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The iPad Pro is Apple’s flagship tablet. Sleek, powerful, boasting plenty of features and easy to use, the iPad Pro is the tablet of choice for millions of casual home users and high-powered professionals alike. This hotukdeals listing will help tech fans find the ideal iPad Pro for their needs at the best prices around. Read more
Apple iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 variant 64 GB WiFi model - £605.14 from Eglobal Central
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
I know iPad Pro's are expensive devices, but this looks a terrific deal compared to retail prices. Further Apple has global warranty, so this is covered from that aspect as well. D… Read more
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Gonna have a tough time if you receive a bent, dented or touch disease ipad. These new pros have had out of box issues.


PayPal won’t give you section 75 cover as a UK credit card payment direct to the seller will.


Leave an email and get £5.99 off and probably loads of unwanted emails. Pay using PayPal linked to a credit card. You get better protection and seven weeks to pay the bank. PayPal wait 3 weeks before taking money. Credit card then a further 4 weeks to pay.


No. £605.14

£300 off last generation iPad Pro 12.9 inch £559.91 in Currys PC World Crawley
LocalLocalFound 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Hi folks, a variety of last generation iPad pros (still have the home button) from £559.91 all displayed in a basket near the Apple products and front door on the right as you go i… Read more
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Not sure if this is allowed on here so apologies if not! But would like to help a follow bargain hunter as opposed to an online company making lots of money. I have £399 currys gift voucher and will sell for £350 if anyone is interested? Again, apologies if not allowed!


Picked up 256GB cellular online Sunday morning for £653 so there were some available


Tried a couple of stores in Notts on the off chance, but no joy ;( *Contemplates the 6 hour round journey to Crawley...*


OP .. how is it that the 12.9" iPad Pro, silver, 512GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular is notably wayyyyyy cheaper, than that of it's wayyyyyy costlier 256GB counterpart? (in comparison?). :-( For essentially the exact same sodding thing?. :-( What exactly is it that I'm missing ... Maybe it's just me but, do they honestly expect people to actually be that stupid, or something?. :-( I don't get it?, loooooooool.


Hehehehehe, no problem, thanx, I hear, lol. ;-)

Refurbished Ipad Pro 10.5 from Argos Ebay £355.99
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
I bought one of these last week and it was perfect. Obviously a 14 day customer return. Works out 43% off.
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Yes sorry. It would appear that there was one 1 at this price. Might be worth keeping an eye out though, as they appear to keep getting new stock?


2nd gen. And out of stock


You should have also included in the title it was a refurb too! (skeptical)


The older model that Appke still sells at £619 alongside the even more stupid price 11". A bargain if you really want an iPad.


Good price.... but OOS

Ipad Pro 10.5inch 256gb Cellular with starter kit - £619.00 at Currys
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Currys are selling an iPad Pro 10.5inch, 256gb cellular (Gold) + starter pack (cover, screen protector and stylus) for £619.00 This is the same price as the 64gb non cellular ipad… Read more

Link doesn't work. Probably expired.


CeX is a good place to look - I saw a 10.5" 256GB for £395 the other day and it has 2-year warranty from them. And yes, the processor is ample. I also had the 11" 2018 model (which didn't feel faster) and have returned it for annoying touchscreen issues and gone back to the 10.5" 2017 - having a headphone jack is also a bonus.


Well done, that's really good news :)


Just to let you know, they honoured the deal and I picked it up today! Happy days XD


Deal over

Apple iPad Pro (10.5 Inch, Wi-Fi, 512 GB) - Space Grey £685.97 at Amazon
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Best price on a 512Gb WiFi model new from a UK retailer by a couple of hundred quid. Cheaper than the 256Gb model still at £709! Dispatched in 3-4 weeks, ok if you can wait. Alway… Read more

Are you using a computer or smartphone to comment here? What's wrong with using a postcard and stamp for your next comment.....


FYI the pencil warranty seems to start from the day of purchase. A friend got burnt buying one that was new + sealed and it didnt work correctly, when taking it to Apple they said it was out of warranty.


This is 2nd gen.


Good price, personally would wait and see if next budget ipad is still £319 as it’s rumoured to have Apple A11 chip



Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (2018) 1TB Cellular SIM Free [Refurbished GOOD] - £899 @ envirofoneshop eBay
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
2 left!!! at the time of posting £999 with 10% off automatically at checkout Total £899 Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2018 for a great price. This has a 12MP camera, 12.9 Inches scr… Read more

Wow! Now I am needing one (lol) Cheers! (popcorn)


That is great! :) :) :)


Yes definitely got a keyboard coming from CEX. My device was first registered on 04/02/2019 so it was a month old when I got it. Can’t even see minuscule scratches I would have classed it as one above good maybe. Really and truly impressed. I think I owe you a beer!


