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The Resident Evil franchise has been enabling would-be zombie killers to save the world from evil bioterrorists, robots and mad scientists for over 20 years and the releases keep coming. With seven films and innumerable video games, the Resident Evil product range is massive. This buyers guide will help players get acquainted with one of the most successful video game series ever. Read more
Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate HD Edition PC STEAM KEY £3.74 @ FANATICAL
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
One of the best games ever made, in my top 3 of all time. I have sunk over 100 hours into this game, from the gamecube days all the way to this HD edition, it is just brilliant. … Read more

been out of stock for a while though on cdkeys


I loved the game, but preferred Resident Evil 1 remake Great deal and worth the price (y)


Great price but £3.49 at CD Keys


top 10 games of all time for sure, completed it maybe 4/5 times at least Im even looking more forward to RE2 than I am RDR2


Heat, love this game but played it too many times! Can’t wait for RE2 remake though!

Resident Evil 2 PC/steam. - £28.62 @ Voidu
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
POWEEKEND -> 25% off specific PreOrder BLUEWINTER -> 20% off specific offers. I had an email from voidu for 25% off preorder specific titles with a code and another code fo… Read more

Well fingers crossed they'll just deliver on time so I won't have to worry about all that, RE2 remake comes out a day before my birthday so I don't want the hassle.


No I don't think you can but you can contest with paypal up to 180 days after payment. So if they dont deliver you should be ok.


I wish I had seen this earlier, surely I can cancel via Paypal somehow?


I'd be very wary of committing to anything long term with them right now. They are currently having major supplier issues - several publishers had all of their games taken off the site with no warning last week. Some of these games eventually returned, but Sega has now taken them off their 'trusted retailer' list and Square Enix/Ubisoft games are still all unavailable. They also take payment up front, have no 'lowest price guarantee' on pre-orders (you are locked into whatever you paid originally even if it drops before release), and do not allow cancellations or partial/full refunds on pre-orders under any circumstances - even if the key hasn't been delivered yet. There are currently people raising complaints about being unable to cancel their Soul Calibur pre-orders for various reasons over on the Voidu reddit page. They have been very good for pre-orders in the past, but something dodgy is definitely happening behind the scenes.


How are these guys for pre-orders?

RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2 Deluxe Edition PC STEAM £40.87 @
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
If you love resident evil like I do, you will buy this along with me, we ain't waiting over a year for a cheap bargain, we want it on day one and this seems like a good deal for th… Read more

As above cheaper at voidu


£33.78 at Voidu (authorised reseller) using discount code POWEEKEND


I cannot wait for this one, it looks incredible. It also comes out 1 day before more birthday so that'll be a nice treat!


I'm not really sure a handful of costumes is worth the extra £5 over the standard edition. It's disappointing how things like that used to be little rewards for completing the game. Now they're premium items (annoyed) But it look's like that's the cheapest standard edition so far, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I may think about getting that. I won't vote either way.


Just ignore him, people like him like to think they're right. Just say 'okay' and let him get his precious win, it's easier.

Monster Hunter World £18.99 / Resident Evil 7 Gold £14.89 / Assassins Creed Origins £15.99 (PS4/Xbox One) Delivered (Ex-Rental) Delivered @ Boomerang
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Monster Hunter World (PS4 | Xbox One) £18.99 Assassins Creed Origins (PS4 | Xbox One) £15.99 Resident Evil 7 Gold (PS4 | Xbox One) £14.89

or you could snacks for the next two days and it would equal out ;) will a 5 really break the family budget?


Ahh brilliant. This has changed since I last looked. I was told to go through thr checkout before but there was no basket to click on, only a login button. It appears to have reappeared. Thanks guys.



You do this by going through the checkout process.


My issue isn't with the checkout process, it's how to create an account without signing up to their rental service.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake PC Steam Key £30.67 @ Electronic First
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. An unparalleled adr… Read more
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I've shopped with them quite a few times and had no issues. I can't imagine by what possible reasoning HRK aren't allowed but the key marketplace kinguin and VPN Switch deals are! If you want to stick to authorised resellers though, Voidu beat the OP's price by 8p using their current discount code. :D


I remember buying the original from HMV in the late 1990s for £49.99. My most expensive purchase.




