Posted 19 November 2023

Help my choose a replacement for a LG G5

So I bought us all LG G5 handsets (their "flagship" model) back in the day and managed to convince the kids that they didn't to refresh. Sadly a few apps won't run as they need the latest OS. I need to replace the last 2 now (I went for Samsung Galaxy A23 & A53). What is the best VFM? Should I stick with Samsung? What would you recommend for a 12yo & 17yo?
There's just too many to choose from!
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  1. Bbqueue's avatar
    If it's still a 8, the O2 refresh deal on the a34.
  2. 001Cisco's avatar
    What's your budget?
    I would probably go fo A34/ A54 if go for Samsung.
    aLV426's avatar
    I need to buy 2 so I was hoping for under £250 each, lower is better of course, but they expect something on power to the LG G5 (it's only issue is the lack of OS upgrade options)
  3. jameshothothot's avatar
    redmi note xx or poco xx - check out and follow

    i had an lg g5 as had replaceable battery and got a £179 mi 10t lite 5g 3 three years ago and still going strong and got my son a redmi note 11 for just over £100 a year ago black friday
    redmi note 12 i think for similar these days
    has all you need. great processor nice amoled display. great battery in contrast to the lg g5!
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    Thanks - I'll keep an eye out for deals - the LG G5 had the advantage of going for 0% battery to 100% in under 5 seconds. In fact you can replace the battery quicker than you can turn it off and ultimately I think that is where the problem started. The kids just swapped out the battery without shutting down and I guess it never had an opportunity to calibrate the battery leading to it powering off when it reported 40% battery life remaining. It's too late now to re-educate them on the correct way to swap out the battery, besides the battery compartment is loose now.
    The only thing that can't be overcome is the OS is stuck on version 8, everything else still outshines most other handsets! (Especially when you consider we have all the add-ons, the MP3 player, the camera pack, "proper" 3D googles and the still-in-the-box 360 camera - I do spoil my kids!)
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