I checked with the serial number and it was purchased in January, I thought January last year but I think you can purchase apple care only within the first year so I’m not sure. All I know is tha I now have cover until March 2021. I checked the serial number checker again but it doesn’t show purchase date, just a green tick.


How old is your device? If I may ask? I think for iPhone and iPad you can only purchase apple care in the first 60 days.

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 1TB) - Silver @ £400 off - £1469 @ Amazon
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
£400 off a new 12.9" iPad Pro 3rd Gen WiFi + 4G 1TB. Been looking for a good deal on a 12.9" iPad Pro on a lower storage model, but this is the best price I've seen around for the … Read more
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Hahaha. That's pretty hilarious and belongs on the comedy channel at prime time. You actually think an iPad Pro screen and pen is better than a Wacom? And that musicians prefer to use an iPad Pro instead of a Mac with a DAW? And Macs above are not used for rendering scenes, that is dirt cheap to do using a render farm but you certainly would not want to eek out a profession in that using a tablet lmao. You prepare the model on something that had atleast a little bit of power like Mac or a workstation... But render process is now $3 for an hours work which is more than enough time for amatuers, and the professionals rent out days. There is no good deal involving an iPad Pro unless it is about £50 more than a regular iPad.


Firstly again like I said, it’s a website for getting deals not having your opinions changed unless asked. It’s £400 off! Art - 100% IPad Pro, ask most artists and they will say IPad over Surface just because of the pencil especially with the new photoshop coming soon Music - iPad not Mac and Johnathon Morris proved this by getting an actual creator to use the iPad who said IPad allows him to create music on the go and it’s much better because it’s like one to one while creating music You can even edit a video professionally using Luma Fusion Macs and iMacs are used mainly for either programming or that 3D rendering scenes thing I forgot what it’s called.


For all round use - Surface For graphical art - Surface with Wacom, and even that is not good The Pro just doesn't have any legitimacy at its price point. If you are an artist or work in graphic design you go for a Mac with Wacom, for music you go for a Mac again, if you want general use you go for Windows and if you just want an Apple tablet and be involved with other Apple tech you may as well just get a regular iPad. The whole premise of the iPad Pro is a bad deal. Casual users can stay with Apple and save over a grand, professional users would get much more bang for buck either using a different ecosystem or going all the way up to Apples High powered MacOS systems depending on the intended use. How can anyone here say "Yeah, this is great value and this really gives you what you want without saving major cash elsewhere or unleashing your creativity to its maximum"


Rumours say iOS 13 will be a change for devices especially the iPads so finger crossed


I thought this website was for seeking good deals not opinions and also Which tablet is better than the iPad Pro

Apple 10.5" iPad Pro - 64 GB, Gold (2017) - £527 @ Currys
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Not the newest IPad Pro, however, a great price with a £57 discount.

Appears to be back to £619 price.


i have been unable to use the little notification button for a while, today, it worked. perhaps someone is listening to you. i had a nokia tablet, windows RT, that suffered a similar problem, video advertising on top of the normal page clog the proccess and it stalls. my thoughts are the software creators do not want, or are discouraged from solving it. we then become fed up and buy a new one. the nokia was a good tablet really, but "don't fix what can be fixed buy a new one" says the leadership. " there is no pile of rubbish too big


To be honest it’s better to go with an eBay store offer often reduced even further with full apple warranty.


I believe it could be because of the RAM to be honest. All iPads after iPad Air 2 released in 2014 can handle all things internet related now. iPad 4 a bit old but it is built like a tank and can be useful to watch videos and stuff.


i have been given an ipad 4, it will not load the john lewis website or currys either. more too. most of the investment in apple is in the operating system which is unable to keep up with web advertising. i'm not alone, watching one of those Sunday morning news reviews their ipad had frozen also.


how can a company test a device, label is incorrectly and is perfectly happy to send it to it's customer just like that. That is lazy, defo 1 star, what a waste of your time or even anyone else's.


Yeah it looks so bad in person. Terrible for their image. Going to leave a 1 star review, they were quick to give me return labels though but I'm annoyed as I need this for graphics design. It's the iPad pro 12.9in 64gb silver 4G I bought.


Holy! defo pristine right ?? that is bad image for them.


Apparently that's pristine. Lol.


got pictures ??

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Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) - Space Grey, Refurbished Pristine. Unlocked, Wi-Fi+4G, 64GB  @ envirofone / eBay with 5% off at checkout
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Royal Mail Special Delivery (TM) 1:00 pm - Free
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which one ?


don't buy, my ipad pro just arrived and it was supposed to be pristine condition. Has about 300 scratches on it. Sending it back.


