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Posted 10 July 2023

Meta Quest 2 - Advanced All-In-One VR Headset - 128 GB - £269.10 for Prime Students @ Amazon

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UPDATE - This is getting too tempting now, Free £50 Amazon Credit included with this now for prime days.

10% off on Meta Quest 2 headset for prime student accounts. This might help many of us “Students” here.


About this item
  • Keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high-speed action unfolds around you, with a super-fast processor and high-resolution display
  • Experience total immersion with 3D positional audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback, working together to make virtual worlds feel real
  • Explore an expanding universe of over 250 titles across gaming, fitness, social/multiplayer and entertainment, including exclusive blockbuster releases and totally unique VR experiences
  • Travel universes in blockbuster fantasies, scare yourself witless in horror adventures or collaborate with colleagues in innovative workspaces
  • Come together in incredible social spaces and multiplayer arenas as you take in live events with friends and family, find your new workout crew or join quests with fellow adventurers
  • Be truly free to roam in VR with a wireless headset, intuitive controls, a built-in battery, easy setup and no PC or console needed
  • Play without worries as an easy-to-use Guardian boundary lets you set your designated play space and alerts you if you move outside it
  • Meta Quest is for ages 13+ (Certain apps, games and experiences may be higher)
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  1. Wenglish's avatar
    PRIME DAY OFFER - £50 AMAZON VOUCHER sent to you after dispatch and works with the student promotion
    UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Id Have defo gone for it now if I was a student account holder
  2. ns6437's avatar
    psvr 1 vs this? anyone with experience with both?

    my neighbour is selling psvr1 for £70 with move controllers and camera so seems like a bargain but can't decide vs this
    fishmaster's avatar
    The Quest 2 for me is best used in conjunction with a PC, I then have access to all PC VR games via Sidequest. I also have Virtual Desktop which allows me to view my PC screen on a a multitude of various sized screens. So I can display it as if I was sitting in a Cinema on a 40 foot screen, which has to be seen to be believed. This means anything that displays on my PC I can put on a screen that would be impossible to have in my house. This means I can also play any "non VR" game on a massive screen. Also I can watch anything at the Cinema. So lets say I like The Mandalorian you can't see that at the Cinema well you can with the Quest 2. I think it is absolutely brilliant.

    However for me it's not a device I will use everyday. Sometimes I go months without using it, especially if there's nothing good to watch. I can watch Disney+ on my PC and watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 for example, I never got a chance to watch it at the Cinema, plus I don't really like Cinemas and people etc so it's better for me to watch at home. I would say the experience is 95% of that of being in a real Cinema, the perspective is exactly the same.

    What can be improved in future VR is the screen quality and the Field Of View (FOV) - Peripheral vision isn't the same or natural as it is with your normal vision, this will improve and already is with Pimax and Apple Vision.

    So the next VR system I will buy is one that hugely improves screen quality and has a far more natural field of view, having said that, what VR offers in terms of what I have described above is already impressive.
  3. yespleasesir's avatar
    Im so tempted to buy one. Can’t find anywhere that lets you try it out in store though. Are they as worth it? I’ve heard watching streaming shows from Netflix etc is pretty good too? Anyone wants to offer advice I’ll be thankful !
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    I recently got the 256gb in mint condition off someone on shpok for £135 and im really enjoying it, be prepared for blurred edges due to frenzel lenses only the centre is clear and as you turn your head what was blurry becomes clear.
    I watched some netflix on it the other night but to be honest with the standard included head strap its heavy on the face and uncomfortable, you wouldn't want to choose that over the tv for an hour.
    Ive got the kiwi design head strap on order that apparently makes it much more comfortable, although the experience on netflix is great ots like watching on a huge screen sitting on a fake sofa (edited)
  4. kevor's avatar
    Bought this (64GB version) for £190 from CeX recently.

    Been loving it paired with a PC. Playing Half-Life: Alyx which is a masterpiece.

    Also had some fun with Pistol Whip and Beat Sabre.

    Really impressed with how affordable these are getting now considering the impressive tech.

    My wife, who is not a gamer at all, really loved playing Kayak VR and just admiring the pretty things. (edited)
  5. brooky's avatar
    Any thoughts on whether there'll be a prime day special for this? Haven't got prime Students so have been holding out for prime day 
  6. chromeo12's avatar
    Think you may have mis-typed the price - comes out as £269.10
    nihir's avatar
    Sorry just changed it. I got £10 off promo offer so it was showing £259.10 to me.
  7. Sam_Crow's avatar
    Great if you're new to VR. Having had a Quest since it was launched, I'm asking "Where's the games?"
    cookied's avatar
    Tried many games but other than pcvr I & my brother & a mate keep going back to Population One... Brilliant game especially if you have friends with a quest.
  8. Golbs_'s avatar
    you utter legend
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