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B'Twin Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike (small only) in grey for £294.98 delivered @ Decathlon
244° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
This is a nice little bike from Decathlon's B'Twin — the Riverside Hybrid is a unisex bike which would work for communter use or just going on a family ride. Unfortunately, the dem… Read more

Agreed, I gave up on trying and ended up just ordering a bike from Halfords.


Oos 😞


Excellent commuter. Upright position for visibility, bit of suspension for the off road bits, chunky tyres for the dug up tarmac, and Schrader valves so easy to slime and top up air from anybody with a car pump.


Decathlon website is a joke, everything is magically out of stock at 11 pm.


Says this has 28 inch wheels, is that too much for a 5ft 12 year old? For some reason I thought the recommended was 24 or 26 inch? Thanks for any advice. Not very clued up on bike sizing!

Cube Cross Race 2020 Cyclocross Road Bike 105 groupset, disc brakes, Schwalbe tyres £999 @ Tredz
606° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Also available from Leisure Lakes for same price. Tredz have 6.6% TCB Not sure if any codes knocking about Mostly has current R7000 series of 105 groupset. Crankset is older gen … Read more

My point is a huge number of so called German made products are simply re-packaged far east products. Many markets perceive German products as higher quality so that reputation is exploited commercially. When a bicycle frame has lower weight limits and a shorter warranty that would be indicative of a product that does not match the standards of a competitor's product with a longer warranty and higher weight limits. However Cube aren't alone in this situation typically many European and US brands simply import from the far east with or without local assembly, they constantly change factories to get the best prices and maintain their margin. The point is when you are basically dealing with an importer with inconsistent quality factor that into your buying decision. If you buy a Giant bike it will have high engineering standards and made in Giant's own factories. If you buy from an importer quality is unknown. As someone else pointed out some Cube frames have been appalling quality in the past, that could be a different factory to today or could be the same, how can we know. Quality is pretty much determined by the factory not the stickers on the frame.


That’s a pretty generic article about ‘made in Germany’, and has no specific relevance to Cube or indeed bike manufacture at all. Whereas, the examples I provide, specifically provide evidence of German assembly. Not reboxing, not trying to state ‘made in Germany’, but German assembly. Clearly some parts are made in Bangladesh and the Far East, but also quite specifically, the bikes are assembled in Bavaria. Not sure where you are going with this when the evidence is so clear and upfront. If you have problems with manufacturing of parts in low cost labour economies, fair enough, but you have no evidence to support your statements about ‘low quality’, ‘basic materials’, ‘poor quality control’ other than a personal view that this is how it is in relation to Cube bikes. We all have opinions and views on products, but please don’t try and pass this off as fact.


Not sure why I wrote Pakistan but I tend to write my comments very quickly. You have to understand a huge amount of German industry is what they call the last significant process where a product can come in and be simply re-boxed and get a made in Germany stamp. So as you can see from the article above. Cube can buy a complete bike manufactured in Bangladesh, rebox it and then sell it as made in Germany. The important thing is which factory is used to manufacture the bike, not which warehouse it is distributed from. That's not to say Cube don't properly assemble some bikes in Germany though.


Again - it’s Bangladesh not Pakistan. Splitting hairs you might think, and on the assembly of the bikes, the below states predominantly German assembly; The bike radar article below actually specifically states; ‘Every Cube bar some of the childrens bikes are assembled at the factory in Germany’


I guess my point is the frame will be nothing special in manufacturing quality. Pakistan is generally regarded as the lowest of the major exporters of bikes and bike frames at the current time. Doesn't necessarily mean the bike is bad overall but as long as you factor that into the price you are paying. No point paying top money for a bicycle tthat is made in a low end factory using more basic materials. The majority of Cube bikes are wholly manufactured in the far east and not assembled in Bavaria, even some high end models nowadays. As you can see from that news report that is years old. However with any brand that is basically an importer knowing which factory was used for which specific model is very difficult, it may change frequently or the same model maybe made at multiple factories. Very difficult to assess quality when the factory may change year by year. Same is true of many importers, I have a Carrera Subway made in Vietnam but nowadays they are made in Cambodia and years before they have been made in Taiwan by Merida and possibly mainland China factories. Halords seem to be using Insera Sena in Indonesia for many of their bikes at the moment, Carrera, Boardman and Voodoo. I just feel when you are dealing with an importer always looking to find the cheapest factory you should factor that into the price you are paying. Giant are an actual manufacturer, they make their own frames and many components themselves and their factories are state of the art for mass produced bicycles.

