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Holdsworth Elan Sram Apex 1 Hydro Disc Road Bike - £520 at Planet X
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 15 h, 49 m agoFound 15 h, 49 m ago
THe drop bar version of the Holdsworth Elan Sram Apex 1 Hydro Disc Road Bike is now £500 at Planet X. Delivery is £20 Sizes Small, Medium and Large are currently available. A de… Read more
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28mm tyres max


Couple questions. I could not find any information of up to what size tires clearance it has? Would it be ok for cyclocross/adventure bike?


Good value deal then.


Groupset alone is £600 most places...


Bet it weighs more than my MTB! Not bad as a commuter bike though

Castelli gabba 3 ss jersey anthracite s-2xl down to £69.95 @ merlin cycles
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Castelli Gabba 3 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey The original Castelli Gabba was quickly recognised by cycling professionals and amateurs alike as a revolutionary approach to wet weath… Read more
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Except perfetto is the new name for gabba... so he’s right Anyway I don’t see the point in a short sleeve gabba.


Excellent piece of kit and great price


nothing is alternative to gabba, even if you put SKY logo on it.

booboobeaker - alternative

Exposure Strada MK9 Super Bright SB 1600 Lumen £216 @ Evans cycles
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
£300 rrp, down to £216 with discount code BRIGHT10. Great price, great light. Road specific lens so doesn’t blind other vehicles and focuses on the road ahead. No Chinese rubbish … Read more

That light has a separate battery pack so will take extra time to remove when locking the bike up, which is why I avoid such lights.


Rarely will you see a 5k road bike locked up .... Can you explain what's wrong with an Independent coffee shop, than a corporate chain... Believe it or not, shock horror, I've actually seen cyclists in Costa, Starbuck and McDonalds, must have been in oxygen debt, ehh ...or low blood sugar levels.....


I think if comments were more objective than subjective; concentrating a bit more on the product itself would help, trawling through a lot of junk comments is a pain.


A flippant comment ? if not, a rather stupid one.... Xenon or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights which were first seen in the 90s, produce a harsh blue light, typically twice as bright as the old filament lights....


A non statement of a non cyclist, funny I thought the idea was an objective comment on a product, ie can you find this product cheaper anywhere else, what other product of a similar spec is available.... Whether you can stand cycling, or not, has no bearing on the product, objective and not subjective comments would be appreciated.

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Holdsworth Brevet SRAM Apex 1 drop bar road bike - £499 @ Planet x
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
This looks like a cracking bike for the money. Classic steel lines and drop bars, 1x drivetrain. Made with decent quality bits which could be upgraded as required. Basic tektro ca… Read more
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The flat bar version has hydraulic disc brakes and, although it's subjective, has a nicer paint job. . The description of this bike is all over the place .it describes hydraulic disc brakes, then mechanical disc brakes, but it's actually the cheap choice tektro brakes .



This is an amazing bargain. Look up the price of the Apex Groupset and the fulcrum wheels on their own and they are way more than this complete bike


Great bike for the money. For those commenting on gears, my father rode a single chainring close ratio 6-speed most of his life and preceding competitive years, held endurance records across decades and still beat me on hill climbs well into his 50s (despite my attempts at modern technology and gearing). All about what you’re used to. Heat from me on this one.


I would say that it’s not the wear on the gears that is the problem with a decent bike, it’s the wear on decent rims that is the problem if you have rim brakes. If you have disc brakes then I see no reason not to run a decent bike over the winter.

