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Asda Mega Drop Event 29/2 - Stella 18 X 440ml £11, Cheerios 540g £1.75, Warburton Thins 8 Pack 67p

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Nice offers starting from today till Sunday instore.

Stella 18 x 440ml - £11

Cheerios 540g - £1.75

Warburtons Crumpet Thins - 0.67p

Grey Moda Touch Bin 42L - £8.00

Asda More details at

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  1. shirley999's avatar
    £1 back from shopmium on these cheerios too.
  2. ャャ.グ's avatar
    Price good..beer not so
  3. FoolsGold's avatar
    Perfect, great deals thx
  4. Chapers_23's avatar
    Great price for stella 🔥
  5. mozza85's avatar
    Winner on the Stella, time to stock up.
  6. procatninja's avatar
    Finally a beer deal worth buying. Comes out £1.39/L. Wondering if these are loss leaders products or just old clearance. Probably the cheapest we are going to get for a while
  7. nigelbutler's avatar
    Great price for Stella at about 61p a can - I actually quite like the new Stella at 4.5 percent still has the Stella taste but without the crazy hangover - prefer this much more to Kronenberg nowadays.

    I do like my fancy IPA cans as well but everyone is different!
  8. Derek_Duval's avatar
    Full pallet of stella in Leicester Fosse park, just picked a few up, thanks op. (edited)
  9. MiSsYB's avatar
    Asda the shop that will lower prices and increase the price on other items so it doesnt lose out on lowered products. Do not like this shop so greedy (edited)
  10. stec77's avatar
    How are the Warburtons thin crumpets? Better than the standard size? I thought the best part is the bit in the middle!
    teddyedward1's avatar
    Ditto. I prefer standard ones & the big ones but the better half likes the thin ones.
  11. JPS's avatar
    I bought some Cheerios using the shopmium £1 cashback and forgot how nice they are. Slightly addicted atm....will be buying many boxes from Asda, cheers OP
  12. Roygroyg's avatar
    Unfortunately Stella still £18 in Scotland and guessing wales due to minimum pricing.

    Good deal for other items.
  13. Fatty_Bum_Bum's avatar
    Strangely now showing two different prices (£2.50 and £1.75) for the Cheerios52295868-GKGGm.jpg
    reece.burton's avatar
    There's a problem with the price, will revert back to £1.75 tomorrow I would have thought 🏻
  14. davidcllns's avatar
    Stella is £17 online
  15. TeeKay10's avatar
    Sorry to sound thick - when it says max 3 per customer, is that per item, or in total? Don't want to get 3 boxes of Stella and 3 lots of Cheerios, only to be embarrassed at the till! TIA
    immy_ashraf's avatar
    I say would be 3 per item
  16. Doods1875's avatar
    Thanks OP - that's breakfast sorted for the weekend.
    JPS's avatar
    Couple of Stella's?
  17. Stephen_Clements's avatar
    Can anyone confirm if this is in Wales too?
  18. Brown_Rolf's avatar
    Uri Geller for 61p a can - amazing price. Genuinely feel sorry for the people of Wales and Scotland who can't take advantage of this.
  19. Superflyguy_uk's avatar
    Grabbed last 2 boxes of Stella from my local, loaded up, then the missus went and asked if they had more in stock, it was confirmed..so grabbed another 3 😁 winner 🏆 (edited)
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