Felt FR40 Road Bike £769 at Wiggle
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Seems a good deal for a nice starter road bike or commuter. Driven on by a powerful and efficient Shimano Tiagra 10-Speed drivetrain, this versatile member of felt's FR roster is … Read more

I would probably recommend a hybrid bike with disc brakes to someone that is getting their first bike, as riding on drop bars can take some getting used to. But I would just go to a bike shop which has a good selection of bikes, try a few out within your price range and get the one you like the best. Don't get too hung up on component levels (105, Tiagra, Ultegra etc) as they are all pretty similar. The more expensive ones are just lighter and maybe have an extra gear, but as long as they are all setup properly, they all should work just as well as each other.




Because your weekly shop at Asda costs more than Aldi, thats whats wrong! :)


Yep - it was posted on here at 899. PX are profiteering.


I'm not recommending that you spend a grand on a bike, I'm just saying that cheap bikes have got even cheaper.

Carnac Notus 2 Road Bike Helmet - £16.99 Delivered @ Planet X
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Another Carnac helmet here. It's not one I've not spotted before, as I didn't realise they did a Notus 2 model, but there you go. In general the Carnac helmet range get great feedb… Read more

Guess the daily deal is over


Link brings up a bit fat Yorkshire Pudding


Sounds like 'crack nuts'... I thought these were to stop you from cracking your nut!

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WEST BIKING Bicycle hand pump with pressure gauge fits Schrader or Presta valves for £14.25 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Ledong Cycling
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
160 psi high pressure mini bike pump that has both Presta and Schrader valve adapter options, and also comes with a ball pump adapter. It has a pressure gauge built in too, so you … Read more

I've got a pump from Argos and the adaptor is the weak part......... I pump the tyre up hard and by the time I've unscrewed the adaptor it's as soft as sh*te


Just ordered with 20% discount code, thank you


I have had a few pumps both small and large and still not come across one that doesn’t go ppppfffffffff on disconnection and lose lots of helpful air (devil)


Yes that one is fine, you need HV (high volume) like the MTB pump I linked to.


Hi, I have womens hybrid bike, is this suitable ? If not, please can you recommend a bike pump for home use only. thanks

FORME Cromford 1 hybrid bike for £354 (with £5 annual discount card) delivered @ Go Outdoors
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Nice hybrid road bike here, with lots of gears, disc brakes, mudguards and a pannier rack for luggage. Only £349 plus an annual discount card for £5, which takes £50 off the in sto… Read more

Can a purchased bike like above still packaged be taken on to a regular bus a for transport home ?Thanks.


Here's an array


That looks perfect for me, sadly none available in my area and no stock for home delivery


I'm not a fan of front suspension because it makes fitting mudguards harder. Halfords have the hybrid equivalent of that one


Thank you. I’m a 6’3 male! Any comments on this one

CatEye Grey Velo 7 Wired Road Bike Computer - £17.72 (Prime) £22.21 (non prime) @ Amazon
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
I'm after a 'bike computer' , I only need to know the travel distance, so this would be enough for me, good brand and good reviews, so worth a shot for £17.72. Also CatEye Velo 5 … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I use one of these type (and Strava if going on a long ride) but phone can stay in back pocket. No point having a phone screen on all the time and at risk in a crash. And I use the phone for tunes. Besides, this thing can stay on the bike all the time so it's always ready as soon as you start riding. As long as you get the wheel circumference correct they should be as accurate too.


I would still use my wahoo though lol.


Why not just get the xoss g+ think it's £19 on wish . I use a wahoo but that's over 200. got one of these as a backup works pretty well. Some reviews on YouTube. Then you get the best of both worlds and cheap.


Unless you are happy to get a decent mount and phone case, such as quad lock for your phone (£40plus), seeing your distance and speed on the handlebars in real time is fine on a bike computer like this. I had an Aldi one for ages that did cadence and speed and performed well for 5 years. Now upgraded to a Garmin for the navigation and route finding as well. Phone for me is cumbersome and I prefer to keep it safe in a saddle bag/pocket.


Price update : £13.99

Cinelli Veltrix Potenza 11 Mens Disc Road Bike - 2020 £1499 @ Cycle republic
145° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
CF frame, potenza 11 groups set disc brakes
Get deal*Get deal*

Sadly this deal seems to have expired.


