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Disney plus upgrade to ads free

Got a 12 months free disney plus code , read somewhere people are paying £3 to get the ads free version, just can't see confirmation whether it's a one off or is it extra £3 every months.

Thanks in advance
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  1. luv_a_deal's avatar
    Could they have meant the £3 p/m difference in the plans:…lus
  2. Jeeseymoose's avatar
    I done this with a Samsung code

    I first changed my subscription to annual payment and then upgraded to the 4k subscription

    It says pay £3 odd now and then next payment will be Jan 2025
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    Do you redeem code first than change it to 4k subscription, just want to make sure I don't mess it up
  3. Daffydills's avatar
    same, £3 one off payment next payment jan 25'
  4. Jon_Martinheg's avatar
    I was able to do this too. It charged me 2.35 and next payment will be Jan 2025
  5. tom1234321's avatar
    Interesting, I asked disney this and they said I couldn't upgrade it. It'll be up to samsung (I also got 12 months' code)

    When I try to change to annual 4k, it asks for £70 and the next payment will be 03/25 . When i try to change to 4k monthly, it asks for £2 and next payment 12/24

    How confusing?

    So if I just pay £2 I'll get premium every month until December, or is it £2 per month?

    My 12 months ends in December.

    Spoken to Disney+ live chat, they said it's a glitch and shouldn't be like that. If you upgrade you'll lose the samsung promotion. (edited)
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