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Steam Deck LCD 512GB (PC) - Brand New / Sealed with code - The Game Collection Outlet

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Product specifications:

The Steam Deck 512GB (PC) is a handheld gaming device, designed in partnership with AMD.

product specifications:

  • 512GB storage
  • Custom APU developed with AMD
  • Optimised for handheld gaming
  • Brand new and sealed
  • Free postage
  • Quick dispatch

Discount Code:
eBay More details at

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  1. thewrecker7477's avatar
    If you wanted to save some money, you can pick a refurbished 512gb unit up direct from Steam for £319

    FranciRus's avatar
    shows OOS for me.
  2. Android786's avatar
    Should add Lcd in the title or description
    clavier3895's avatar
    Mods can we get this done please for clarity.

    will get my comment auto flagged so they review it

  3. xchirhox's avatar
    You can get a refurbished ROG Ally for this. Much better system, from my experience of both.
    mango.carrot's avatar
    I love the Ally, it gives me so many options for gaming. Coming from PS it’s refreshing to have a choice of where I can get my games, and most importantly for the best prices
  4. tomaszr's avatar
    If I use mostly indoors should I cars about OLED?
    thomasgav's avatar
    I’ve had both, the oled is better in lots of ways, not just the considerably better screen. Look up Retro Game Corps review of the steam deck oled, Russ knows his onions and compares the two
  5. dmannn's avatar
    Good for Helldivers 2?
  6. nasovoto's avatar
    Love the way these companies were overcharging for the steam deck until the OLED model came out and now they’re “slashing” the prices…
    nbgrobbo's avatar
    The same happens with all consumer electronics, it’s nothing unique to the steam deck 
  7. Martin_Cruse-Stoddart's avatar
    Best buy for me ever, get sooo much use out of it.
    mattwebster051's avatar
    These comments are not helping, guys.

    [Opens wallet]
  8. synasla's avatar
    Tempting, I remember selling my 256GB to CeX for £750 on release
  9. filthyralph's avatar
    Oh no no no no no guys. Stop posting deals I must have even tho I don't need them 🙈
  10. Darthpeter's avatar
    Bought a refurbished 256GB from Steam direct on last month’s offer - pristine condition and a great piece of kit.
    Got a 1tb MicroSD card and am now thinking of upgrading SDD to 1tb. Damn modern games are huge in size!
    Might put some retro on there as well whilst I’m at it!
    djgomatt's avatar
    Went for 64, upgraded to 512, then a 256 SD. Plenty of space. The SSD swap isn't too bad but the 2 guides I used both contained mistakes and what could have been 15mins took me an hour figuring it out (edited)
  11. TechNinja's avatar
    At this price you might as well spend that extra for an oled version
  12. BrianButterfield's avatar
    Surely Steam Deck 2 is out this year?
    derek_dymondk7c's avatar
    A few years yet Valve has stated
  13. Danny_King's avatar
    This isn't a deal you can buy them brand new for 350
    Yahyasajid's avatar
    Probably not the 512GB model
  14. crack_shot's avatar
    I always upvote and comment on steam deck
    its a beautiful little device

    kid me would have been so happy with it
    and my kids absolutely love it
    its a shame i don't have the time to play as much as i would like to
  15. Adal_Qureshi's avatar
    What games can you play on steam deck? Are they preloaded or do you have to purchase?
    rev6's avatar
    Steam games or faff with the desktop mode installing games. Not all games work perfectly but you'll have plenty. (edited)
's avatar