Unless you;re planning on cycling on rough tracks or off road there are a number of reasons to avoid a suspension fork: 1. It adds to the cost of the bike - so you could spend less or get better components somewhere else. 2. It adds to the weight of the bike. 3. It adds to the maintenance the bike will need 4. Many of them add to the effort required to cycle by absorbing energy that should be making you go forwards. If you're cycling on reasonably smooth roads, towpaths, etc. you don't need a suspension fork. If you really want one, make sure it has a lockout so you can lock it in place when you're on a road.


Why better with a rigid fork? Thank you for detailed information


Cycle to Work might restrict you to new rather than SH. Carrera bikes from Halfords/Cycle Republic are good starter bikes. Their Boardman range are worth the extra if your budget allows. If you've got a local bike shop that's open (most of them are) you're likely to get better service there than in the big chains like Halfords/Cycle Republic/Evans which can be very hot or miss. As others have said, you'd be better with a rigid front fork rather than suspension on a hybrid. If you want to ride on unsurfaced paths (towpaths, etc.) just make sure the tyres aren't too narrow and it'll be fine (mine are 35mm, occasionally I do cobbles or a rough bit of towpath and wonder if I should get 42mm). If you can get a Cycle to Work voucher the savings are quite significant so well worth doing. I reckon it saved me about 1/3 of the cost of my bike.

TheInredibleHope Anyone know if this is a good deal, frame a little on the small size

Carrera Virago Road Bike Bicycle Carbon fibre - £665 @ Halfords Ebay
526° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Very favourable review at BikeRadar ? Frame: New 2019 Carbon fibre frame Forks: Carbon forks keep the bike lig… Read more



Applying for the ride to work scheme. Looking for a hybrid around £700 anyone put me in the right direction? Last time I had a bike I had spots. Cheers

neil29 I was posting this but then realised it's not thru-axle.


What is?


Or if you can stretch £120 more this is available with 10% off. And it's Ultegra groupset.

2 x Road bike tyres and 4 x inner tubes - £14.97 delivered @ Planet X
368° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Cheap training tyres from decent brand, been using these for a couple of months with no issues. Tyres are reduced to £3.99 Tubes are £0.99 Postage is £6.99with dpd. Add 2 tyres and… Read more

Looks like it, glad I grabbed a few more for the kids bikes now (cheeky) 4 x vittorria grafite 26" tyres and 8 x tubes for £40 delivered, that keep em going for the summer.


Deal expired !


They easy to get on?


Ye I bought it aswel


Hope so as just bought some , but I'm not a biker

Merlin PR7 Sora Road Bike with starter kit - £523.99 delivered from Merlin Cycles
437° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Merlin PR7 Sora Road Bike with starter kit - £523.99 delivered from Merlin Cycles
£523.99 £19.99 Merlin Cycles Deals
Reduced from £821.00 Nice price on a well-regarded entry level road bike with components not usually found at this price point. All sizes available 6061 Alu frame Carbon blade fo… Read more
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Might go down that route. Have had a ride out and got used to the pedals and shoes, but agree it is a bit of a faf for a casual rider, especially if you fancy stopping off for a drink somewhere.


I would recommend normal pedals for a newbie. These aren’t great unless you’re used to road bikes and cycling.


Sorry, missed the question mark. Is it better?


Got this bike at weekend, as a novice I needed a bit of help from someone in the know to put it together and a you tube videos to work out how the gears work. Had a short ride yesterday seems a decent bit of kit. Web site shows deal no longer available.


What makes it better?

Felt FR5 Road Bike - £899.10 with code @ Chain Reaction Cycles
257° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Felt FR5 Road Bike - £899.10 with code @ Chain Reaction Cycles
£899.10£1,59944% Free P&P FreeChain Reaction Cycles Deals
Still currently available in 51cm, 54cm and 58cm sizes. Best price that I've seen one - has been £999 for a month or two. Same price as Planet X's Pro Carbon Evo with Sram Rival -… Read more

Sorry, voted cold by mistake and can't change it (annoyed)


@Urgatt were u able to get the 10% off of the £999? It doesnt seem to work for me


I am glad to see a bike deal on here, I would have thought to see more even given the time of year due to shops wanting to move some stock


My view on Planet X is that it's a bit like a jumble sale: there are some great bargains and some real tat. I've bought lots of bits from them. Clothes, lights, components and they've been a mixed bunch. Given that you can't ride or see one before you buy it, I'd hesitate to buy a bike from them. It's too much money to risk. I know a mechanic who says he has to rebuild more Planet X bikes than any other after delivery, but he also says you can got a lot of gear for your money. I'd never spend hundreds (and the rest potentially!) on a bike I can't be sure will be right for me. By contrast Felt have a very good, solid reputation for producing excellent bikes and this looks like a bit of a bargain!


