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Epson EcoTank ET-2810 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Ink Tank Printer With Up To 3 Years Worth Of Ink Included £160.46 @ Amazon

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Epson EcoTank ET-2810 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Ink Tank Printer, With Up To 3 Years Worth Of Ink Included £160.46.

I have another model of Eco Tank printer and it is cheaper to run than a colour laser. I am still on first set of inks after 2 years and have printed thousands of pages.
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  1. angeljpussycat's avatar
    I have this - converted to a sub printer. Print quality great. No problems with wifi connection. Probably about a tenner less than I paid for it in December.
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    More detail pls. What, why, how. Thx
  2. chinewyork's avatar
    Mine doesn’t have auto double sided print 
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    AH just realised this doesnt have automatic duplex printing - that makes it a no go for my usage. Thanks for calling this out! Luckily havent placed an order yet!
  3. Markoffski63's avatar
    Once you buy an ecotank, you will never buy a cartridge printer again, ink lasts for ages, (even with heavy use), and is cheap to replace, tank printers are more expensive to initially buy, but far more economical to run.
    I've seen people say the wi-fi connection has issues, but I have never had a wi-fi issue connecting the 2 ecotanks I've had to my router, and never had any issues printing from either phone, tablet or PC.
  4. Callum118's avatar
    I have an ET-2711. Not overly keen on the paper feeder. Wish it had an internal one, but love the fact you can use cheap 3rd party inks making these types of printers cost effective. Be sure to keep the official ink bottles after you've finished them and simply pour 3rd party inks in and re-fill
  5. The_Best77's avatar

    It's £180 when you include VAT.

    Epson thought they were clever, they played themselves
  6. 5Rivers79's avatar
    Any good for photos?
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    Ok on matte paper but disables the black on glossy apparently so you lose the deepest blacks. If you really want a photo printer with low cost and high quality the Canon G550/G650 walks all over everything else in this segment because they have six inks.
  7. szatgab's avatar
    I hate printers. All of them.
    jimmy.kee's avatar
    Works when you don't need them, doesn't when you need them.. (edited)
  8. Quicklite's avatar
    If you want Ethernet - you'd needs ET-3850

    Grabbed the ET4850 a while back - insanely good value in the running cost, the more you print. Has been troublefree so far, found it useful optionally to do a weekly power clean / print head clean to keep it looking good. Had to turn on the "quiet mode" (to get reduce some of the higher frequency printing noises).

    It slightly lacks the crispiness for text of the traditional laser printers, and lacks some colour saturation of the laser for colour logos. but then again it only uses 20W when printing vs 400-600W on laser, and doesn't have that high OEM toner cost. (edited)
  9. bondy.lad's avatar
    I have ET-2711, great printer, occasionally a problem, you just phone Epson customer service, the most helpful people I have ever spoken with, prints 1000s of copies . For me anything else is false economy in comparison to Epson Ecotank .
  10. whats_the_deal's avatar
    Ecotank, far away in time, ecotank, far away in time.
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    Thanks Martha - have a muffin! (edited)
  11. BenBal's avatar
    Almost always spotty wifi connection whether it is wifi direct or main wlan. Otherwise good print quality the price is quite steal.
  12. Gunner4Life's avatar
    This doesn't come with additional ink set at this price like the title suggests does it ?

    This may be a good starter for sublimation as I still have my et 8550 unused as I'm still undecided on what ink type I want to contaminated it with yet ! I have been looking for a cheaper one for sublimation testing/play. As I can't decide which way to go 😬
  13. frieqs's avatar
    Interesting. I’m in the market for a new printer and had an Ecotank in mind. This looks like a good deal, but after a cursory look there’s a ludicrous variety of models all of which seem very similar. Seeing the comment about print quality above, anyone know if there’s a better option for up to £100 more?? Or a simple comparison of the different models (Epson’s comparison tool does not really help - they all look the same)

    Edit to add the reviews seem to suggest it doesn’t support Apple AirPrint. Presumably this would be useful to have? (edited)
    Deal0rN0Dea1's avatar
    Same situation here and agree that the amount of different models is confusing. There is no clear way to compare what different models and some models which do almost everything but lack a simple feature like wifi printing.

    If you search previous printer deals, there is some really good info in the comments.
  14. whoknew's avatar
    I bought this a few years ago and it's still going strong on the first set of inks. A few issues with clogged nozzles but that happens to all inkjets after not using them for a while. Would highly recommend.
  15. Itssocheap's avatar
    We've had an Epson EcoTank for nearly 4 years and have not used half the ink it came with. And we do a fair amount of printing. Cannot recommend these highly enough.
  16. avid.fan's avatar
    I need a printer upgrade too... currently got an old hp and getting a monthly fleecing from their instant ink scheme...

    I see the 2850 is also discounted to around £220... wonder if this is a good option as I think it has duplex too :/
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