Posted 5 March 2024

Delayed luggage saudia airline

Me and husband travelled from Bombay to gatwick transit at jeddah on the 29 February.. our luggage did not arrive at gatwick..we took the delayed baggage claim number from the belt and were promised to b delivered home a day after....have done everything possible to retrieve our suitcases mentioned on their website but still waiting after 6 direct number to call,very frustrating..
Have anyone faced similar situation? can anyone help.please..
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    Hopefully you will get something back from the airline and or insurance company. Although not all travel insurance is the same but the cover I have through my bank dosnt cover delays to luggage for the final sector of the return journey. It dose how ever cover delayed luggage for outbound travel. Good luck.
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    We returned to the final sector of the return journey.dont have any insurance... Saudia airlines mentions 50 pounds per day for delayed luggage...not sure if they follow from the airlines reviews !!
  2. Anita_Bansal's avatar
    Received our luggage after 6 days...have applied for compensation...did anyone managed to get delayed baggage compensation as mentioned in there website.?
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    i applied for delayed compensation from air canada and also from the travel insurance as my mother and my dad were going to a party and they had to buy new clothes when they got there as they had no luggage. it worked out well actually
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    Never travelled with them but usual practises is it may take a while. They may say 1-2 days but thats usually rubbish. They have a duty of care to deliver the bags to your home. worst case scenario it goes missing youd have to fight it them THEN your travel insurance.
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    Thanks for the reply...I don't have travel insurance.
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    I checked online and right now, it seems Saudia has a flight only once a week to Gatwick, so unless they planned to send the bag to Heathrow, it would be a week until it came to Gatwick. So may be give it until Thursday or Saturday when their next flight lands?

    Separately, please prepare a list of what you had in the bags and their approximate value. For anything expensive, you will need to prove the value. This may be required to file a compensation claim. (edited)
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    We recently had this at Heathrow, were you given a link to track your luggage online? Ours also arrived later than the stated date but once it was marked received things progressec quickly from there

    I agree it's frustrating that they don't give any way of contacting them, not even an email address
  6. mutley1's avatar
    it can take a while for delayed luggage to arrive. my mother had delayed luggage when she went to canada and it was not returned until more than 2 weeks later. they put the luggage on the empty flights so whenever that is, as in their mind, there is no hurry as to how long the delay is.
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