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Posted 26 October 2022

Smartphone Battery Replacement From £24.90 / Screen Replacement From £61.59 (For Huawei Smartphones/Laptops/Tablets/Wearable) @ Huawei

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

A great low-price service is back again from Huawei.

Not sure if the 20% off is already added to those prices so if anyone can check that I will update the prices.

1. Simply pop your serial number in the box

2. Make an appointment or use our postal repair service. Don't worry - We cover the shipping costs

3. Pop into one of our service centres or send in the device to us - whichever is more convenient for you.

4. We will post the device back to you, or you can pick it up from the service centre you used, when the replacement is complete.

Terms and Conditions HUAWEI Care - Official Battery Replacement Service
By purchasing the HUAWEI Care - Official Battery Replacement Service (“Service”), you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions which constitute the contract between you and Huawei Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd. of 300 South Oak Way, Green Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 6AD (“HUAWEI”, “we” or “us”) in relation to the Service.

Please note the Service is separate and in addition to the legal rights of consumers under the laws governing the sale of consumer goods, and, therefore, does not affect, change or replace such rights.

1. Service Name:
HUAWEI Care - Official Battery Replacement Service.

2. Service Description:
The Service provides a battery replacement for devices in circumstances where such replacement is chargeable and not covered by HUAWEI’s Limited Warranty (see: consumer.huawei.com/uk/…cy/ ). The battery replacement is carried out by HUAWEI’s Authorised Service Centres in the UK.

Participating Devices:
The Service is only available for participating HUAWEI devices purchased in the UK and is subject to spare parts availability. To see if the Service is available for your device please visit: consumer.huawei.com/uk/…ce/ .
Validity Period: You must book the Service with a HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre in the UK within 30 days of its purchase by contacting the HUAWEI Customer Service hotline on 0800 088 6700.

3. Service Features:
Original Battery: your battery will be replaced with an official HUAWEI battery.

90 Day Warranty: Your new battery will benefit from 90 days of warranty (see HUAWEI’s Limited Warranty for terms).

Official Service: Our HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre uses certified repair engineers who strictly follow HUAWEI’s official detection & repairs process.

Recycling: Our HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre will process your old battery for recycling free of charge.

4. Refund Policy:
If the Service is not booked within the Validity Period, you can call HUAWEI Customer Service hotline 0800 088 6700 and request a refund. Once processed, the refund will be returned to the original payment account within 7 working days.

If the Service is not booked within the Validity Period and you did not request a refund, HUAWEI will automatically process a refund after the expiry of the 30 day period. Once processed, the refund will be returned to the original payment account within 7 working days.

5. What is not covered by the Service

Please note the Service does not cover:

Other items beyond the replacement of the battery.

Damage to your device caused by misuse, abuse, negligence or an accident howsoever caused.

A device which has been disassembled, repaired, altered or modified somewhere other than a HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre.

A battery other than the version of HUAWEI battery as installed by HUAWEI and supplied on the date of the original retail purchase of the device.

6. Additional Charges
If upon inspection of your device the HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre determines that non-battery related components are damaged and require repair or replacement in order to replace the battery or to make the device operational, you may be offered the option to make a payment for the additional repairs before the repair and battery replacement is performed.

If the damage is unrepairable or you choose not to have the additional repair carried out, your device will be returned to you unrepaired and you will receive a refund on the purchase of the Service.

7. Limitation:1) HUAWEI will not be liable for any loss or damage caused wholly or mainly by your breach of these Terms and Conditions.

2) HUAWEI shall not be liable where we are unable (using reasonable effort) to provide the Service as a result of any event outside our reasonable control.

3) When your device contains a SIM card, memory card or other accessories (together, the “Accessories”), you should keep hold of such Accessories during the provision of the Service and HUAWEI cannot be held liable for any damage or loss to such Accessories that you have failed to keep hold of.

4) It is your responsibility to backup and save any software, data, files and programs before commencement of the battery replacement and to restore the same on your device when it is returned to you.

5) You acknowledge that we may reset the default settings on the device in order to conduct the Service. This might delete data, settings and files on the device.

6) Where relevant, you must make sure that you backup any important data stored on the device prior to commencement of the battery replacement as HUAWEI assumes no responsibility for any claims relating to loss of data, programs or software.

7) Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit HUAWEI’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from our acts or omissions or those of our servants, agents or employees.

8. Repair Process:
1) In Store Repair: You can take your device to a HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre for replacement, with an approximate repair time of 1 hour. In order to avoid waiting time at the store, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance.

2) Postal Repair: You can send your device by postal repair, it usually takes 5-7 working days.
Please note that the Service is subject to availability of spare parts and capacity at the HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre during designated service hours. Although we shall do our best to adhere to the above time frames for completion of the Service, a longer repair time might apply if the relevant HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre does not have the replacement battery in stock.

