Posted 27 December 2023

Amazon Prime Video to introduce adverts in UK from February 2024

Amazon is set to introduce adverts to its Prime Video streaming service from 5th of February 2024.

Amazon have announced that customers in the UK and Germany will see "limited" ads unless they pay £2.99 per month to remove them. The introduction of ads comes after several announcements from Amazon about future content.

Customers in the US and Canada will see ads earlier from the 29th January, with Amazon planning to expand them to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia later in 2024.

Amazon has said the move would "allow us to continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment over a long period of time". "We aim to have meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers," the firm added in an email to customers.

It said even if people pay to remove ads, live content such as sports will continue to include advertising. Amazon is yet to confirm how ads on Prime will work, but they're expected to appear before and even during content.

Amazon Prime currently costs £8.99 a month in the UK for services including next-day and same-day delivery on millions of items on the marketplace, advert-free listening on its music streaming platform, and access to original TV series and films on Prime Video. Amazon said that price will not be changing in 2024.

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  1. chrb's avatar
    I never watch any Prime anyway, but it is taking advantage of those part way through a yearly sub (edited)
    wah0007's avatar
    "Amazon told us that annual Prime members will be able to get a pro rata refund of their subscription fee if they decide to cancel as a result of the change."
  2. Blotto's avatar
    That will be the end of my Prime membership when it’s up for renewal.
    hotspur82's avatar
    Best thing we did was getting rid of Prime. We don't buy as much rubbish from Amazon and use other shops or simply don't buy it. And they're always offering a free month or free week just in case there's some football on or something.
  3. mohikan22's avatar
    i see every one signing up for the sea YAAARRR!!!!
    deleted2996983's avatar
    Speak for yourself. I don't mind actually paying for things if I enjoy them.
  4. Waks_Trode's avatar
    One thing that needs to get solved is the number of adverts you get when resuming a show. I have young children so if I'm watching a show that's 45-60m episodes then I will probably watch halves of episodes from time to time. Succession was painful on Now TV - you can't start to skip until you've watched a minute of adverts, but if you skip across an advert break then you have to watch ANOTHER minute of adverts. It's a terrible user experience.

    Remember that Amazon makes a profit of around $256b annually. That's nearly half a million a minute.
    luwpergwin's avatar
    I remember when Youtube was only skip in 4 seconds, now it's ridiculous. One trick I use on Youtube is to press the back button then play the video again and repeat a couple or three times and eventually the ad goes down to 4 -5 seconds. I might be spending more time backing in and out of videos than the original ad would have taken but it gives me something to do while the ad isn't on and I win on principle.
  5. Lil6ix's avatar
    Taking the absolute mick tbh.. so they increase the overall price, worsen the service then tell customers to pay more money to get the service they had already received a price hike on? Its a violation at this point..
  6. abigsmurf's avatar
    Maybe stop spending billions on terrible adaptations like LOTR and Wheel of Time. Not to mention the endless seasons and spinoffs of The Boys which has become exactly the sort of thing it was parodying.
    JeffsterRule's avatar
    Or making one season, leave on a cliff hanger and then decide to cancel. Arghhh!
  7. stedaman's avatar
    apparently companies can never have enough money.
    DJBlewitt's avatar
    They're $134 billion in debt.
  8. jimbo23's avatar
    Was going off Amazon for a while now to be honest, their customer service used to be reasonable, now its diabolical..
    teddybeers's avatar
    Can only agree.

    A lot easier to deal with problem on Ebay than amazon.

    Amazon will easily refund on cheap items, but anything slightly more expensive and will just refuse.

    Not to mention stolen parcel.
    For them a photo of the parcel under the hedge classifies as delivered successfully
  9. jimbo23's avatar
    I subbed to nowtv and noticed ads. One series I was watching, there was an ad every 8 mins or so. No thanks. Unsubbed.
    yetanotherdave's avatar
    ah, you clearly didn't get their "boost" option to remove ads, go above 720p and allow two simultaneous streams - only £6 a month!
  10. AverageBloke's avatar
    Why are adverts shoved in our faces so much? I deliberately try to avoid companies that over-advertise. If I want something, I go and look for it!
  11. badgerbrush's avatar
    Never paid Amazon subs or anyone else . Adverts on TV get muted or channel changed . Immune to adverts , I only buy what I need after deep research on price and feedback !
    keefly's avatar
    Yep, even TV shows that I'm really looking forward to I record these days then only watch them when they've finished so I can fast forward through the multiple 5 minute advert breaks, a far more satisfying viewing experience.