Calibre Rivelin Road Bike @ GoOutdoors - £349
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
I was looking for a good bike, that can stand proud next to the big names, without having to break the bank. I think this is a great bike for the money. Aluminium frame, carbon fol… Read more
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£26 at mo (they have dropped the 59 more now), previous gen Tiagra rather than current so maybe 1.5 groupset diff would be more fair? and only if you are after a 59cm frame ;) Not disputing though that is a far better bargain and steal, compared to this, as they clear stock - albeit never worth the rrp they advertise. Going the other way you could get the Claris 2400 on the Roux R7 from Winstanley at £300 - think the Calibre though is a nicer looking bike. Not sure how many bike snobs think Cailbre and go outdoors to be top tier either ;)


Fair deal, but for £30 more you can get a full carbon and two groups up tiagra. Oh but it's from sports direct so brand snobs will scoff


You describe yourself as 'big fatty' so thought I'd better mention weight limits of Calibre bikes are about 100kg for the rider with a total load of about 115/120kg I think which is about mid-level. Some brands are up to 160kg total load (136kg/300lbs rider weight) and some like btwin are even lower at 100kg total load which is about 85kg or less for rider weight. Worth bearing in mind as you sometimes don't get to see this information until you've actually bought the bike and see it written in the manual. Going over the maximum rider weight will not normally mean instant failure of the frame you just may find the frame more flexy and you will accelerate the fatigue of an aluminium frame so shorten its lifespan considerably. Also if you buy a frame as a 60kg rider which has a capacity for a 160kg total load you may find the frame harsh as the frame may be extremely rigid with no flex. Some of the reasons why some frames ride better that others are they design the frame to flex more but this also can reduce strength as flexing is basically fatiguing the frame over time. Allowing for clothes, accessories fitted to the bike and any additional stuff you are carrying in a backpack etc I would think a sensible rider weight limit for the Calibre is about 95kg.


Not bad as a first road bike or winter trainer.


Agree - wouldn’t buy at this price without Dura Ace, Zipp 202 wheels and a free Wahoo Kickr. Got this the other week for £99 on sale. Cold (lol) (lol) (lol)

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Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike - £195.99 @ Sports Direct
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike On sports direct reduced from £500 to £195.55 Is this a good deal? I’ve only posted it so all the bike snobs can bicker.... but if you could let me k… Read more
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These are the figures for those who would like to compare this entry level road bike with a less practical high end carbon bike. I suspect the best value road bike that delivers close to top end performance at a lowish price would be the Giant Contend 2 which goes from as low as £400 end of year etc. It's a sub 10kg bike and would probably deliver almost all the performance of the Boardman (just below it) for a tiny fraction of its cost. That would be my guess at the peak value before you face big diminishing returns. It's 2-2.5kg less than the Muddyfox, similar gears but slightly reduced safety with the carbon fork. I reckon the Contend would do a max speed 65-66km/h with an average speed of 34-35km/h in that comparison because most of the issues I feel with the Muddyfox are purely the additional weight. Still feel the Muddyfox is great value though based on the components you are getting and if you want a commuting bike where the front forks are going to get more abuse hitting pot holes etc plus the risk of minor accidents or the bike falling over which can damage the more brittle carbon forks. It seems like a bike that would be a better workhorse bike which seems to be how the poster of that youtube video is using it, club rides etc saving his precious Boardman for roundtrips from his home only where he can prevent it getting rained on or damaged. Almost like those people who have a practical car for normal use but a weekend sports car.