Full disclosure - I've never ridden a Planet X. I know a few riders who have them as winter bikes and describe them as 'a bit noodly'. I actually quite like Planet X's offerings - I've bought loads of accessories from there. I just wouldn't buy a bike. The finishing kit - e.g. saddle, handlebars, etc is usually unbranded and they have this odd habit of fitting the same length cranks to all sizes of bike. Also, Planet X only seem to have their Pro Carbon Evo in medium frame at the minute, in either pink or blue. So I'd definitely opt for the Felt in that case.

Pinarello UD Road Bike - £1500 @ SwinnertonCycles
849° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Pinarello UD Road Bike - £1500 @ SwinnertonCycles
Carbon road bike with Campag. Get yourself some exercise on this while off work.

Yes ..but if you had a black one it's 50 /50 (y)


Would this be better than my B'Twin Triban 3 (red frame) :D


Unbelievable bike fir the money


It's nice to see an Italian bike with an Italian groupset for a change! Fed up of seeing shimano everywhere. Voted hot! Excellent price.


Mistaken cold should be heat! 🔥

Men's Cross Malvern 700c Hybrid Bike in grey for £139.99 click & collect @ eBay / Argos
645° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Men's Cross Malvern 700c Hybrid Bike in grey for £139.99 click & collect @ eBay / Argos
£139.99eBay Deals
A brand new bike for less than £150 seems like a pretty good deal to me. Use it to travel where allowed, get some fresh air and pick up necessary supplies when available. Click &am… Read more

I spent an extra 20 quid on the version with 21 gears instead of 18, trigger shift instead of revo, and front suspension for the days where we go off tarmac on green lanes or whatever (Cross CRX500 - sounds like a motorcycle). Seems like worth the extra money to me. C


Nothing wrong with steel frames and I would go as far to say I prefer them to the harsh ride of aluminum ones which require front suspension thus increasing the weight. This bike is heavy though but for casual use is good enough. If I were using it daily I would spend a lot more as the money you save by comuting by bike will pay for a far better and enjoyable experience.




Exactly and based on the cyclists I see during my commute they could probably do with losing the 2.5Kg not the bike.


So your comment was irrelevant, thanks for clearing that up. (highfive)

Anti-dust scratch-proof wheels/frame storage bag 29 inch bike for £14.62 delivered from Spain @ AliExpress Deals / West Biking Equipment Co.
247° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th MarShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Anti-dust scratch-proof wheels/frame storage bag 29 inch bike for £14.62 delivered from Spain @ AliExpress Deals / West Biking Equipment Co.
£14.62£26.6745%AliExpress Deals
This is possibly the greatest thing I've found on AliExpress. An artic fox, a bike cover, stretchy fabric. Done. There is only one left of this design, but several others have more… Read more

I have a velosock and it's pretty good... it does have to be sturdy to stretch so much,so I'm guessing that a chinese clone is going to be pretty bad.


Ideal for hosting your turbo bike in the wolves den.


Good to know.




Track riders often use wheel covers to keep their tyres fastidiously clean while transporting bikes. You really don't want any contamination on your tyres when riding on the boards! Probably also useful when loading filthy CX bikes into the back of the family camper after a race when you'd rather not have muddy tyre marks all over the furniture. (to be clear - I'd probably want two separate bags for these two use cases :) ) These seem a pretty good alternative to normal wheel covers, although I'd share other concerns about the quality not being up to the level of the "proper" version.

2019 Scott Foil 30 2019 Aero Road Bike - Red/Black £1,374 With DX 24 Hour Delivery using Code @ Rutland Cycling
239° Expired
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
2019 Scott Foil 30 2019 Aero Road Bike - Red/Black £1,374 With DX 24 Hour Delivery using Code @ Rutland Cycling
£1,374£1,499.858%Rutland Cycling Deals
Use Code - SAVE25 Another drop on this thanks to the above code. Over the last few months its been £1,489.99 on offer, then down to £1,399.99 and now £1,374. So if you've been hol… Read more

The giant propel with hydraulic discs is £100 more and would seem worth a look at with the wheel set it has as well. Suppose you have to like the green colour scheme on that one!


