Posted 19 January 2023

Kronenbourg 1664 Lager Beer (5% ABV) 15 X 440Ml £10 @ Tesco

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About this deal

Good deal and surprisingly not a Clubcard Price so everyone is included

Works out at 67p per 440ml can/£1.52 per litre/86p per pint!

At least £4.50/30p per can cheaper than any other supermarket!

Kronenbourg, unlike many competitors, still clinging on to 5% ABV so kudos to them for that.

Product Description
  • Premium Beer.
  • k1664.co.uk/nutrition/
  • Kronenbourg 1664 is a Premium Lager at 5.0%. It is brewed with the aromatic Strisselspalt hop from Alsace, which gives it a unique aroma and satisfying taste. All of which makes it the superior tasting premium lager.
  • Kronenbourg 1664 is a full bodied, golden, bittersweet lager with a distinct citrus hop flavour. A Taste Supreme.
  • For ultimate refreshment always drink chilled. Perfect drink for when you want to savour a special beer to enhance quality time with friends or family Given its taste profile, it is great alongside food or enjoyed on its own.
  • Kronenbourg 1664's pleasure is in its light lemon and herbal flavours from the Alsace hops, and clean bittersweet finish.
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Aroma:
  • Subtle citrus and leafy herbal hop.
  • Flavour:
  • Light clean grapefruit and hint of candy fruit.
  • Mouthfeel:
  • Zesty, light and bittersweet.
  • Finish:
  • Very short and refreshing.
  • Food Match:
  • Halibut in beer batter and frites.
  • Kronenbourg 1664's pleasure is in its light lemon and herbal flavours from the Alsace hops, and clean bittersweet finish.
  • We've cut our emissions when making our beers and ciders by 68% since 2008

  • With 350 years of brewing experience, Kronenbourg was founded by master brewer Jerome Hatt in 1664.
  • Kronenbourg 1664 is brewed using the Strisselspalt hop, known as the ‘caviar' of hops. It is the rarest and most delicate of the noble hops.
  • The white oval centre and red ribbons in the Kronenbourg 1664 logo are inspired by the French “cocarde tricolore”, the symbol of the French Republic used during the Revolution in the late 18th Century.

  • Brewed under agreement from Brasseries Kronenbourg SAS Strasbourg

  • Pack size: 6600ML
Tesco More details at Tesco
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.

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    Waits for Amazon price match...
    I ordered from Amazon at this price on Tuesday - a good buy for those that live in Wales or Scotland to get around the minimum pricing rule. You may have missed the boat though as now showing out of stock for me.
  2. Avatar
    Spoke to a staff member (Tower park,Poole) yesterday & she checked her computer& said this price is permanently…… result I must say/think..
    Added some warmth
    Cheers mate

    Yep, it's what they call an Every Day price so not a time limited offer like club card offers. Been this price a while as I originally posted it approx 6 months ago now.

    It's a cracking price TBH so no harm in reposting so ppl who missed it first time around get a heads up (edited)
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    been this price for ages op , heat added , the carling and fosters is now £13.50 " aldi price match "
    tesco are upping the price , and using aldi ! as a scapegoat ,
    the whole clubcard experience is a rotten joke , at christmas sprouts were 99p or 19p if you have a clubcard ?
    I know, I posted it originally when it had just been reduced to this price It's an Everyday price as opposed to a clubcard price so not a short term offer.

    Reposted as it's been a few months so some new members may have missed it and it's such a good offer. (edited)
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    Been this price for ages, price match with aldi I believe.
    No Aldi price match on this one, it's a Tesco Every Day Price and has been since it first appeared on shelves.

    Ps Aldi may have price matched Tesco for a short while. (edited)
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    Hooray ... Sainsburys had it at this price up until about Christmas, was disappointed when they stopped it. Better than Excelsior/Galahad at Lidl/Aldi which are about the same price per litre
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    I keep loading up as this won’t be on for much longer

    I'm hoping this is included in this.
  7. Avatar
    The term 'lager beer' involuntarily makes me think of that Mitchell and Webb sketch about an alcoholic.
  8. Avatar
    Dry January is now ruined. Thanks Bellboys!
    I can only apologise profusely . Look on the bright side, you've lasted almost 3 weeks! As Meatloaf should have sung, 3 out of 4 ain't bad
  9. Avatar
    How would they fit 15 cans in a box? Is it 14 plus one loose can? 🥴
    Got to admit, your post piqued my interest so here goes (I suppose it makes perfect sense when you see it)

  10. Avatar
    Decent price, shame I can't stand the stuff one I avoid buying.
  11. Avatar
    I echo all who have said this has always been a tenner for an age, so no big deal.
  12. Avatar
    I love beer, but this taste like throw out imo
    I don't think having glucose syrup as an ingredient helps much.

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