The Vertigo Piccadilly was a very low end road bike with light duty freewheel and tourney gearing. Such entry level components are actually quite low weight. So that might have helped as freehub based wheels with cassettes can be a bit heavier. It does sound like frame and wheels are heavier on the Muddyfox though. What is the weight of the Muddyfox? If the brake levers aren't correctly positioned you can get tape for £2 or less on ebay and simply move the brifters to where you want them and then use the new tape. If you still have the Piccadilly and prefer the lightness and geometry of that frame why not mix and match the components you like and sell on the spare bike made of the lesser parts. I saw a Muddyfox Race 200 or possibly Race 100 locally and looked very nice as I walked by but obviously that doesn't mean it rides well. This video compares the bike with a Boardman 10x the price. No surprises with the outcome but the Race 200 figures are competitive for a budget bike and a slightly fitter or younger rider might actually easily beat the Boardman riding the Muddyfox going by those figures at the end of the video, against the rider in this video. He states the Muddyfox bike as 12kg . Let's also not forget many Boardman bikes are very competitive on performance vs price so a £2,000 Boardman may actually compete quite nicely with more mainstream brands £3,000 or maybe £4,000 or more. Let's also not forget there is no risk of delamination, voids, internal cracks which could cause the Boardman frame or forks to fail without warning such is the higher risk of riding a carbon bike. If this was a sports car it would be like spending 10x as much to get a 10mph speed increase and sacrificing a huge amount of safety. Here are the comments from the creator of the video on the bike, seems to agree with you about the weight of the bike and it seems to have horrible small profile 23mm tyres. Larger tyres would probably add a lot to comfort. Hey Tim, I thought the comments would be about the Boardman not the Muddy fox! I still use the Muddy Fox every week for my club rides (done about 2000 miles on it now?) I had to replace the chain and rear cassette a few months ago but other than that it is fine. Only having 16 gears and because it weighs quite a lot, it is a bit of a struggle up hills, and the wheels / tyres give a harder ride than even the Boardman TTE bike (the Muddy Fox has 23C wheels so hard and narrow). Also I would watch the sizing for the Muddy Fox - I'm 6'3" and the 60cm frame is a little too big for me (I guess I could get a shorter stem?) I think it is a good bike for getting into cycling but be aware you will probably want to change it if you get more serious. I've always looked after my bikes, cleaning the chain, gears and cassette after a ride and trying not to go out in the wet (my TTE has never seen a raindrop!) I guess this has helped keep the Muddy Fox in good working order. For £200 it doesn't owe me anything!


Just made a couple of adjustments and re-ridden- I've done a couple of Strava segments, I'm very high up on the leaderboard, and some times were done on a 21 speed Dawes MTB with ofroad tyres! This thing is sooooo slow... so heavy when you hit a hill (I live in the Lake District so you do a lot of hills) you feel the weight..... really can't recommend this, some of the specs might look nice on paper, but its a horrid ride. And whoever put the shifters where they are so you can't adjust the gears when down on the drops as the shifters are too far out from the u-curve, needs sacking. They have never ever ridden a bike.


Yeah, I've contacted them about it. I took it to a local bike shop to see if they could adjust it, but the feeling I got was it would be throwing good money after bad. It's also a lot of heavier than an old cheapo Tesco road bike I got and still have (Piccadilly Vertigo which needs a new cassette and group set) hence buying this rather than spend the best part of 100 notes replacing stuff on the Tesco cheapo. Really not impressed with it though, I've had several bikes over the years, probably 10 plus, some I've worn out , some where nicked but this is the first one I've had that genuinely feels like crap. It looks nice annoyingly! Another really silly issue is that the shifters are too far away from your thumb when you are on the drops, so you can have to preposition yourself on the top of the bars to shift. Something you don't realise until you ride it, unless you have super long thumbs like a bonono then you'd be fine.


Many bikes don't come perfectly setup from the factory and need some adjustment. Even if the wheel had come perfectly true after riding it a few hundred miles it may need re-adjustment. These bikes are old stock hence the price and the cables may have stretched and need adjustment for the gears. There are plenty of guides online for adjusting gears. Most bike manuals clearly state the bike may need adjustment before riding for the first time and give information on how to do so. If you buy a bike from your local bike shop they will almost always do all these adjustments for you but then a 16 speed road bike from most local bike shops are £400 or more. I'm guessing this bike is from 2015 so could be over 3 years in storage. It's an old groupset. Some bike companies won't even honour their warranty unless the bike has been professionally setup by an authorised dealer even if you buy online for delivery to your own home. That wouldn't stop me complaining to sports direct of course but all the problems you have mentioned sound like a few tweaks could sort and probably not an issue with the components.

Boardman road bike helmet medium 54-58cm R&C - 10p @ halfords
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
noticed this when i was browsing unfortunately none left in sttock near me but someone may have some luck, happy hunting

Sorry there is no stock of this item in any other stores


You need to apologise to the tortoise because they're actually faster than the Halfords website.


how is this even gaining heat, there's no stock anywhere


Goose and chase with wild .... comes to my mind


No stock, cold!!

