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Posted 4 August 2023

Continental GP5000 S TR Folding Road Bike Cycle Tyre - 700c

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Continental GP5000 S TR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
The Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (Tubeless Ready: Lighter, faster and with stronger sidewalls). The new standard in road tubeless ready technology. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better.

Tubeless Ready
The Continental carcass construction is robust and impervious against damage and penetration from foreign objects. The result: versatile, low weight and an attractive design. In addition, tyres made using this technology can also be used as Tubeless or with an inner tube.

Improved Black Chili Compound for an even faster, safer ride
2/220TPI carcass
Active Comfort Technology to absorb vibrations and deliver a smoother ride
Vectran Breaker technology for increased puncture resistance
Lazer Grip Technology for improved grip and outstanding cornering
With Inner Liner
Weight Approx: 220g (25mm)
Merlin Cycles More details at
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  1. titus's avatar
    Thanks ordered one
    sparklehedgehog's avatar
    You ride a unicycle?
  2. TheEssexFamily's avatar
    I always find it incredible that bike tyres are so expensive when compared to car tyres.

    If you compare raw material and transport costs, I can't help think that we are all being ripped off. (edited)
    Kamz13's avatar
    You make a very valid point!
  3. dgcorp's avatar
    I know it's a lot of money for a pair of bike tyres... bit the GP5K's are really high-quality tyres and the STR's rarely drop this low (esp the 28's + 30's), so this defo gets an #Updoot from me ➕✅

    I'm currently running the Non-STR GP5000's on non-tubeless compatible wheels (with Vittoria Latex tubes, which give's a lovely ride-feel and have been highly P-word resistant ). I can usually pick up a pair of these for below £75 in a sale, which is still a fair bit of money, but worth it IMHO.

    I've got over 8000 Km out of my last pair of GP5K's, but you can always have bad luck with a puncture, so I'm not sure I want to spend the extra £30, until I get some new wheels and make the big move over to #Tubeless (maybe )

    P.S. I really like MerlinCycles. I've had great CustomerService from them, quickly sending out a replacement, when the courier tore a hole in the parcel and one thing fell out!
    I used to swear by Wiggle (and still use them from time to time) but there Website re-design was really bad, so I use Merlin as a preference!

    Cheers OP
    bisoner's avatar
    For anyone interested the 30mm Tubeless variant (same)of this tyre is £49.99 on Wiggle. I've just put them on my Zipp 303s with a regular track pump.
  4. dumplingwrestler's avatar
    Wow have these gone up in price? That’s expensive! My 4000s were only £30 for the pair. This is £110 a pair!
    Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Was that back in 2002?
  5. bobbyj21984's avatar
    Found this interesting when comparing to regular gatorskins, basically they offer less rolling resistance but are more prone to punctures.

    headnovel's avatar
    From everything I've been reading, barely anyone is using Gatorskins anymore. Pants in the wet compared to the GP5000.

    If you're commuting (only reason anyone should really use Gatorksins) you'd be better off running wider tyres, with lower pressures to avoid pinchflats on potholes and then either tubeless or TPU.
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