Audi Connect Plug & Play device - Free of Charge (Targeted Offer) @ Sytner

Posted 21st Jan 2022
I received this offer in an email and it doesn't say it is personal so it must be available for all. Unfortunately I had already fitted this last year so I can't benefit from the deal but hopefully it will be useful for someone. Note that while you may get this and install this, you will not be able to use this concurrently with other trackers, for example if your insurance provider like ByMiles wants to use their own in your car's OBD port.

Description: The Audi connect plug and play app (iOS/Android) connects your smartphone via Bluetooth with the Audi Data Plug and your vehicle, turning it into a connected car in no time at all. The Data Plug can be fitted on a number of models built from 2008* and beyond. If you drive an earlier Audi, without an embedded Sim, you can still access Audi Connect features via the separate Plug and Play device which is now available to purchase.

With the Audi connect plug and play app, you can access the latest information about your vehicle at any time. In the “My Audi” section, you can view information such as mileage, chassis number and fuel level. You can even check how many miles and days are left until your next service appointment. This way, your next service is always at your fingertips. See below all of the benefits of always having key information about your Audi at your fingertips.

Terms: Plug and Play device is valued at £36. Pre MY 2008 vehicles are not applicable. Offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time.…ay/
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