Possibly a small as its a more stretched out frame. Take a look here and compare to your defy, the main things to look at are stack and reach


I'd sell the fitted wheels/tyres and source a decent secondhand carbon wheelset and fit some low rolling resistance tyres (maybe Conti GP5000s) ..then you'll have a really impressive steed.


It depends on whether you are a bentley engine or trabant engine. Bikes should match their riders, if you are a super competitive cyclist who perhaps competes in races etc then it could make a lot of sense. The price is related to the construction, Carbon fibre frames while lighter are much more expensive to make as involves hours of labour compared to conventional metal frames. The components are also higher end either because of lighter materials or extra processing of materials to make them lighter, i.e. drilling holes in the cassette cogs etc. It's all extra time and money to make a lighter more aerodynamic bike but its marginal gains. If you drive a Bentley you'll be a lot faster than most cars but a 90kg unfit man on a £10k super bike is still going to be overtaken by a 85kg fitter man on a £200 Halfords road bike.


I have no knowledge of bikes whatsoever. Curious to know why this is so much? Would this be like a “Bentley” of bikes?

Triban RC500 Flat Bar Disc Road Bike - Sora £499.99 Decathlon
169° Expired
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Triban RC500 Flat Bar Disc Road Bike - Sora £499.99 Decathlon
10.7kg weight without pedals Dependable, versatile and comfortable, the Triban RC500 road bike, with flat handlebars and disc braking, is a hybrid bike that’s suitable for riding … Read more

The Carrera Subway is a rigid mountain bike that is sold as a hybrid bike. It's pretty much all mountain bike parts including 27.5" wheels its probably represents the most versatile bike you can buy as its pretty good in all areas. It's the opposite to the Triban in that it is incredibly strong so ideal for heavier riders looking to get back into cycling. You then have its stronger mountain bike frame being utilised mainly for its extra strength for heavier riders. You could say the Marasa was between the Triban and Subway both in weight and overall strength. The Marasa is not a full on mountain bike like the Subway. You can also fit suspension forks to the subway so you could quickly configure it as a hardtail if going fully off-road and then refit the rigid forks for commuting etc. However saying that rigid forks are still usable off road, the techniques are different when riding and you wouldn't go as fast over the more technical bits but still capable of using such trails.


Where does the carrera subway 1 fit in the debate?


I wouldn't call Sora mid range but its one groupset I guess over Altus as its Tourney>Claris>Sora for road bikes but Tourney>Altus for mountain bikes but Altus by its very nature is a mountain bike groupset so should be more durable and capable of dealing with mud better etc. So you could make the case that Altus is better than Sora for a hybrid bike that is going to be used off road plus the Voodoo Marasa has a triple chainset so has a wider range of gears so will be easier up hills etc. However as I said before the very fact they are using different types of groupsets shows they aren't aiming for the same market. The Triban is definitely much more of a road bike in construction with very light hybrid functionality and the Marasa is much more capable off-road and a stronger, heavier bike. The issue of the weight limit of the bike is a huge issue if you are over the limit or plan to load the bike up with additional weight, i.e. light touring etc. I totally accept that if you weigh 60kg its a non-issue though. However considering the average weight of a uk man is about 82kg which is close to the maximum rider weight of the bike I think its important to be mentioned. Decathlon have had a lot of frame recalls due to failures more than most companies. I don't think Halfords have had any frame or fork recalls unlike Decathlon despite having a huge slice of the UK market, as much as 40% of bike sales by volume. There were some Boardman bikes recalled but that was a poorly fitted brake caliper not failures of the frame. A typical Halfords bike has a 60% greater load capacity 100kg vs 160kg. So generally a Halfords bike is a much safer bike, frames and forks are stronger, wheels have a higher spoke count etc. Halfords bikes meet the suggested maximum weight limits of the EN standard like many other brands like Giant, Specialised, Trek etc. That's why I think its always important to mention the low weight limits of Decathlon bikes, it isn't clearly shown when you visit Decathlon or on their site but the limits are clearly stated in the documentation when you receive the bike. Many cyclists don't care how Decathlon have achieved lower bike weights but its important to cyclists above the average weight.