    Also do the same for Match Of The Day so I don't have to listen to the idiot pundits talking nonsense & laughing their heads off at their tiresome in-jokes
  12. navneet1311's avatar
    All streaming platforms are becoming more and more of pain than pleasure. Goodbye to all of them.
    Dan_425's avatar
    And hello wonderful Phsyical blurays for only £2 at charity shops and 4 Ultra-HD bluray 😁
  13. deleted2996983's avatar
    Dannyrobbo's avatar
    The level of D-Riding you’re doing on behalf of Mr Bezos is commendable, I know he doesn’t care but well done sir.
  14. XP200's avatar
    Fine by me, my prime runs out at the beginning of Feb so bye bye amazon, and i already ditched netflix before xmas, so that is me now sub free, feels great, and a big thank you to netflix and amazon for making this all possible. lol
    RomeoAlphaKilo's avatar
    I did before Christmas, and let me tell you, the dark patterns they use to get you to renew are quite insidious.
  15. Monkeyface's avatar
    I'm going to see how it is in practice but might also cancel at the next renewal.

    Alexa has been ruined by only letting you shuffle with random other songs, the Amazon Music on the phone flat refuses to even play the songs at all now, Prime deliveries never seem to be available next day any more (it almost always comes up 2 days), and most of the things I used to buy regularly have gone up in price beyond the supermarkets now too.
    Plus, as someone else pointed out, there are amazon lockers everywhere now, so you can generally get the free deliveries anyway if you don't mind picking it up from a locker on your way back from the high street or the supermarket or whatever.
    This might make it even less worth the 100 quids.
    gooner9999's avatar
    Getting rid of Prime doesn't affect Alexa as long as you still have an Amazon Account (logon ID).
  16. MrShaun_Warburton's avatar
    I am not paying them any more and cancelling my Subs at next renewal, Jeff Bezos can get someone else to pay for his space flights in future, but it won't be me.
  17. Skrotzilla1's avatar
    Most of Prime's content appears to be below 5/10 on IMDB
    deleted2996983's avatar
    Citation needed
  18. MrGrump's avatar
    I have been on an annual subscription for years but this will be my last. Charging extra for no ads is just pure greed - it's not my fault they've been spending millions on crap shows that nobody watches. I'll switch to a monthly sub, binge watch what I want to watch then cancel again (don't use Amazon Music). I don't think this is going to work out the way Amazon think it will. Without the free delivery when I'm on a cancelled period, I'll simply buy things from elsewhere if it works out the same and the order is less than £25.
  19. phunny12000's avatar
    I'm having second thoughts about prime now
    Plex etc have some amazing free stuff and it's the paying and still getting adverts that's the problem for me, love learning from YouTube but the paid plan is ridiculous, but ATM it's advertising every 4-5 minutes and it's really getting to me now
    Adverts for a pigging crap heater or camera every few minutes
    Ab101's avatar
    This heater is breakthrough technology from a scientist who no one’s heard of who was angry about energy prices!
  20. Dan_425's avatar
    Looks like 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ wins

    Freevee has loads of films is free and very short adverts. They even have a few 4k now.
    Literally Freevee probably on a par with Prime vidoe now except free. Bizarre really as its also owned by Amazon (edited)
    themachman's avatar
    Freevee has some great movie on it
  21. Scalesofjustice's avatar
    Prime video is naff, Amazon treat employees shockingly too. I still use Amazon mainly for third party sellers but I am actively avoiding giving Amazon money where possible.
    teddybeers's avatar
    In this case just move to eBay, Ali, temu

    3rd party on amazon means zero protection in reality
  22. radvan's avatar
    Row, row, row your boat …
  23. Jack_Doff's avatar
    Ah yes Amazon, so you give me the option of charging me an additional £2.99 per month so that I can watch things ad free. How long will that last until you either up the price or decide to add ads into everything? Consider yourself cancelled. I wont be pressured into paying more just so I dont have ads.
  24. AverageBloke's avatar
    Stupid question.... Is there any way to get Prime delivery only WITHOUT their music/video rubbish? Freesat and radio more than caters for my viewing needs.
    Muig1972's avatar
    Just get your stuff delivered to a pickup point- that gives you free delivery with no spending requirement.
  25. themachman's avatar
    £2.99 extra for no ads
    Another cancellation coming
    jono1975's avatar
    Remember when Bezos demanded he wanted a game of thrones for Amazon.

    What he got was season eight of thrones packaged as LotR.

    But seriously, don't they make enough.

