noticed these are available again.
    UnicornHunter's avatar
    Ah dam they must only have had 1
  35. Stuyb's avatar
    Keep an eye online, they seem to appear now and again
    BlackAdam's avatar
    Are you sure ?

    If open page and not choose colour it says “add to cart” but it won’t because you need to select colour

    If you select colour then it begin showing real stock which is none

    Or… are you trolling ?

    50478819_1.jpg (edited)
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