I agree that they're different bikes for different purposes so difficult to compare. But certainly in terms of the groupset - the Triban has the mid-range Sora whereas the Voodoo has the entry level Altus so the Triban is clearly better. I would argue the weight limit on the frame is a non-issue for most cyclists so doesn't really detract from the safety of the bike. I wasn't really trying to compare the two bikes, I was just giving my opinion that the Triban is not a "poor deal" as they other person claimed.


I'm unsure about what criteria you are using for claiming the Triban is better but the Voodoo seems to be a hybrid bike based on mainly mountain bike components where as the Triban is a hybrid bike based on mainly road bike components. The Voodoo is a much stronger bike capable of more abuse and better off-road where as the Triban is a lighter bike for lighter duty use. I wouldn't of thought it was clear cut which is better as that would depend on the rider and how he/she wants to use the bike. Safety would be something the Voodoo excels over the Triban, much stronger frame and forks, much stronger wheels, 60kg greater total load capacity, superior hydraulic brakes although personally for a hybrid bike I think mechanical disc brakes are fine and easier to maintain but you can't argue against the superior stopping power of hydraulic brakes.

EVOC Sports Road Bike Bag Pro £582.89 @ Amazon
-100° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
EVOC Sports Road Bike Bag Pro £582.89 @ Amazon
£582.99Amazon Deals
This is going to be a bit niche. I just got myself an aero bike with integrated handlebars and wanted to avoid having to remove them when travelling (I currently have an Evoc Pro… Read more
Trek Domane Plus SL6 Electric Road Bike 2019 Matt Black/Gloss Red £3499 @ Leisure Lakes Bikes
-72° Expired
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Trek Domane Plus SL6 Electric Road Bike 2019 Matt Black/Gloss Red £3499 @ Leisure Lakes Bikes
A lightweight 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame that fully encases a 500Wh battery, a powerful Bosch Performance Cruise motor that helps you sustain Cruises up to 25kph, a Bosch Purion … Read more

Looks great. I've had a trek ebike for 2 and half years and it's been a good experience. Do consider the price of the battery - mine packed up last month and I had to buy a new one. It wasn't heavily used either. I use it for going on day rides with fitter friends.


Was going to buy this but then thought, why not just buy a car instead……


Nice discount but a lot of proprietary parts with high repair and maintenance costs and if you are in any sort of minor accident where the CF frame or forks need to be scanned it will take a while to dismantle. I'm never quite sure who uses an e-road bike like this I assume you can't use it for competitions and seems a bit unfair on a club ride. It's not exactly practical for nipping down the shop to buy your groceries or parked up outside work for commuting. Seems to have limited uses and high costs. At the other end of the scale is Carrera's e-road bike which I'm sure doesn't compare but you'll still have £2500 in your pocket or more and ongoing costs will be a tiny fraction of money in comparison and is likely to outlast the Trek bike by many years because none of the parts are high cost proprietary parts that may not be available in the future. Both bikes will only assist you up to 15.5mph. Some may criticise the Carrera over the Trek but if you are fifty miles form home and either the motor fails (common on Bosch) or you've damaged your drivechain you are walking home but the Carrera has two independent ways of propelling the vehicle either the hub motor or the normal gears. If you lose your derailleur or chain you just have to spin the cranks for the motor to keep working. Definitely the Trek is the one to buy if you want to support your local independent bike shop assuming they do Trek servicing and repairs. Yes I'm a bit cynical about high cost bikes like these as sometimes it seems people don't think about the very high ongoing costs associated with such a bike or the huge depreciation.


Having been passed by electric bike riders in the past as I'm climbing hills I considered theses a bit of a cheat but a friend now uses one on our group rides after an injury and they can still get out and do the rides with us. Great piece of kit. Good discount, heat added.


Downtube and bb ruined on an otherwise beautiful bike

MEROCA intelligent auto start/stop & brake sensing rear bike light for £8.74 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Honever Store
241° Expired
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th JanShipping from ChinaShipping from China
MEROCA intelligent auto start/stop & brake sensing rear bike light for £8.74 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Honever Store
£8.25£8.746%AliExpress Deals
This is really cool, a bike light that senses when you are braking, getting brighter when you do so. It has several modes, works as both a normal light and a brake light, and comes… Read more



Insta is crazy for absolute horse s#@$ products. Everything looks so amazing then you look it up on amazon and exactly as you say, find it for 1/4 of the price and the reviews say its crap


Its not been easy, the tolerances for building the micro generators are so fine! Looks like a brilliant product, if only the licensing/suppliers would hurry up!


Looks like I’m in the wrong game. €100,000 out of nowhere.



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