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Lattafa Khamrah EDP 100ML £35.00 + free delivery @ Notino

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Shared by Mikoto_Shiratori
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It's finally available again.
There's not much to say here other than it is the best perfume deal right now. Just buy it.

This is not an Angel's Share clone but could be consider a flanker. It's smells so good and just as good probably better for people who find Angel's Share is too boozy or mature.
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    Is this like Armani stronger with you ?
    No it’s like By Killian Angel Share (edited)
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    I have so many bottles and keep promising to stop but IV heard such good things about this
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    Been banned buying more but good deal
    I too have been banned and missus got me some 'proper' aftershave for Xmas. Some JPG that does not last too long. I'm sitting here typing this covered in Frank Olivier Oud Touch. The missus hates it 😁
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    Well that's my New Year's resolution gone & it only took 6 days Thanks @Mikoto_Shiratori
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    Been waiting for some time. Thanks for the heads up managed to get one.
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    Total was £33.70. Not that im complaining!
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    This sounds like it has some hype, will have to read up on it. (Always like sampling more obscure scents).

    The Fragrantican saying "Beware! Weaponised vanilla" made me laugh! (edited)
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    I had a bottle of this and sold it. It’s a long way from Angels Share and has a skanky note that I found awful. 
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    Been waiting for months. Thank you.
    Same thanks OP!
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    About time this comes back in stock
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    Thanks OP, been eyeing this up for a while now ... great price for a perfume that's inspired by Killian's Angel Share!
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    Heat added..thanks OP.
    (On another note does anyone know a good source to get Kismet Angel?)
    EBay have it
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    Ordered after I said 5 bottles of fragrances ago that I will not buy any more hard to resist this one with what I’ve seen
    Thanks op
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    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals post
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    Is this for females only ?
    It's unisex, but leans slightly masculine.
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    I watched this the other day. Made me laugh, he's certainly passionate.
    BTW - Thanks OP, have been wanting to try this.
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    £33.70 today

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    Any discount code that works with this ?
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    oil or water based?
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    Just received mine. Very nice vanilla, almond-y, boozy smell. Will see how it smells on me and how long it lasts. Only complaint is the bottle itself smells weird, maybe due to packaging or something but need to clean it.
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    Is this smell similar to any other, this one's a touch pricey for me
    What it's compared to is Killian - Angels Share which is over £150 for 50ml.

    £50 or lower for clones/flankers are bargains. What fragrances do you normally wear? (edited)