Muddyfox Race400 Road bike - Carbon Frame/Fork with full Shimano Tiagra 4600 £379.99 @ SportsDirect
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
I originally posted this some months back when it was £500 (… Read more
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Now the 59cm is down to £375 too




You are guessing with little evidence as to where this frame is made. A loose link to Dunlop having used in the past and then quoting some partnership with other firms. You are correct in that Fuji-ta have partnerships with a number of brands. However, outsourcing, that these firms are using are not exclusive contracts. Lets take the Cannondale example. Yes Fuji-ta have a partnership (lower tier stuff), Cannondale (Dorel Industries) also have 3 of their own factories as well as and R&D facility in that region. Yet, as with the name of outsourcing in looking the best deal whilst not having all your eggs in one basket you can see Cannondale also partnering with others e.g. topkey that do top end carbon frames and also quote Specialized on their page (not quite your "Merida except possibly entry level stuff"). This is of course is all business as usual. Highly debateable if Fuji-ta is the most successful - another measure of success rather than most revenues and highest number is profit, something Fuji-ta do not seem keen to announce or claim they are number one at. To put another way they are a stack them high sell them cheap and there is nothing wrong with that. The other firm doing that is Hero - that same firm that owns Avocet and that Parkers of Bolton albeit you also tried to state these were Fuji-ta products. As you put it "but I know Avocet bikes are wholly imported often fuji-ta frame based" here Albeit China's exports to Europe have grown during this time frame and investigations into Cambodia introduced more stringent rules for those to be considered adding no value closing one major factory in the process, and all new suppliers to have to prove value added to get the tax exemptions. The other part to note is Cambodia is also the point of long term investment from Taiwan (previous number one supplier to Europe). They have capacity for 20 million. They produced 12 million consistently for 5 years and bumped up to 20 million with the OFO (bike sharing) deal. Even prior to the bump for bike sharing the vast majority of their product is aimed at Asia and as you state see big sections in Africa and America prior to Europe. It is limited - they are more viewed for their skills in metallurgy in the budget arena than carbon.


Tiagra + carbon frame = good deal.All the bike snobs need is a tin of spray paint to cover the Muddy Fox decal.


Giant are the best in my opinion but don't do much oem work now for carbon frames they have been priced out of that market mainly. Specialized are jointly owned by Merida so those tend to have most of their frames made by Merida except possibly entry level stuff. Muddyfox carbon frames appear to be open mould designs from fuji-ta in mainland China the same factory that makes many carbon frames for other big brands including Cannondale, Raleigh, Scott, Bianchi and 100s of other brands (basically there are quite a few large importing companies that have taken over many famous bike brands and pretty much just import bikes from the far east with fuji-ta being the biggest most successful supplier nowadays). Sometimes they make the complete bike and sometimes they just make the certified frames which are then sent to countries like Cambodia, Bangladesh etc so they can be assembled into complete bikes and exported to Europe without getting additional anti-dumping duty. Anyway there are videos of the fuji-ta factory and its pretty advanced, they produce 20 million complete bikes a year plus a large frame business that provides frames to cheaper assembly plants across Asia plus assembly plants in Europe and the US. I think there is something like 140 million bikes a year made in the world and a huge chunk of that is low cost steel bikes for Africa, far east, south america. Fuji-ta have a significant chunk of world bike production with a very high percentage of aluminium frames. Unsure of their significance with regard carbon frames. This video was made when sports direct owned the dunlop brand used for bikes, sadly Muddyfox isn't worth mentioning but many Dunlop bikes migrated to the Muddyfox brand. Universal/Sports Direct only use fuji-ta for their mid level to high end bikes their low end steel bikes would be using the very cheapest factories same as Apollo at Halfords, Challenge bikes at Argos etc.

Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike - Dura Ace 2018 - £2,939.99 @ crc
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Was £3700 so a massive saving for a dura aceleci bike A Dura ace groupset on itself is excess of £ 1100 Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike - Dura Ace The lightest bike in the Vitus … Read more

I bought a Vitus bike before ..


How do you know?


Heat and eat


Yes I think so but really basic


no 56CM size? no deal!