I asked the mods about that site because I did see quite a few bargains, but unfortunately they're banned (annoyed)


HRK Game Have it pre-order for £27.31

Resident evil code veronica X ps4 digital £8.49 @ Game
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Resi code veronica x ps4 digital download e-mailed. £3.50 cheaper than psn at the moment.
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Great game I have completed this on the ps3 :)


Playing it on the PS2, half way through. I hope they remaster it in HD


i heard US NTSC version is better.


It's upscaled to 1080p so will look better but it's still the PS2 version that your playing though emulation. The PS3 definitely looks better than this, think they should of just ported that version over.


This is the PS2 version. I don't think the HD remaster was released on the PS4, just the PS3.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Switch) for ~ £13.58 @ Japanese Nintendo eShop
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
The second Revelations game, available for ¥ 1,999 (33% off).
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Been looking for a new switch game to play so this is very tempting indeed


They were a tenner each in the usa a few months ago, and I’m pretty sure next month for halloween they will get reduced to that price again, good effort though


Supported languages are Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese.

Resident Evil 2 Remake PS4, XBox One and PC £39.85 @ ShopTo
Refreshed 30th SepRefreshed 30th Sep
The genre-defining masterpiece Resident Evil 2 returns, completely re-built from the ground up for a deeper narrative experience. PS4 & XBoxOne - £39.85 PC - £34.85 I have pr… Read more
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I replayed 2 a few months back. It was one of my favourite games, but it didn't age well and I definitely had on my rose tinted glasses. I hope this improves on so many of the issues. RE1 did an absolutely great job and then Zero. I really hope this works out. I'd love to see RE3 also as it's basically the same game as RE2 but just a dlc as it's the same engine and happens around the same time. Anyway, I think I'll wait as this will drop in price drastically. Unless a special addition cones out that tempts me


55quid isn’t even full price. No one pays that


It's a full release like resident evil 7 so why shouldn't it be full price. It's not a port of a old game with improvements so it was never going to be a budget release.


Looking forward to this, I remember a load of pc Devs were working on this year's ago and capcom closed the operation down on copyright issues.


No... He's right... It's ignorance. This is a totally new game 'based' on the original. Built again from scratch, even the storyline... So yeah, do your research.....

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition PC STEAM key £3.32 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
In resident evil 4, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Finding his way to a rural village in Europe,… Read more
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Ah yes, I see now. I'll expire. Cheers (y)


When you click to buy it's OOS. Try it


Yup, definitely says out of stock when you click Buy Now


Facebook pal. Here you go just follow this (y)


I’m kinda new here, dumb question, what’s the “fb code” ?

Resident Evil 7 PS4 at GAME £9.99
Refreshed 27th SepRefreshed 27th Sep
Free shipping.
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Just get 2 dlc. One is free and a couple of banned footage videos


What’s special about ‘the gold edition’ then


He2SW definitely not lying. The gold edition is 9.99. I got the manager to check in the Braintree store and he confirmed the price then put the sticker on last week


Do you have VR? I'm similar, not much of a gamer at all, but I really ended up looking forward to about 11pm or so and blasting out 30 mins to an hour on it. Its enough to progress solidly through the game, but also still deliver absolute pure escapism. It did massively interfere with my dreams after the first few nights though... but then it was my first foray into PSVR. Its like on some level, I believed I was in that house, hiding from threats. Just such a unique experience.


Great game

Resident Evil 7 PC/Steam £6.99 at CDKeys
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
£6.99 Digital Delivery
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Thanks ordered gold edition hope I don't get too scared playing this! 😨 (shock)


DLC List


What do you get extra ?


Did this ever get VR on PC?


Dam,but thanks.

