Posted 28 April 2020

Beko washing machine leaking from soap drawer

Help! I have a beko washing machine which is currently leaking from the soap dispenser drawer. Seems to be when it’s in rinse. I’ve tried cleaning the drawer and the inside of the drawer as well as pouring boiling water down to try and dissolve any powder in the pipe. Anybody have any other suggestions? My next port of call is to take the lid off the machine to see if there is a blockage in the pipe but unsure how easy it difficult a task this is.
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    bigwheels28/04/2020 21:33

    Also never use washing powder as it blocked and killed the last machine

    Washing powder is best.

    Never exclusively use liquid detergent, because it doesn't contain oxygen bleach and also leaves gel residue coating the insides of the tub, which encourages mould and bacteria growth in the tub and a stinking machine.

    The oxygen bleach in powder tends to kill bacteria and mould as well as performing its intended function of removing stains from the washing. (edited)
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    Have you actually removed the drawer so you can clean in and around the tray so to speak, the often leak due to grim build up and thus the door not ceiling correctly
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    Thank you for all your advice. I took the lid off the machine. Dismantled the drawer compartment and gave it a thorough clean, along with the drawer. Done a few washes since and no leak!
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    My beko is brand new and was fine until I used liquid conditioner, obviously the drawer isn't blocked so I'm confused
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    If in final rinse, then you need to clean the fabric conditioner compartment in your soap dispenser, my guess is that you need to investigation to see if there is somehow, some click on flap that you can prise open and clean out any mould or washing powder in there.
    Here, the blue middle part, I don't have a Beko, so I am guessing, the general principle is the same on how this works, use your finger and gently prise to see if anything unclips, or just lift off easily, so you get right in with a little tooth brush and clean, like here as an example, and clean the holes/nozzles where the jets of water come into the soap dispenser.

    40570079.jpg (edited)
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    Had this issue on our hoover machine.
    First it was not putting conditioner through the wash and then started flooding.
    I took out the tray and cleaned the roof like the video, then used an electric toothbrush with an old head.
    Did the trick.
    Now after every wash I pull and wash the tray, dry the roof and wipe round the door.
    Leave the tray out and door open over night..
    Also never use washing powder as it blocked and killed the last machine
  7. Carlysmitham's avatar
    I’ve pulled the actual drawer out and given it a thorough clean, including the drawer compartment. I’ve also unclipped the blue part of the drawer to clean the conditioner compartment. Doesn’t seem to have worked though.
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    Has your water pressure increased? Try turning thre pressure down to thre washing machine on the tap (a partial turn). Could be that the rinse is drawing more water than the inlet can cope with.
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    Had water leaking out the front of the draw on my Zanussi washing machine a few years ago. Also the fabric conditioner frequently wasn't dispensed into the final rinse.

    Caused quite a bit of rust hidden under the paint too and I was lucky it didn't get onto the controller card.


    The cause on mine was black mould, both blocking some of the water jet holes in the plastic plate above the draw, and partially blocking one of the two crossing water inlet nozzles at the back of the draw, which redirected the water into the wrong section (the left hand nozzle should squirt water into the right hand side softener section, the right one squirts water into the left - prewash section, and when both are on, the jets collide and go into the centre main wash powder section).

    Mine was so bad, I took the lid and control panel off and removed the draw unit, unscrewed the fill nozzles, carefully unclipped its lid (not easy as there were loads of tags), and scrubbed it with bleach and cleaned out all the holes and jets. Also discovered the rust hidden under a then intact layer of flaky paint, so had to restore that too.

    If it is not too bad, I've had good success cleaning out mould with a steam cleaner, a spray bottle of black mould remover may help too (cilit bang black mould stuff is quite good) and you may be able to remove the fill jets at the back without dismantling the whole draw, if you need to, I think mine were held by a single screw. Run an empty wash after cleaning to get rid of bleach residue.

    Main cause of mould is the fabric conditioner gel, that retains water, providing a medium for mould to grow in. When you do a wash, don't overfill the washing powder, flatten it so it won't touch the holes at the top and block them up, leave the draw slightly open when not being used so it drys out. (edited)
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    Take the draw out and look above where the draw sits normally.
    There will be small holes that can get blocked, I normally get an old toothbrush to give it a scrubbing.
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    What's a "draw"?
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    Had a similar issue with my Beko and had to replace the drawer
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    Thanks all. I’ve managed to take the top off and get the drawer compartment out. I’ll clean the top of it thoroughly and give it another run to see if it solves it. Fingers crossed 🤞
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    Also happening with my Beko machine. I tried cleaning the drawer holes with a brush but didn’t work. Ended up taking the entire dispenser out and cleaned every jet spray hole with a toothpick. So far so good, hope this helps.
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    Hi. I've had exactly the same problem with my Beko: water leaking from bottom left of the powder box. I took the top off of the machine and dismantled the box, perhaps easier than it sounds. There was a round rubber seal in the box meant to stop water from escaping but it was simply too short and didn't go right around the edge: hence the leak. I replaced the rubber seal and used silicone sealant for the missing seal area and it's worked a treat. My wife was ready to buy a new machine and doubtless an engineer would have advised the same so feeling pretty smug!

    This is added 3 days after posting tge message above: feeling smug was premature as it leaked again on second wash after repair. Back to the drawing board... (edited)
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