Gore Wear Women's C5 Gore-Tex Active Road Bike Jacket - Black size 36 small only £35.65 @ Amazon
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Bargain for the small lady cyclist Only one in stock Wiggle cycle republic etc want £179.99 for this jacket
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Only one in stock at that price, it had been in my basket a few days, bought a few things this last week on amazon they have misnamed a few men’s items as women’s £12 c3 jersey etc ,


It said 1 left at £35.65 but it went up when you clicked on it. You couldn’t add it to the basket for that price. It went up.




Was only one in Stock didn’t think it’s last long

Holdsworth Elan Sram Apex 1 Flat Bar Disc Urban Road Bike £499.99 @ Planet X
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
I think this is a great deal, and the dropped bar version is £200 more . It's steel, which is a rarity now. single sram 11 speed gearing for simplicity and security. Hydraulic brak… Read more
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The drop bar Holdsworth Elan Sram Apex 1 Hydro Disc Road Bike is now £500 as well. Link.


The detailed description says hydraulic disk brakes, but obviously a mistake.


Brakes are basic tektro calipers all round, that's just the 11-42 cassette you're seeing on the rear. Eye of the beholder, I quite like it. It's insanely cheap too.


A strange one that, front brake caliper, rear disc? Also ugly colour scheme!


Sorry, my mistake. The £499 drop bar is the brevet:

Muc off team sky cleaning kit £12.99 @ wiggle / crc
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
A good deal cleaner is usually £5 Degreaser £7 mo94 £3-4 and lube £6-7 Nano Tech fast action bike cleaner 1litre Water Soluble Degreaser 500ml MO94 PTFE Spray formula 400ml C3 Dry… Read more
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Ordered, thanks


So that is what they use to cleanse the samples, must be very effective for this price.


Does it come in a Jiffy bag? Is it delivered to my house by accident? ;)


I think you'll require the deep web for them sort of packages ...

Michelin Protek Max City Tyre 700c x 28, 700c x 35 and 650c (26") x 1.4" £12.99 @ CRC
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Hi All, I stumbled across these tyres at excellent price. £12.99 price tag applies to below sizes: 700c x 28 700c x 35 650c (26") x 1.4" I have used 700c x 32 variant ( posted her… Read more
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It should be fine. Just make sure that the width of chosen tyre falls between 1.45 and 2 times the inner width of your wheel rim. Don't forget you will probably need a thinner inner tube to match the width of your new tyres.


I've got a Marin Muirwoods 2015 29er hybrid. Does anyone know if the option that is left will fit my bike? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


28's are still in stock :{


Cheers for the comment but I know all about the Marathons from running them for a few years, what I was actually aiming for was if anyone out there has tried these Michelin's or, even better, tried both and could give me a comparison. But the 28's have gone anyway :(


I have had my Marathons for 2.5 years! Cycling to the station and back every day (3 miles). Have just replaced with Marathons again as can't be doing with punctures. My old marathons were completely worn and I really don't know how I haven't had a puncture sooner. They looked like someone had attacked them with a stanley knife! Worth paying the extra in my opinion, but maybe Michelin have the same level of protection ... I just don't want to find out due to my commute.

Kona Zing AL Road Bike 2017 - Tiagra £614.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles inc free delivery
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Ultralight and Incredibly Responsive Road Racer. Bucking the older trend of rigid road bikes, this ultra low-weight aluminium butted frame and carbon fork combo makes for a swift a… Read more

I’d look for a Liv Avail SL2, they are fantastic bikes and I absolutely love mine. You might even be able to find a 2017 model for £600, 2018’s seem to have been reduced to about £700.


There's a few Ali/ carbon fork tiagra level deals for a similar price at this time of year. Your buying a brand, the frame will be made in a mass produced factory with a dozen other brands and then off the shelf components added. Personally I don't like my compact tiagra set up, seem to need the gears indexed every few months.Buing now I'd go for a 1x11 SRAM, planet X do a few gravel/ cyclo-cross with disc brakes for this price.


