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The Resident Evil franchise has been enabling would-be zombie killers to save the world from evil bioterrorists, robots and mad scientists for over 20 years and the releases keep coming. With seven films and innumerable video games, the Resident Evil product range is massive. This buyers guide will help players get acquainted with one of the most successful video game series ever. Read more
Resident evil Village Steam Key with code £33.58 at Kinguin
Posted 20 h, 54 m agoPosted 20 h, 54 m ago
Experience survival horror like never before in the eighth major installment in the storied Resident Evil franchise - Resident Evil Village. Set a few years after the horrifying e… Read more

Awesome, just redeemed it :)


Just got failed payment. Cancelled. Now a pending charge on on my bank... Hmm what's going on here then?

Levy2805 It's £33.99 with the code YMCA :) Also on Eneba.

Resident Evil Village - Xbox Series X - £40 with Clubcard @ Tesco
Posted 22 h, 20 m agoPosted 22 h, 20 m ago
Xbox Series X version added to Tesco Groceries online, same price currently in-store. Possible further £5 off delivery/click and collect with voucher code GRFT4P, with variable pi… Read more

Too much darkness. Lol it’s a horror game and nah most of the time your in the village when it’s bright. Bosses aren’t bad. And they changed leon to make him look more like the previous generations as in resident evil 7 he looked weird with a new look. This game is really good in my opinion and that’s coming from a gamer who doesn’t like games that are hyped up like ac Valhalla, watch dogs legion, hitman 3


I played the demo of 7 and felt the same way. A whole different set of 'resident evil' fans now I think, most of whom likely never played anything prior to the new first person games (RE7 and RE8). Don't like the new direction personally so most defiantly giving this a miss.


No Coop. Too much darkness and murky visuals. Will wait for price drop. Apparently bosses are crap too. I'm not feeling this trilogy at all. Why does Chris look different from resident evil 7 Chris? Resident evil 4 fans ruined continuation of the true resident franchise. As in the C virus. Wesker. Ada Wong campaign. Leon meeting Chris... This is soo hyped up.


Every time I try to check out, it says 'product unavailable', this happens whenever it's a Tesco game deal, dunno why I'm never allowed to buy... (annoyed)


I ordered it for home delivery and apparently they dont have any in the whole of cornwall :(

Stadia - Resident Evil Village. Free Stadia Premier (controller and Chromecast ultra) - £64.99 @ Google Store
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Limited edition offer, purchase the game for £64.99 and get a free controller and Chromecast ultra.

I didn't have any technical issues, but thought the atmosphere was a lot less scary than the previous game (only started that one as well using a trial). The beasts in the field just made me think of this XD :


Chromecast Ultra is £59.99 so Resident Evil Village plus controller for £5 more. Ordered. Edit: other post states redemption email comes within 12 hours.


It is. How often do you hear someone ask "what do you play on?" for someone else to answer 'stadia".


As I said in my post, "Stadia isnt for everyone, and thats fine". It is just incredibly frustrating to have to constantly filter through peoples warped views on stadia in the comments. Some people reading them will genuinely not be aware of what stadia is or how it works, and the comments of some on here greatly misrepresent what its all about. Consider my post a theraputive rant :) As for convincincing myself, no need, I have been using this service for months flawlessly. Cheers for the concern though!


Say it enough and you may convince yourself. Why are you so hurt about people disliking stadia.

Resident Evil Village (Playstation 5) - £36.50 (Collected) with code @ Tesco
73° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Ps5 disc copy of resident evil village. Cheapest I've seen with code. Price is £45 but down to £40 with club card and then down to £35 with code. £1.50 to click and collect. I'll b… Read more

Just picked up my copy so I guess it really depends on the store. Looking forward to trying it out!


and the top comment gave the code to £36.50, but it does not work for everyone. The mods expired this for a reason (skeptical)


Need that geezer who had the stock on his app


Yeah, same here


Tesco has become poor with this since they got rid of direct. I went to collect mine today only for them to turn me away because there is no stock. Its stupid you can order something that may or may not be available the time you choose to get.

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Resident Evil Village : Free Dynamic Theme and 3 Avatars (PS4/PS5) @ Playstation Network
01/07/2021Expires on 01/07/2021Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
To celebrate the launch of the game, there is a limited timed quest which allows you to pick a free dynamic theme and 3 avatars themed on the game. The answer to the first questio… Read more

Can't redeem these as it's saying in on the wrong region.. weird


Is your PS4 connected to the internet? I did exactly the same as you and redeemed online on my mobile and couldn't find anywhere. Maybe it takes a while to appear on console? One thing I did do is signed out of PSN then signed back in on the console, maybe try this?


Nah, not there for me but thanks!


On your PS4 go to Settings > Themes. The Resident Evil Village theme was at the bottom for me. Can download from here. For Avatars on PS4 go to Profile > select the 3 dots ... > Edit Profile > Avatar. (party)


There is no 22nd month silly!! (lol)

Resident Evil 1-6 Complete 4K UHD £33.69 (with newsletter sign up code) delivered @ Rarewaves
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Experience The Exhilarating Epic Journey Of Resident Evil From Beginning To End, With All Six Films On 4k Ultra Hd In Resident Evil: The Complete Collection 1) Resident Evil 2) R… Read more

so so so bad, You couldn't pay me £33.69 to watch whichever one of these was the 3D one with Wesker when it all goes slow mo with cheesy cringeworthy dialog, terrible just terrible. Students on a budget with some cosplay outfits could of made a better resident evil film.


They closed the story up. The visual were decent. Sound was fine. And the plot was coherent enough to understand what was going on. Let's be honest, all game movies generally do bad. But credit where its due.


What does 3K mean?


Nah, you have nothing else


1. What does "3k" even mean? 2. They're bad films, and an average of £6.70/film still isn't a good deal. 3. What does recency have to do with this? Anything else?