Resident Evil 2 Remake £25.93 approx PSN Turkey Store - Pre Order
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
My First deal £25.93 approx from Turkish store using Revolut. Payment method now confirmed as 100% working. £29.65 approx for Deluxe Ed Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish ac… Read more
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Even more expensive than uk now, typical was gonna pick this up when I get paid Wednesday


Price has significantly gone up..


Had been having problems getting revolut card to work but adding the address registered to the revolut card worked (highfive)


Black ops 4 for £28 - Nice


All sorted now, accounts set up. Bought Crash n sane trilogy for £13 to test if it worked and it did. Now to get tomb raider and Res Evil (y)

[Steam] Resident Evil 5 - £2.37 - Voidu
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Price is using the discount code - PLAYHARDER Alternatively, and for £3.91, you can pick up the Gold Edition using the same code. Fantastic game in my opinion, made better w… Read more

The thing is, I shouldn't have to chase anything. Why would responding to an email be so difficult for them?


I've bought from Voidu once before and it was all fine, I believe they do warn there might be a delay between paying and getting your key, but they are legit. They're verified on reddit/r/gamedeals too, which actually takes a fair bit of work. They also have an official Reddit user account that is usually responsive to queries, so might might be worth a try if you're having issues.


Finally got my code!


I had an order that failed after pp too (tried to get Doom after Buzz posted the deal). Sent them an email and tweeted them. No response, so have disputed with PayPal. Won't be buying from them again and would not recommend anyone else does either as a result.


Thanks for the warning guys.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition PC STEAM key £3.02, Resident Evil 5 Gold £4.62 with code @ Green man gaming
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Resident Evil 5 Gold link: In Resident Evil 4, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the … Read more

Ignore the last comment...looks like the sale and code expired on voidu


RE5 Gold Edition is cheaper on voidu (£3.91) use code PLAYHARDER.


For those nabbing RE4, keep an eye on the RE4 HD project. The work they've done is amazing:

Resident Evil biohazard gold edition £9.99 instore only @ GAME
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Went to pick up the standard edition and spotted gold edition for same price




Which store was this in?


I have noticed game just tend to stick any box out for a game as long as it has the right game name. You do not always get the extras which it says on the box.As the copy comes from the back of the store.


This has been displayed incorrectly in-store for months. I saw this in the Leicester Highcross store for £17.99 back in June and thought it was a steal. The guy could only find regular copies and when I asked him to check he said they hadn't had the Gold Edition in since their first batch sold out months ago. Very misleading of them to display the complete edition when that's not what you're getting. Also, this deal has got a stupid amount of heat when no one has got the game at this price. Should be expired immediately.

Resident Evil 7 [PS4/PSVR] £9.99 (Prime) / £12.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Price matching Game, which is OOS online now. (y) Edit : Game got it back in stock... (embarrassed)

Started playing this a few days ago. Without VR as this made me particularly sick when I tried it. But wow, even without VR...this game is scary. Best Resi in years.


Got it new from game £9.99


wish i could sell my new copy in shrink wrap for a tenner 😁


It's looking good... I like what I saw from Gamescom footage. I'd be super hyped for it...if it also had vr support. I'll probably get it at some point...but probably not straight away. Vr adds so much...and I imagine 7 sold quite a few numbers more off the back of it, so disappointing they didn't go that extra mile.


I started playing it in VR and just loaded my original save. The last checkpoint is the final boss... it’s so weird having it moving towards you and reaching out. I switched it off after I beat it but thought there is no chance I’ll survive with the family chasing me around. The calibration tool is bloody creepy enough!!!

Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard Gold Edition PC STEAM key. £9.99/£9.49 with FB code @ CDKeys. Standard game available for £5.99
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Standard game link: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition Includes: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Base Game… Read more
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Did this ever get VR support on PC?


This should be a lot hotter than 326. Maybe the mods have blocked it from getting voted on ;) Don't worry I'm only joking. Saw a discussion earlier and someone was saying that they thought the mods had blocked voting on one of their posts :/ (:I (:I


Maybe the mods have blocked it from getting voted on ;)


What's the DLC like? Worth picking up?


This should be a lot hotter than 326.

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