Posted 25 April 2024

Easy Jet Carry On Bag/Rucksack Recommendations.

I've had a quick look on eBay/Amazon/Temu for a small carry on bag/rucksack for a upcoming trip.

Most are priced between £20 and £40 but I was wondering if anyone has purchased one recently that they would recommend.

easyJet carry on size is 45x36x20.

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  1. samwants2save's avatar
    Cabin Maxx 30L (metz?) Lightweight, fits loads, lasts forever. Good quality, keeps you hands free. I'm sure there's cheaper copy cat bags which may be better value.. I haven't tried any others.
  2. Misslovely's avatar
    £12 Amazon type easy jet
  3. Ouzoherb's avatar
    I got a £10 one at blacks/ go outdoors , not full size but did the job and worth the money
  4. ukros's avatar
    We use the Kono carry on backpack: very convenient because it opens up like a little suitcase. Sturdy and comfortable to carry.
    It's well within the Easyjet dimensions, but that makes it Ryanair and Wizzair legal too.

    About £12.99 from various sellers on eBay, including this one offering a discount if you purchase two.
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