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Posted 5 days ago

Iphone 13 Pro Max purchased from Cheapest_electrical with unusual model number

I have recently purchased iPhone 13 pro Max from well known retailer cheapest electrical ebay shop and it had 99 percent battery health and everything was working as it should with no issues. I cannot get along with ios so decided to sell it in market place and one guy came to purchase it and di dclose inspection of the phones and then told me that model number is unusual i.e it should be starting with letters instead of number 3J. He told me its not orginal which i dont agree as have used it for a week. I have done some research and found this

The first letter in the model number represents the source of the device. Currently, there are four known possible choices:

"F": refurbished unit

"M": retail unit

"N": replacement unit

"P": personalised (engraved) unit”

My model number starting with 3J . I cannot find any information about what does it means if model number start with number 1, 2,3 etc.. Strangely there is no serial number written on the box or they probably hided it with stickers . Another difference is when you go to converge you do see only two options...

Paid repairs and service : available
Phone support: available

people definitely should look at model number when buy cheap iPhones from cheapest electrical nomrally comes in decent condition and battery health.

any further information or output ?
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  1. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    First result on Google.

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    But F letter also suggest its refurbished and another person saying these are demo units which are not meant to be sold but work fine

    I guess only apple can answer it because their support coverage is also different
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    He told me its not orginal which i dont agree as have used it for a week.

    If you've only had it for a week can't you just return it?
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    yes have this option available but wanted to gather information about model numbers and what they actually means and experiences of any other member who purchased such iPhones from this seller. I guess will book appointment with apple stores and will see what they say
  3. TeaTimeTales's avatar
    Was it advertised as refurbished?
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    Yes as below picture shows, refurbished and sold by cheapest_electrical on eBay.

    Also got the knowledge on these forums that the same company manage eBay Tescooutlet mobile shop as well!

    The return window for the phone is 2 months.

    52280524_1.jpg (edited)
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    Any way my phone has been sold now
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    Why would any company change a serial number of an iPhone after refurbing it? What's the point?
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    Serial number was not changed . I assume most of these are just demo units rather than retails version which companies sell it cheaply. They have no manufacturers warranty from the beginning even though work fine
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    Just be honest.. You didn't want to return it because you regularly buy phones and sell them on for a profit.

    Did your "friend" get his money back in the end? Thought your friends and relatives came to you for phones anyway
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    Mate i would not be sleepless over your assumptions yes i buy phones for relatives and freinds. I also love trying different phones and keep changing it if dont like them or if get bore with them
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