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Best way to connect Samsung soundbar to lg tv

I've got a 65" LG CS TV and just bought a Samsung q930c surround sound. Do I just connect it to the TV with Bluetooth or do I need a hdmi or optical? Trying to plan ahead so I can get everything ready before the speakers arrive.
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    As mentioned above use a hdmi into the e-ARC slot, but no one mentioned above, you need to use a ultra high speed hdmi 2.1 cable to get the highest quality sound.
    Thats what i was told anyway when buying mine
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    I might be old fashioned but I think optical will give the best sound quality
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    No it won't.

    Dolby Atomos works only through HDMI.
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    Use hdmi, specifically the port labelled earc. I've got the 930c and it works nicely with an LG C2 that way (including atmos delivered from a chromecast).

    Not sure optical supports full bandwidth atmos btw. (edited)
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    I think you’ll be able to use HDMI eArc. This will likely mean the least number of wires and should mean anything that’s connected to the TV should use the soundbar. Should also mean that you can control the TV and soundbar using a single remote.
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