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Dominos large pizza, side and drink £6.99 for collection @ Dominos Leyland, Lancashire
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th AprLocalLocal
Large Pizza, side and a drink for £6.99 on the app. The deal is for a small pizza meal but actual orders through as a large! See screenshot below

I know a few locals who did it after me Did you end up getting one?? Bit late, but yes it was Glad I could help! haha Glad you got yours too :) I didn't realise it was in the daily email. Sorry about that


Yeah I think it has :(


Looks like it's expired. Now shows as a small when selected.


Yep.... Not far from the Sainsbury's. About a 15 minutes trip for me but hey worth it!


Same store as in title?

Any size pizza £6.99 collection via app - Selected accounts and locations @ Dominos
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Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Today only! May be location specific.. Vegan options available! Terms: Any size pizza for £6.99 when you order for collection through the Domino's app. Ends 14/03/2022 subject to local s…

For me £1 delivery but £13 minimum spend but sides at Domino's are £5 each or more Tub of Ice Cream £6, a 1.25l diet coke £2.49, Coleslaw £1.99, a Big BBQ DIP £1.69 Crazy Overpriced £20 for a large pizza is crazy but from what I've seen they're always on offer where you can get 2 for £20 or 3 for £30


£1.99 for delivery and minimum spend also


Genuine question - does anyone pay full price for a pizza - ever? Just asking - seems these people (and to be fair, every other pizza franchise) *never* seem to charge full price, TBH I'd rather just just know what the *actual* price was was on a regular basis! Even more complicated than buying a train ticket, and that'ssaying something!


Screw Dominos, I won't order from them again until they bring back half/half pizza. Pandemic is over. Stop making lame excuses. Papa Johns still offer this oprion and I'm happy to provide them with my service.


Got large pizza for £5.99 last Wednesday in my local (derry) Domino's but not seeing this deal

Large Dominos Pizza Only £5 @ Dominos
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Large dominos pizza £5 when ordering online. Participating stores only.

It worked for me .it's possibly one per store as when my wife tried it wouldn't work but we still got one pizza for a fiver


It worked for me!




I knew that....


I realised that the code that I put on here are was a one use code given to me (lol)

Dominos - Two For Tuesday deal on pizzas PLUS two for one on sumptuous sides TOO
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Dominos - Two For Tuesday deal on pizzas PLUS two for one on sumptuous sides TOO
I'm not the biggest fan of takeaway pizza's but this could be useful for some. Deals - - Two for 22.2.22s DayBuy One Get One Free (Large/Medium Pizzas Only). - Two for 22.2.22s Day - Sum…
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Man dominos have been teasing this offer for ages. Now it's here and its absolute 🐶 (poo)


Sometimes when i'm super drunk and up real late I'll just order sides from Dominos as it delivers til 5 am where i'm at. And yep, there nachos are terrible, even when completely hammered and off your trolley!


Still don't deliver to my house, despite being only 5 miles away lol.


I'm confused as to how this is a good deal when we typically see there is 50% off all Pizza when you spend £30 or some Buy 1 get other free every day which is lower than 22 for today's offer? I thought maybe the sides would be included, but thats a seperate deal within it self. Shame.


Sumptuous sides are only 2x for £2.50 if you get their rank coleslaw. Large pizzas are £19.99 though so it’s not bad

Free Pizza @ Dominos Pizza recruitment day in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales
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Posted 29th Aug 2021Posted 29th Aug 2021LocalLocal
Free Pizza @ Dominos Pizza recruitment day in Pembrokeshire, South West WalesFREE£0.01
I might get burnt for this one and not in a hot deal kind of way (lol) If you fancy free dominos pizza and you're in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales on 3rd September, then this one is for …
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It’s treating people better too though. Not just the wages. So many jobs treat you like crap and there’s too many options to deal with that.


Thin or stuffed crust?