Looks a nice bike for the money. Unsure of benefits of 7046 aluminium. One of the big or maybe only 7046 frame manufacturers in Taiwan is a company called Mosso although I think they manufacture in mainland China. Perhaps one of their frames. Seems to be a good material. The complicated way bikes are manufactured now to avoid EU duties means you can get the frame manufactured in mainland China and they it gets light processing in Taiwan so they can put a 'Made in Taiwan' sticker on the frame and then the whole bike gets assembled in Cambodia by Taiwanese owned assembly plants but the only obvious origin sticker to the end customer is 'Made in Taiwan'. No EU duties at all from Cambodia but as soon as they start putting duty on them you can be sure the assembly plants will move elsewhere. Cambodia is the largest exporter of bicycles to Europe. Just find it funny how messy the whole bicycle process is; The Kona brand is Canadian/US, the manufacturing company is Taiwanese, the frame and most of the parts are manufactured in mainland China and the end bike likely assembled in Cambodia or somewhere similar to avoid EU duty. Not saying that process is 100% correct here but it is for many bikes. Looks a great value bike anyway. Love the Kona brand and would be happy to ride one of their road bikes. Actually own 4 Kona bikes; Hoss (x2), Stuff and a Lanai which I need to get around to sorting and selling. I buy bikes based on spec, price and performance rather than brand but do have a fondness for Kona.


This Merlin blue prosecco seems good value at £559 probably a kilo heavier with the included accessories and disc brakes.


D'oh! Sorry, I should have checked that! The black and white one looks good though.

Mekk Poggio 0.3 carbon Road bike, was 999 now £539.99 @ Good Bike Gear
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Seems a great bike for this price with an excellent frame worthy of upgrades plus solid Tiagra groupset.

If you find "guff" and "waffle" confrontational then I'm amazed you've survived on the internet this long. Look at your posts above. Masses of waffle (yes, waffle) going on and on about where it might or might not be made, what it may or may not be made from. Then rambling on to mention Giant and maybe their manufacturing costs have gone up.... I'm sure it's all based in fact but irrelevant, I'm not even sure what point you're trying to make.


Incredibly childish to be honest. 'Old guff', 'waffle' these are pathetic confrontational terms of someone who has already lost the argument. I voted hot immediately as soon as I saw this deal so not sure what the rest of your post is about. I only responded to the Mekk vs Muddyfox comment and certainly see this as a great deal if you can get it.


Childish maybe, but you do like copying and pasting across the same old guff regularly. Your response above may contain something of merit but in your enthusiasm to bash out waffle you've left out crucial paragraphs and frankly life is too short. Let's look at the salient points of this thread: 1. Mekk are a UK brand that has a public face 2. It's £600 with a decent parts list 3. It's a deal


A childish response again that doesn't add anything. My point as ever is a rebranded product is often an unknown product in quality terms. The approach that you relate quality to brands that marketing has persuaded you are better and use multiple third party factories is just not in anyway logical. There are brands that do fantastic quality bikes at high pricing sometimes made in their own factories in low volume and these products create a brand following and then people buy their lower end models which can be no better than shop brand models and sourced from the same factories. Luescher Technik has shown that many expensive carbon bikes suffer from voids and de-lamination in manufacturing. Even if you are interested in the cycle industry like myself it can be confusing to relate quality to certain brands unless the brand and manufacturer are the same which is why for me brands like Giant and Merida represent the best quality as they are the actual manufacturers as well as the brand on the frame and have advanced composite factories. For me I find it re-assuring that they have become too expensive for some importers who can no longer create a sufficient margin and so have gone to cheaper manufacturers. I would always recommend Giant carbon frame bikes not just because they are probably the best carbon frames in the world but one of the few that offer a lifetime warranty and have a reputation for great service plus also have some of the highest weight limits for riders. While it isn't as efficient as a factory to retailer direct logistics model as shop brands or direct sellers the fact the brand is actually selling their own manufactured product across all price points does cut down on costs to the end consumer.