Well yeah you’re right the MacBook and desktops are expensive and you can get more powerful processors for the same money with a windows machine but I’ve found that the windows laptops that have a similar build quality are also quite expensive. I’ll try and find the video but I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a YouTube video of an iMac with an inferior processor completing processor intensive tasks quicker than the windows machine with a better processor simply down to MacOS being better optimised. I find the issue with apple products is that people just look at the hardware:price ratio rather than the whole package. The apple ecosystem is what most people get sucked into and enjoy (including myself). The way my iPhone interacts with my Apple Watch, AirPods and MacBook is quite enjoyable. I honestly don’t think their ecosystem can be matched. Yes their margins are high on the hardware but I do think they invest more in software experience than their competitors. You also have to take into account actual cost of ownership. Apple devices hold their value far better than the competition. For example, if you bought an iPhone XS at £999 and a Pixel 3 at £749, it’s likely that after a year if you sold both, the cost to own them for that year would be close. I’ve been in both Google’s and Apple’s ecosystem for years now and I change between iOS and Android on a regular basis because I just can’t decide which one I prefer. I just wish there was a 3rd option! p.s GLWS (lol)


Too be honest i didnt expect it to be as good as it is, no google play store ( i imported mine cause i dont like the uk price's)but only takes 5 mins to install it and i installed nova launcher on it and everything is super fast, installed (youtube advanced) so no adverts , neflix works, the internet super quick, easy 15 hours+ battery life.


It's a refurb and it's damn expensive but you can't deny it's probably the best tablet on the market (as in running ios/android) It's only issue is that for it to be a proper laptop replacement it needs to run macOS, you can't do much on iOS (The 12X bionic gets 17k in geekbench, the i5-8250u gets 13k. It definitely has the power) I'd buy a surface pro tbh

iPad Pro 10.5 from £574 at AO
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
iPad Pro 10.5 available from AO starting at £574. Simply sign up to AO to get £10 off purchases over £299.
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And let's not forget the price difference!


I agree, its the best iPad model but still a bit pricey.


Hi David, thanks for posting. Many still prefer the form factor of the 2017 compared to the new iPad Pro. Even more so when the 2018 iPad Pro is so prone to bending and what not.


2017 Model (highfive)


Why is it so cold?

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Silver (Latest Model) - £919 @ AO.com back in stock
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
I know it still a expensive item But thought I would let people know Amazon and AO.com have reduced the Silver 12.9” IPad (2018). It is up to £200 cheaper compared to other website… Read more

Back in stock


Back in stock at AO and curry’s have just price matched for the £919 deal for 256gb in silver


Bu replacing a phone with a tablet. Massive pockets? Oh well (annoyed)


What was the issues with the Xs max


No, they just worked very, very hard at Uni and got the grades, so deserved whatever they wanted <3

4 Years Interest Free on IPad Pro 11 Cellular and IPad Pro 12.9 Cellular at Sky Shop for £936 (£26 x 36m)
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Sky Mobile is currently offering 2018 IPad Pro Cellulars with 4 years interest free credit. This is open to existing customers but you can add a £6 SIM deal (which can be cancelled… Read more
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the correct price to start. where did £936 come from? There isnt even a £26/month on the sky website.


Which bit is not in the title?


Put it in the title. Shouldn’t be in the detail


You need to check again. Detail.


its a rubbish deal. you havent even quoted properly.

2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", A10X Fusion, iOS11, Wi-Fi & Cellular, 512GB £799 delivered @ John lewis & partners
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
These are back in stock now for anyone that's still interested. All colours available.
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No 512gb version ;( ;( ;( ;(


I have this iPad Pro and I edit 4K videos on for my YouTube channel.I also have one of the latest 5k iMac,but sometimes it is just easier to use the iPad,especially if you are out and about or don’t need to do in depth editing.That said an app called Lumafusion is a very powerful video editing app for the iPad,where you can do far more than just the basics. Example,i was on holiday recently when we got caught up in a natural disaster that I documented.A few days later i was able to edit all the 4K 60fps footage and I then uploaded it to YouTube,all via the iPad. Also I personally find it a good dumping ground for my footage when on holiday,as like last time I managed to fill up my phones memory and a 128gb sd card within a few days.The iPad allowed my to offload it and carry on with a empty card again. So sorry to say it buddy but you are wrong,people do edit 4Kvideos on iPads,just because they don’t shout it from the roof tops doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.


I have an iPad Air (2013), which still works well and runs the latest iOS. But my iPad Mini (2012) is limited to iOS9, which means a lot of apps won't run any more and those that do are slow and crashy.


I forgot about this.


I didnt know you could cut 4k footage on this baby. I gotta make proxies for my mbp from 2012. For real though, ipad pro 2017-2018 are the only affordable portable devices that allow zero latency for illustrators. This will still touch a grand when you get the pencil, applecare and protective case. But the storage space is the deal breaker here.

