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Posted 15 May 2023

Park Tool CM-5.3 - Cyclone Chain Scrubber - £16.99 @ Amazon

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  • Works with all multi-speed bikes (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-speed)
  • Sturdy handle makes the Cyclone easy to use and control
  • Special wicking sponge draws solvent from the chain as it exits, minimizing drips and mess
  • Brand: Park Tool
  • Model number: CM-5.3
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  1. darrensk's avatar
    Bought a load of powerlinks to remove and clean chain but they aren’t reusable and sometimes you just want a decent clean without hassle and these are the best. Heat!
    bilz's avatar
    As long as the power link snaps into place, reuse the power link. Some manufacturers claim to be single use. They are not...
  2. brooky's avatar
    Thanks op. Any experts out there - I usually spray on some muc off chain degreaser and then brush it off after a few minutes. It's expensive stuff to be pouring into this chain cleaner - I've seen some comments online that Bilt Hamber surfex hd would be a good replacement - anyone know if this is safe stuff for the bike? Cheers 
    LeeBell's avatar
    This is the cheapest way, will last ages:


    This chain bath is also very good.
  3. simplelearning's avatar
    Good deal, purchased.

    I've been riding for many years but have never really been one for maintaining my bike  
    but think it's time I did. Any good YouTube links for someone to use for servicing a bike, from deep cleaning to getting it ready to ride? I've got four bikes in the house (mine and three kids). 
    brooky's avatar
    I've watched a lot of YouTube videos of how to clean a bike (sad I know) - can't help with servicing but for cleaning I follow this:
    Hose the whole bike down
    put on disc break covers and clean drive chain (with either brush or a device like the one in this deal)
    Remove disc break covers and spray the whole bike with muc off general pink cleaner
    leave for 5 mins
    hose it all down again
    dry the whole bike, especially the chain
    disc brake covers again! Spray chain with wd40 to ensure its fully dry
    spray rest of bike with protector spray
    remove disc brake covers
    re-lube chain

    Probably a bit over the top but have just invested in a decent road bike.

    can't help with servicing I'm afraid but if you wash it like this then it'll only need standard services 
  4. chinesoul's avatar
    More expensive than a new chain, I'm sure you can clean the oily dirty chain with some tissue or brush.
    UriStamonov's avatar
    Unless you have a very budget bike this isn't cheaper than a new chain!
  5. FluffyMatt's avatar
    Bought a few months back for £35 and it's a great bit of kit... for £17 this is a must!
  6. zaax's avatar
    Must have been posted by the amazon site owner as these are £8 on ebay.

    Hint: use brake cleaner much quicker and cleaner as well (edited)
    Jim1_Smith's avatar
    I think we'd all appreciate a link to a Park Tool CM-5.3 on ebay that's £8....
  7. Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    Purchased. Thanks OP. My cheap Aldi one is a bit knackered and this looks like a great price for a premium version.
  8. GeeBeeMTB's avatar
    Thanks op. Lost the clips off mine years ago and wanted to get another park one as they are loads better than the el cheapo versions. Must learn to look after my tools
  9. Enamo's avatar
    Bought. Thanks OP! Had this in my wishlist for a while waiting for a discount.
  10. Andy's avatar
    Good find and first deal, @Jump - thanks for sharing
  11. Finnboy's avatar
    I've had this for a few years and it's pretty durable and works well. It was a lot cheaper back then but what you going to do?😁
  12. Arkz's avatar
    Damn, paid about £6 for this years ago.
  13. hanbidder's avatar
    In the long run, waxed chain using Connex links is best.
  14. user456789's avatar
    Anyone find these plastic bodied chain scrubbers disintegrate and fall apart after some time? Or am I doing it wrong?
  15. Logybear's avatar
    Does anyone know how this compares to halfords version? I bought it a few weeks ago but not used yet

  16. FuriousD's avatar
    I used to use this, does get messy after a period of time which is to be expected. Have some heat though. I started using this which has managed to get it cleaner. Muc Off Drivetrain cleaner

    amazon.co.uk/Muc…8-5 (edited)
  17. maxtesti's avatar
    Bought it years ago when I knew nothing... used it twice. 
  18. Abs1875's avatar
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