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Posted 7 December 2022

MICROSOFT Xbox Series X Replica Drinks Cooler - 10 litres, Black & Green - £89.99 delivered @ Currys

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Xbox Fridge in stock. Seems to be one of the cheapest in stock places to buy.


Info added by @PD2K79


  • Keep your drinks and snacks cool while you're playing with this official Xbox mini fridge made by Ukonic
  • The backlit top grille and Xbox logo set the mood and match your console
  • Just like on your Xbox, the USB port lets you charge a controller or your phone
  • You can use it even while travelling and camping - just connect it to a car socket


  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee - 1 year
  • Suitable for outbuildings - No
  • Colour / Finish - Black & Green
  • Type of door handle - Integrated
  • Fridge storage volume - 10 litres
  • Other functions - Holds up to 12 cans and 2 snacks, Cools up to 20°C below ambient temperature , Internal drip tray, USB port for charging devices (5 V / 2.1 A), LED lighting in the top grille and Xbox logo
  • Dimensions - 510 x 279 x 279 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight - 3.9 kg
  • Boxed weight - 4.35 kg
  • Rear panel material - Aluminium

Box Contents

  • Microsoft Xbox Series X Replica Drinks Cooler
  • AC power cable
  • 12 V car socket power cable

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

Currys More details at Currys

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  1. Avatar
    FNDDGAMING takes £5 off
  2. Avatar
    i was tempted until i watched a Youtube video showing how much it costs to run over a year and its physical size...
    Well you could if you get a WiFi plug or a manual timer plug could just set it to be on like an hour before your game session if you game around to the same time, but then again you could just do that with a bigger and more cost effective one.
  3. Avatar
    Does anyone know how loud this is when switched on ? Will it disturb sleeping like a ticking clock or a constant hum noise like a fan
    Noise was unbearable to me, I ended up sending it back for a refund.
  4. Avatar
    Don't like the fact they recommend to turn it off every few days or risk it breaking.
  5. Avatar
    I got one of these at the beginning of the year and it’s been great. I really like the ambient lighting on it with the Xbox logo and the top lighting up. Also this has a working USB port which is useful too. I’ve taken this to some hotels such as Premier Inn where there’s no fridge and it means I can actually chill some drinks that are bought warm in a shop. I have no complaints about the temperature, the drinks get cold enough to be refreshing and similar to an actual fridge. The taller height of this fridge means it can fit in some taller drinks, which is nice.

    The unit is quiet compared to some cheaper mini-fridges too. Don’t get me wrong it’s still audible, but it’s just about what you’d expect for something like this.

    It also comes with a car adapter, and I’ve used it in my car on a camping trip during the summer which was also very useful. I had the fridge powered on and plugged in to my car for the whole trip and it barely drained any of the car’s battery (I have a Tesla Model 3, worked constantly whilst the car was in sentry mode).

    At this price, I’d say it’s worth it. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Great prank present
  7. Avatar
    Saw one of these today and they look really cheap and tacky. Why people are voting this hot is a bit strange??
    I'd like to think most people are voting hot because it's a good deal.
  8. Avatar
    Just buy a real fridge if you need one, there’s plenty that fit under counters etc. Thermo-electric will cost you a fortune to run.
  9. Avatar
    Seems wrong to add heat...
  10. Avatar
    Still better than an actual Xbox
  11. Avatar
    Can you put your actual Xbox inside this to keep it cool while it's running?
    Not quite big enough but PS5 is big enough to help thaw your frozen turkey ready for Christmas, couple of hours sat on top and it will be ready to go in the oven just to finish it off
  12. Avatar
    I almost had a heart attack. All I read was Xbox and then saw the price 😃😃😃. Only to then realise it's a drinks cooler.
    Just bought 10 to sell on eBay and then realised
  13. Avatar
    Currys....voted cold
  14. Avatar
    I highly recommend avoiding this. Once you register product you have 3 months warranty.

    First one I bought the little motor went, got it replaced as it was still under warranty

    Second one I got (replacement), the power supply went a few weeks back. Now out of warrenty. So I've basically got a black box that does nothing

    Spend your £90 elsewhere folks (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Do you get 120FPS with this? (Freezes per Second)
  16. Avatar
    All IV ever seen is people say they have broken down
  17. Avatar
    This time last year (or the year prior lol) - I'm sure these were being hunted down like Air Fryers this year(?) (edited)
    Yep, last xmas.  Think i paid £120 via ebay for one in October to be delivered before xmas for my son’s xmas present. Nationwide supplier didn’t deliver in time so i had my money returned from the scalper and bought one after xmas for £90. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    These are terrible, mine broke within a few months.
    Replaced by a proper subcold for hardly any extra which is in a totally different league.
  19. Avatar
    Why is this hot? Price has always been 89.99 since they first released, and also they are poor, not a proper fridge only fan cooled which isn’t great.
  20. Avatar
    Damn. What a bargain. RRP is 449£!!
  21. Avatar
    More exclusives than the real thing
  22. Avatar
    Voted hot, from a PlayStation fan.
    That comment is wasted here
  23. Avatar
    Would this be handy to hold your steaks and milk etc?
    I would say no. It's only a fan that keeps in cool. Open it and instant loss of coldness and has to work a while to get anywhere near a decent temperature. Reminds me of the car ones you get that run off 12v and need ice bags to keep it cold. Waste of money.
  24. Avatar
    I had one of these and it broke after a few months.
  25. Avatar
    If you use the code to take £5 off first,
    BLC holders can get this for £81.18
    Exec for £80.19
  26. Avatar
    This reminds me of the time long ago, when eBay was relatively new, and somebody put an empty Xbox case up for sale. It was just before Christmas and nowhere had stock, so people bid 1000's on an empty case because they didn't read the description properly.
  27. Avatar
    Its not a fridge, its a cooler. You can pick up a proper mini fridge for this price
  28. Avatar
    Finally! Somewhere to store my can of Coke and slice of cheese.
  29. Avatar
    Just put your tins in the garden for an hour, job done and they'll be colder as well
  30. Avatar
    trying to get mine replaced or refunded with GAME as it broke. only got it in april. been switched off for months and when i come to turn it on and use it there was nothing, no pwer. Dead as a doghnut.
  31. Avatar
    This is not a mini fridge but a “drinks cooler” Be aware
  32. Avatar
    Thank you
  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
    You can get a proper mini fridge for close to this price, one that will actually keep your drinks cold on the hotter summer days too while being cheaper to run and holding more. (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Any good for a PC build? 👀
  36. Avatar
    Good find - Heat from me!
  37. Avatar
    I pre-ordered this when it came out and it was dead on arrival, not recommended
  38. Avatar
    Thanks for this
  39. Avatar
    Granddaughter wanted a drinks cooler for Chistmas.
    Looked at these, but even for a thermoelectric (peltier) cooler they use a lot of energy.
    Designed as a gimmick, not as a fridge.

    Got one of these instead -
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