    I'm cramming The Expanse before ads and will look for alternative uncompressed photo storage cheaper.

    If it wasn't for their delivery, prime video, music and maybe even Alexa would no longer exist. (edited)
  26. aLV426's avatar
    I guess this is the future for all media platforms now - even the BBC force adverts on you (admittedly it's for it's own content, but still),
    This is why we have a TiVo & Plex, I can't watch live TV anyway (no signal) and I wouldn't want watch it without the ability to skip ads or fast forward through the boring bits. I am in control of my AV entertainment now!
    Robert_Irwin's avatar
    Virgin Tivo used to be OK but almost all the catchups are now on apps with insane levels of advert.
  27. Nippy44's avatar
    Apparently the customer has to pay for improvements not the people that own the company who just take money out.
    Just look at the water industry
    jono1975's avatar
    Best advert for Nationalising essential utilities that is.

    Cost of not pumping raw sewage into the rivers and sea £10 billion. Shareholder payout £10 billion. (Not actual figures but ball park)

    The solution, customers pay for it. Dividends protected.
  28. Tonto's avatar
    My year of Prime is up at the end of this month anyway, it's been a decent 5 years or so but an Amazon Locker has opened up less than a 5 minutes walk from where I live so my free delivery is covered. With the lack of quality shows Amazon has been producing and just the way the Entertainment industry as a whole seems to be going downhill in quality I think it's time to return to the high seas I'm not paying 5 different companies money to stream segregated content. (edited)
    Mikiex's avatar
    Amazon locker delivery is free?
  29. Conkers816's avatar
    If this is going to be in addition to the £95 a year I currently pay for full Prime membership then they're taking the pee.

    Thankfully I don't actually watch a huge amount of content on Prime Video anyway, aside from Reacher, so it might not be too much of an issue. (edited)
    warlockuk's avatar
    Yeah, going from 60 to 80 to 100 quid, and then adding ads... There's not really that much to even watch because Prime's a bit annoying to navigate and spends half its time trying to sell you stuff.
  30. aviva's avatar
    I've just cancelled my subscription - the entire point of streaming was to not watch ads at a lower price than cable.
  31. jamesellis86's avatar
    Fallout TV Series coming in April must be costing them a fortune. Got to recoup some money incase it’s a flop.
    Dan_82's avatar
    Looking forward to this, really hope it isn't a flop :/
  32. SuperHardCousin's avatar
    "Allow us to continue investing"

    I hate that line.

    Am I able to see the distribution of my investment given that you're making a point of mentioning you need more? Love to see the % that's gone into absolute tripe.

    "We aim to"

    Ahh yes, so when you invariably start showing more than linear TV you've got a nice little route to backtrack. (edited)
    uog's avatar
    Yes where's this MGM content they bought
  33. trevorcocks's avatar
    They need to raise more money somehow for original content, so why not. ITVX is no different, unless you pay. Prime still offers so many advantages, not just Prime video. So fair enough imo.
    stedaman's avatar
    Yes the trillion dollar company needs to raise more money as they are short of it clearly....
    They are getting enough money already, this is just pure greed.
    They don't even pay the correct taxes, nothing ever gets done about it.
    Comparing Amazon to ITVX, they are not comparable, 1.64 trillion to 3.15 billion dollars (edited)
  34. AverageBloke's avatar
    If we all refuse to buy what is advertised, what's the point of vendors paying for adverts? I deliberately avoid buying products that are "over-advertised" on TV.
  35. Nigel_Tufnel's avatar
    Prime is getting worse and worse.
    stugoo7's avatar
    Agreed. Won't be renewing. 👎
  36. silencesanctuary's avatar
    Surely you can cancel and get a partial refund if you've paid up front and now they want an extra £3 a month for the previous ad-free experience you signed up for?
    JeffsterRule's avatar
    They will most likely have a Force majeure clause or a we use to say "forced to take bullshit" clause
  37. kyle114's avatar
    so that they can do abominations like rings of power
  38. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    Sorry Amazon - nope. My Prime ended yesterday.

    Exceeded by download limit on my VPN for the first time in years - feels good to be back, me hearties!

    (These two statements are not linked - honest)
  39. doublecuffs's avatar
    I cancelled my Prime as soon as they sent me a message to say they were going to have ads. It ended on 13th Jan and I haven't missed it at all yet.
  40. DJ8's avatar
    I just watched a series on ITVX with adverts, let the adverts play while I went to the loo, made a drink, muted the TV and checked social media etc, didn't watch any and not worth paying for the convenience of removing ads.
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