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Posted 1 December 2023

12 day digital advent calendar for My John Lewis members (daily free gifts e.g. free mascara, festive discounts, competitions) via app

John Lewis have launched a 12 day digital advent Calendar for My John Lewis members (free to join).

Each day you can open a door to unlock an offer.

Today’s offer on my app is a free Charlotte Tilbury mini mascara.

The advent calendar can be found in the John Lewis app.

Terms and Conditions:

1. 'The 12 Treats of Christmas' is only available through the John Lewis app and is exclusive to My John Lewis members. You must be a My John Lewis member to be able to take part in 'The 12 Treats of Christmas'. You can sign up to My John Lewis at any time via the app or online.

2. 'The 12 Treats of Christmas' will run from 00:00 on Friday 01 December 2023 until 23:59 on Tuesday 12 December 2023. The offer behind each door will expire at 23:59 on the date stated on the offer and in the offer terms and conditions.

3. The specific door must have been opened in the member’s John Lewis app in order to redeem the respective offer or enter the respective competition.

4. The terms and conditions and any exclusions that apply to each offer and competition will be stated as part of the offer or competition.

5. John Lewis & Partners reserves the right to remove 'The 12 Treats of Christmas' at any time.
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  1. madflower's avatar
    I got the Charlotte Tilbury mascara too.
    Unsure why this has been moved to a discussion but the M&S Sparks one which is exactly the same sort of thing is under deals.
    Newbold's avatar
    Agreed. This is every bit as much a deal as the M&S one.
  2. windym's avatar
    Still getting the message "Sorry, we can't show the 12 Treats of Christmas at the moment. Please check back soon."

    I've had free socks and a box of free frozen truffles from M&S - beats JL any day!
    loueylemon's avatar
    Lucky you! I’ve had no freebies yet with M&S. Have to say I was very disappointed that they had run out of the free mascara at my local JL by the time I went the day after
  3. windym's avatar
    "Sorry, we can't show the 12 Treats of Christmas at the moment. Please check back soon."
    macas2000's avatar
    I have been getting this too x
  4. markjax's avatar
    My app says sorry we can’t show 12 treats of Christmas, please check back soon
  5. sydney871's avatar
    Do you have to redeem it at a JL store or will it work in any Waitrose?
    breezermoo's avatar
    That’s what I want to know as JL is an hour away whereas I goto Waitrose most days!
  6. RMDishman's avatar
    "Your membership will be ready in a few minutes, please bear with us while we set it up."
    Anyone else stuck with this after signing up?
  7. senukas's avatar
    Was in city earlier and picked it up at CT counter (edited)
  8. LoveMeRight's avatar
    Is everyone getting the same thing? I also got the mascara.
    thomas_te's avatar
    Mascara too!
  9. JRSC01's avatar
    Charlotte Tilbury Mini Mascara also .1.7ml (valid until 12/12/23)
    only 12 hours to redeem after clicking USE IN STORE button.

    To redeem, visit the Charlotte Tilbury counter instore.

    Not available to redeem at JL Swindon, or at any Waitrose branches.

    Available while stocks last. (edited)
  10. L411's avatar
    Also mascara but no JL near. I have a Waitrose 10 minute walk away
  11. madflower's avatar
    20% off JL own brand sofa beds, bedding and towels for me today. It also has to be used today!
  12. Newbold's avatar
    The sad thing about this thread is that because it’s been relegated to discussions very few people are aware of it and are missing out. Unlike the near-identical M&S thread.

    Why?  Just why?
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Even weirder as the admins are allowing the individual daily prizes to be posted as deals.
  13. Jason_Lenning's avatar
    not worth the 40 minutes to the closest to make use of. Closed my local years ago and so just consider JL as a online store now (edited)
  14. stedaman's avatar
    What was Day 2? and whats the one for day 3?
    seems you all get the same things maybe?
    lisa_x33's avatar
    Day 3 is 20% off JL own brand hat, gloves and scarves. I missed day 2 so can't tell what it was, what did I miss?
  15. Bargain_lady's avatar
    I got the Charlotte tilbury mascara as well in day 1 but I missed day 2 and day 3 so they are frozen but I can see a picture of a scarf/hat on day 2 and picture of gloves on day 3.

    Day 4 today for me is win a years free entry to uk attractions. (edited)
    loueylemon's avatar
    Don’t worry you haven’t missed much. Day 2 and 3 were just % off offers
  16. ange___y's avatar
    Does anyone know what was Day 5? I forgot to open it, but still want to know what it was!
    loueylemon's avatar
    10% off some Bose headphones I think
  17. Rachael_Stevens's avatar
    Mines not working still.
  18. Dhiraj1's avatar
    Anyone know what was day 10?
    ange___y's avatar
    It was a competition but I can't remember what for just entered it
  19. chris.ford's avatar
    Anyone know what was on day 9?
    ange___y's avatar
    51730278-ewanH.jpgIt's a family taking a selfie - don't remember what the offer was though and it expired on the day!
  20. nimbusgamer's avatar

    • Day 1 - Free Charlotte Tilbury mini mascara 1.7ml
    • Day 2 - 20% off John Lewis own-brand sofa beds, bedding and towels
    • Day 3 - 20% off John Lewis own-brand hats, gloves and scarves
    • Day 4 - Prize Draw
    • Day 5 - 15% off the new Bose QuietComfort headphone range
    • Day 6 - Prize Draw
    • Day 7 - Free 2023 edition Mini Lewis Bear Bauble when you shop on our app
    • Day 8 - 25% off our Snapper collection
    • Day 9 - Prize Draw
    • Day 10 - Prize Draw
    • Day 11 - 25% off Benefit Christmas gift sets
    • Day 12 - Prize Draw
    ange___y's avatar
    My Day 9 has "expired" so I don't think it was a prize draw for me can't remember what it was though! It's a family taking a selfie
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