Nice one @rmax1

Muc-Off Chamois Cream 250ml Luxury CC £8.90 @ Halfords / tredz (Cycling
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
a good price for chamois cream by mucoff, seems to be well rated.. i guess amazon and halfords ar eprice matching the out of stock chain reaction deal just remember dont double di… Read more
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Expired now


Heat - hopefully not near my parts as I fumble for the right tub in the dark on a Sunday morning. Good deal thanks


No worries I guess the software amazon and Halfords use hasn’t spotted that either (highfive)


Sorry my mistake, didn’t realise that


Out of stock at wiggle and chain reaction ,

SALE Evans Cycles Ex-Display Items - Loadzz or Bargains @ Evans Store / eBay
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Buy a decent branded bike great prices. Norco Fluid FS 1 650b 2018 Aluminium Frame Mountain Bi… Read more

It's very much hit and miss. Save yourself the trouble. Discounts aren't that good anyway.


None of the prices look that great to me. The Pinnacle brand does offer some good value bikes generally but discounts aren't that great. Considering you can sometimes get 40-50% off brand new boxed bikes for last year's models I think those offer better value than scratched up ex-display, ex-demonstration models.


be careful when buying their RTC items - i bought a roubaix with £500 discount with paint scratches - when arrived in store had multiple faults (scuffed shifters/top tube) that hadn’t been mentioned. then when two spokes snapped within a fortnight i had to get really narky to get a resolution and ultimately go straight to specialized - evans just kept on with sold as seen, already had a discount line. would never do it again - evans know naff all.


More available if you go to all sellers items and filter by bicycles.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 2018 Road Bike £1500 @ Hargreaves cycles
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
I realise this isn't for everyone as you can get a less well known brand for sub £1,000. That said some love the Cannondale frame geometry (me for one). So I'm posting as an owner … Read more

Hi just noticed this, I would look at the Giant series of bikes. The Roam is an excellent bike and with lockable forks makes a decent road bike also. It all depends on what you mainly want to do on the bike.


Yes I can give you more of a review, if you say please ;) Most people (including myself) post the ad blurb since they aren't attempting to run a sales pitch - it's just a good deal. Anyway it's a great bike, I can say that much. The hoods are bigger than say, the Ultegra equivalents, but I like how big they are because I find they are very comfortable to rest on. The frame finish is gorgeous although beware it's a metallic finish (ie somewhat sparkly in the sunshine). No issues there. As for the micro-suspension, I can't comment since this is my first road bike and my others bikes are MTBs (with suspension forks!). However, I have no regrets and I would buy it again.


As an owner, can you give more of a review of the bike? You posted some ad blurb that isn't too helpful. Are the hydro hoods comfortable - that's where my hands spend most of their time. I'm particularly interested in comfort (in road bike terms), and whether the micro-suspension makes an appreciable difference. It's hard to see how it can be really effective without removing the power efficiency and stiffness designed into the carbon overlay and geometry. Also, how is the finish on the frame? It seems that some brands are leaving a more basic finish to save weight, but I think good paint/varnish is important to protect carbon from delaminating and deep scratches.


This is only true for the person who is so non-practically-minded that they haven't the ability to check for all these faults before purchase. Anybody in this situation (and without an experienced friend they can drag along to view) should not be buying any expensive bike secondhand. For me, the main problem of buying secondhand is the danger of buying a stolen bike - bike paperwork is very rare, and bike thieves are increasingly knowledgeable about bikes nowadays, so it's getting very hard to detect them; but I object strongly to buying from them. I'll never be poor enough to buy from those cancers on society, and if justify it to yourself or you close your eyes to it while thinking of the money you're saving then you're just as bad as a thief, you just lack the guts to go out and steal yourself. I'm not a paragon of morality, just a bod fed up with bike theft, the situation is now out of control in most urban areas.


I should say that I used this for a price match for a brand new one from Cycle Surgery 😁

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    If you think a deal is hot, click through to the shop to snap up the deal before it’s expired.

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  5. Layout

    Find here other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

    When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

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  6. Main Menu

    Through our main menu you can navigate to certain categories or shops you are interested in.

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