9. Termination:
The Service will terminate after you receive a battery replacement or when the Validity Period expires, whichever event occurs earlier.

10. Miscellaneous:
1) The Service is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time, if the Service is not available when you request it you will not be charged. HUAWEI makes no warranty that the Service will meet your exact requirements or that they will always be available.

2) If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.

3) You may not but we may assign, change or otherwise dispose of rights under this agreement. Any attempt by you to do so shall be void.

4) These terms & conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Useful links:
Huawei Store More details at Huawei Store

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  1. Avatar
    Good prices! I had my P20 Mate Pro battery replaced earlier this year. I paid £48.00 for it as no offers on at the time and my handset was out of warranty support.

    Booked into the Stratford store, it took about an hour to undertake the work.

    They put the device into Maintenance mode so they cannot access any of your own data/content then take it out of that mode when you collect it (needs PIN or finger print recognition).

    The technican was amazed at the condition of my handset as barely a mark on it. It's always had a screen protector and flip case fitted from new. (edited)
    Oh well, sent my P30 pro to insurance company for screen damage repair last week and they are sending a replacement phone.. I'd have gone for this offer as I could then keep all of my data.. typical!!
  2. Avatar
    Excellent service. Anything to keep product out of landfill is a huge +.
  3. Avatar
    Does anyone know if there is a service to repair the rear cover? I smashed the back glass of my p30 pro cover. I have seen replacements on ebay but apparently it loses the phones ability to be waterproof as the rear factory glue is removed at the time you replace as part of the process.
    Call them on 0800 088 6700, they'll send you a prepaid label, send the phone to them and they will give you a quote.
  4. Avatar
    "from" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.

    Mate 20 Pro £167 for new screen. Insane.
    Yeah, there was a brief moment of excitement at my end - I've got a broken screen Mate 20 Pro and a broken screen P20 Pro lying in a drawer. Thought I might be able to fix them up and sell them on. Alas, no.
  5. Avatar
    Once purchased you have to either walk in to a Huawei store which there are only a couple down south near London or you contact them to book a postal repair.

    If you want a postal repair it has to be booked via phone only now as they've taken down their online request form for some reason, I tried email but got no response.

    As I was unable to call due to being disabled I was ultimately unable to book it in for a postal repair, and a couple weeks later I was refunded, I followed up by asking why they had refunded me and was told to repurchase by which point it had gone back up to full price again.

    Even though its come back down again I'll not be wasting my time.
  6. Avatar
    Has anyone replaced a Mate 20 Pro battery with this service recently? If so, how long was the postal turnaround? I dont want to be without the trusty Mate for too long
    I had battery replacement done in store for my P20 Mate Pro. Posted 3 comments earlier about it. I believe with Postal service you have to back up and wipe your phone where as in store back up only as they pop it into Maintenance mode. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    I did this and sent the mrs' phone off. Came back with a big dent/chip in the metal housing that wasn't there before (I have picture proof), and Huawei have gone all radio silence on the issue. No resolution offered, no correspondence or reply, just ignorance. Their online chat/customer services seem to open and close when they want as well, contrary to their "opening hours". Just be weary of their customer service, they're clearly pretty poor on that front.
  8. Avatar
    Ive used this service, if you have any kind of crack on the screen they wont replace the battery without replacing the screen as they cant safely reseal it. Also any signs its been opened before not by them and they womt touch it. Mine was under warranty so they said they would replace the battery for free but i would have to pay £200 for a new screen.
    Same thing they told me because my Mate 20 Pro screen has minor damage. I ended up replacing the battery myself. The old batterys' health was 72%, while the new one is showing 101% on Accubattery. Very pleased!
  9. Avatar
    I had my Mate 20 pro battery replaced last weekend.
    The actual battery replacement was done in store and took an hour, so quite happy with that.

    But it was a right nightmare before that. I called them on 3 different occasions with over a month in between. 3 or 4 calls every time depending on whether or not I got cut off during the call or not.