All 2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9" reduced, with 2 year guarantee starting from £619 @ John Lewis & partners!
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Non Cellular Models 2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", A10X Fusion, iOS11, Wi-Fi, 64GB @ £619 Available in Silver or Gold Was £769 2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", A10X Fusion, iOS11, Wi-F… Read more
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"I think apple might ditch intel soon and just put these chips in macbooks too." That actually sounds a bit interesting ...


No 512gb version ;( ;( ;(


True but my preference is always first party accessories and the Apple smart keyboard is pretty good. Just the price is "too damn high"!


The keyboards are ridiculously priced, a £20 bluetooth logitech and a separate 3rd party cover will do just as well. Probably better. Can't do anything about the price of the pencil though!


Damn, was hoping for these to drop some more. Was very tempted by 2018 version after seeing it in the flesh. Easily the best screen Apple have made so far, but them prices! Also the build is questionable with "bend gate" rearing it's ugly head again. The JLP price for 12.9 is tempting but gotta factor in keyboard cover which pushes the price towards surface pro money.

2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", A10X Fusion, Wi-Fi, 256GB at John Lewis & Partners for £719
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Available in Space Grey, Silver and Gold. Comes with three years warranty
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Ahh like the beast from the east , only this is like a con from the west :S


Hot from me........was going to post this, but judging by the cold front I’m glad you beat me to it :{


They are particularly powerful actually. On par with some i7u CPUs


Same spec but with WiFi and cellular is also £719 in gold at John Lewis. Can't be bad, the 2018 model with those specs is £1,269.


How much!

iPad Pro (2018) Models with £50 off and 12 months interest free period at Very
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Some new iPad Pro’s on sale in Very with £50 off and 12 months interest free period
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Did have one on order. PayPal messed up, withheld my payment and now the price has gone up £50. Miffed.


There is no code, you just select 6 or 12 months near the end of the checkout process


Devil as in very?


If you’re going to do a deal with the devil you better be saving more than £50.

iPad Pro 11in 64GB WiFi Argos eBay with code £694.00
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
iPad Pro 2018 11inch. Lowest going I can find.

And whatever you do don't ever put any weight in it, if possible try not to touch it.


Be sure to check for bends straight out of the box. If it's bent get a replacement.


Yep, plus I got a free £75 giftcard for the App Store with that. Even if I got rid of it now it would have worked out like £12 a month. Marvelous value for a top quality product. Nowadays, the equivalent standard of Apple Macbook is like £1500 minimum, and that's just a ridiculous price I can't justify. Plus, now I'm no longer a student and do a lot less writing, I reckon an iPad alone might do me... :/


£849 with student discount for a MacBook Pro, plus 3yrs free warranty.... those were the days :(


2012, £849 with student discount but have probably spent £150-200 on parts in the meantime to keep it alive additionally (additional RAM, SSD, optical drive caddy, hard drive connector cable to name a few...). 6 years life out of a laptop isn't bad and to be honest it does work, it's just sometimes very slow and I'm reluctant to upgrade OSX because word is that it is a major performance hit on older models.

2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", A10X Fusion, iOS11, Wi-Fi, 512GB, Space Grey £769 at John Lewis & Partners
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", A10X Fusion, iOS11, Wi-Fi, 512GB, Space GreyWas£1,119.00, Now£769.00 3 year guarantee included Reduced to clear 3 year guarantee included at no e… Read more
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Then again some things that get heat make u wonder :/ :/


I loved my 1st gen one at university, will replace it with this one but 4G version so I can pop a cheap sim in it. When I am doing my MATLAB projects on train I will need internet so it's handy to have 4G. I know u can tether but its just more drain on phone battery.


Spoke to Apple support chat last night with my plight and the lady said that all newly produced and sold iPads come with the latest iOS pre installed. She then said that in the instance of a 10.5 having ios11, it is ‘probable that iTunes will insist you update to ios12 before restore’. Personally I think she was wrong, but she has put me off upgrading for now. I even told her that madness because in a similar situation, what if I reset my current iPad 9.7 and then wanted to restore from my backup? It was one of the most incoherent tech conversations I’ve had.


I waa about to get Asus Zenbook S 4k panel for 899 for john lewis but got this instead. Time to sell one of my hp omen 2016 model laptop.


Ofcourse. What are you taking about.

2017 Apple iPad Pro 12.9", 512GB A10X Fusion, iOS11, Wi-Fi & Cellular £799 at John Lewis & Partners
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Can't work out if this is good or not but includes 3 years warranty from John Lewis Says reduced from £1249 but that was last year Just checked Apple refurb and £1059 there when in… Read more

Lol, so I've been told ...


Yeh, so I've read ...


Nah this is a beast


Its out of stock now, still if you take the 512 gb out and cellular. This is still a bargain should work out around 550


No its not IOS holding the software back

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