Raising wages fixes nothing, it leads to inflation. Everything will have a ceiling and unskilled work will always be the lowest. However the main problem we face is too many people fighting for too fewer jobs, why would they pay you more when they can replace you? Also why would they hire you at all when an immigrant will work for the lowest they're legally allowed to pay? We used to get temps in all the time who would work for min wage, they'd stay 4 months and then go back home and live for the rest of the year on that money, then they'd be back the next year. You need a shortage of workers to bring up wages, but they will only ever go up to the cap of what the work is worth. Ultimately if you want a better wage, you better get a skill....


worked with dominos an eternity ago and still know a few that work there and by far it wasn't the worst . dependent on store / franchise owner / manager obviously but some promote wage rises per station learned , if your willing to learn you can get a gig as a shift runner which looks decent on a cv and gives you a decent insight how this and other industries work ( introduced to commissary / counts / dealing with drivers and all that faff ) . But would stress that it could be heavily dependent on franchiser / hierarchy I suppose .


They should put up people wages rather than paid PR company to come up with clever idea to lure in people. What point of recruitment when retain of staff on poor wage are weak and everyone leaving after week. Simple solution paid them more so you won’t have problem.

Dominos - Any size pizza £5.99 collected (Hartlepool)
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Posted 23rd Jul 2021Posted 23rd Jul 2021LocalLocal
Dominos - Any size pizza £5.99 collected (Hartlepool)£5.99£18.9968% off
Just noticed this offer online. From the comments below it's clearly not available everywhere. Very poor of them to be celebrating their birthday in some areas but not others.

Still not worth it. These pizzas are just coated in cheese grease always.


Birthday week possibly referring to the particular branch rather than the chain.


Not even in Sunderland, despite what it says at the top.


It's not national unfortunately


Well that's a bit naff of them. I wouldn't get them a present if I was you.

7 x Chicken Wings for £2 @ Dominos (Select Stores / min spend for delivery applies)
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Posted 23rd Jul 2021Posted 23rd Jul 2021LocalLocal
7 x Chicken Wings for £2 @ Dominos (Select Stores / min spend for delivery applies)£2£5.9967% off
EPIC discounts each week at your local Domino's! This week's PRODUCT OF THE WEEK... chicken wings JUST £2! Whether you like yours lightly spiced, smothered in BBQ sauce or you are all ab…
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My OCD....aaarrrggghhh. an odd number. This means somewhere in the world, there is a chicken with only one wing. Or was it a 3 winged chicken that met its end? answers on a post card please to... One winged chicken competition The One Show BBC London


Likewise. No discount on the app or website for me.


There's apparently a global shortage so prices may rise! So get them whilst their hot (they don't taste the same cold) Article on shortage here:


I just checked on my app and for me it still shows £5.99 on the app..


Yes you can buy instore for £2... We've just bought 21 wings for £6 and collected. Nothing else

Collect one pizza and get another free (Any size) @ Dominos
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Posted 17th Jul 2021Posted 17th Jul 2021
Collect one pizza and get another free (Any size) @ Dominos
Collect one any size pizza and get another free

Domino's seem fairly tight on the deals these days...


Cold! This is standard and you can often get BOGOF delivered.


This deal is gonna need a fair amount of jalapeños to warm it up (lol)


The strapline for this (and virtually every other pizza chain) should be "WHERE NOBODY PAYS FULL PRICE EVER*" *unless drunk


Only for last 60 years (lol)

Any Size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 via App (Min Spend Applies / Select Locations) @ Dominos
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Posted 17th May 2021Posted 17th May 2021
**ANY SIZE PIZZA £5.99** Only on the Domino’s app. *TODAY ONLY*
Get deal*Get deal*

Dominos stores in Glasgow do this deal fairly often. If you follow the dominos Glasgow fb page they post when it’s on.


Oh balls (mad)


Great deal if it's available to you,as it is to me in Glasgow,Baillieston. (highfive) . Not such a great deal if it's not available to you though,granted. :( . Some of the snippy comments uncalled for,really. (poo) . Oh by the way thanks OP. (y).


perfect, just delivered, thanks


£8.99 any size where I live. Rubbish deal. Also this “any size pizza” marketing is stupid. We all know it’s a large pizza. It is not like a someone would do this deal and only get a small (lol)

Any size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 via App (Min Spend applies / Select Locations) @ Dominos
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Posted 10th May 2021Posted 10th May 2021
Any size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 when you order for collection or delivery using the Domino’s app - worked at my local store in Bristol. Today only (Monday 10th May).

I had this yesterday <3 <3 <3 BBQ base


Worked in Perth. Thank you for making me spend money on a second dinner for my family! Voted hot, but regretting my decisions!


Worked for me in cornwall


Not Belfast


That is what I usually do with my son in bethnal green. Nice Saturday treat for us

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