    If you try to book an appointment using the website, the website goes wonky once you login using QR code. I've tried several different browsers, but none works, so I can only conclude, that the issue is at their end.
    As website didn't work, I've had to call the call centre, who can't see stock at stores, so you have to call the store yourself and then call back the call centre in order to book an appointment at the store you just called.
  10. Avatar
    There is an extra 5% discount on this through October. This code is site wide and might probably apply on other repairs or purchases.
    Just apply Blue light card code:
    A5BLCOCT (edited)
  11. Avatar
    I got this done last time... Not sure they even changed the battery! Battery life is exactly the same but now I dont get huawei notifications telling me my battery needs changing!
    did you check the battery health when you got it back (using AccuBattery or similar)?
  12. Avatar
    Do they replace batteries for Nexus 6P's?
  13. Avatar
    Any recommendations for Apple i phone 11 battery replacement stores?
    I'd be interested in as well, but for the iPhone XS. Any suggestions?
  14. Avatar
    £25 for my P30 lite battery replacement (good price but I don't need it as its still fine) or £85 for screen replacement (mine is cracked but the phone is only worth £100 so it doesn't seem worth the effort)
  15. Avatar
    Checked p30 pro screen replacement and it was £160 👻
  16. Avatar
    Excellent price, got my Mate 20X booked in for a battery change
  17. Avatar
    Damn if only Samsung did something like this
    Totally agree.That IF word has to be the biggest word in the world for only two letters long.
  18. Avatar
    Shame that it doesn't include battery replacement for watches, as I've got two that could do with them.
  19. Avatar
    I need my rear camera repaired, is that something they can do aswell?
    Same here @faisalhusain , did you manage to find out?
  20. Avatar
    Hm, no wearable battery replacement. Would've liked to get this for my HW2
  21. Avatar
    Unfortunately only able to get battery replacement and not screen (which I need) for P Smart 2020.
  22. Avatar
    £168 to replace a screen that has burn-in because they bought cheap stuff to start with! They must be joking.
    Yeah my mate 20 pro has pretty bad screen burn too. Given i got it when that big o2 refresh offer was going for £152, paying over that just to replace the screen is a bit of a kick in the charlies.
  23. Avatar
    £211.99 for a P40 Pro screen 😬
  24. Avatar
    I am out of warranty so can't get
    Always worth a call to store if you're close to one. My P20 Mate Pro was out of warranty but they did a genuine OEM replacement battery for £48. Other companies were quoting more for and you weren't getting a Huawei battery (although probably out of the manufacturer)
  25. Avatar
    Had p30 pro for 3 years now, hammered everyday and the battery is still solid, would defenitely "treat" it to a new battery but only 2 stores and there 200 miles away from me, not sending it away as don't have a backup otherwise I'd be all over this
  26. Avatar
    Do they do repairs for sound, my phone is distorted when I speak so needs looking at
  27. Avatar
    Would having a replacement p20/p30 battery service mess up the phones 'waterproof-ness' ???
    Not through them. They add new adhesive tape and glue to the phone during the replacement to restore the waterproofing.
  28. Avatar
    I sent my phone for battery replacement and am waiting for 3 weeks already as the ETA for batteries keeps being pushed.
  29. Avatar
    My Huawei Honor 5c from 2016 still has near enough the same battery life as when I got it. More than happy but this is great to know if it suddenly dips significantly.
  30. Avatar
    Off topic, anyone know price to replace ipad pro 12.9 5th gen screen? 🙊
  31. Avatar
    My p30 replacement screen is coming to £136

    As i got the s22 ultra recently not going to bother with this, but would have used it if i could get it for £61
  32. Avatar
    Great idea to keep phones going. 🔥now Google do this as most my pixels have died due to old batteries
    "By January 1, 2024, these devices must be designed such that batteries can be safely removed and replaced using “basic and commonly available tools” and “without causing damage to the appliance or batteries.” Manufacturers must also provide documentation for the removal and replacement procedure."
    Looks like this nonsesne going to end. I hope soon be back the good old times when open the mobile and swap battery in seconds.
  33. Avatar
    Awful customer service. Tough to get hold of and I've got a 4 month long complaint where they tried to charge me double labour on my battery replacement. I. E. Replacement and an additional £45 labour.

    They quoted me the Ts and Cs, I demonstrated how their Ts and Cs were in line with what I am saying. I am still in touch trying to get this solved.
    Fyi, when you get issues, Xiao Binbing is the Huawei UK ceo and should be contacted for this.

    This was the London service centre BTW.
  34. Avatar
    I had my P30 Pro battery changed a month or so ago for the same price. It has given the phone a new lease of life.
    What did it cost you?
  35. Avatar
    £100 for the laptop battery, i can replace it my self if they sell me the battery cheaper. 
  36. Avatar
    Why does a usb c lead charge one way but not the other .. ??? ???

    As in one side of mine just stopped working I've just noticed. (edited)
    They don't. Your cable is faulty. Either one of the ends or the actual copper inside of the cable.
  37. Avatar
    Do we know the mAh of the new battery? I got a Mate 20 Pro done and can barely notice any difference after 15 or so charges.
    What battery health % was the battery before replacement?
  38. Avatar
    I've paid for this but where do I take it to get my battery charged in Manchester?
    You have to call them, explain you have paid for the service online and they will send you a prepaid label via email. You post the phone to them and they will repair/service it and send it back.
  39. Avatar
    Looking 167 for screen of my beloved p30 pro I jumped of the bed to recharge it to get SN thought I'm getting back my old pH but too much and that wouldn't include back I guess and my back is cracked too