Just discovered Chase instore card number is DIFFERENT to your online one and it's been screwing up my cashback

Posted 1st Dec 2022
Like many on here I signed up to Chase banking earlier this year and if you're familiar with it you'll know the physical debit card you get is numberless. You can view the 16-digit card number on the app, but I had always assumed that this number was the same number associated with the physical card. But today I discovered it is not.

I only found this out because I was having to manually submit support tickets for missing instore cashback transactions on Airtime Rewards and I couldn't figure out why my online transactions were tracking fine, but my instore ones were not. When I looked more closely at the individual transactions on my Chase app I was puzzled to notice that the last 4 digits displayed for the card used to make these instore purchases were unfamiliar. I queried this with Chase customer service and they explained that the physical card number is different to the digital card number, even though it's for the same account. Mind blown.

So my next question to customer service was: Where can I see my physical card number so that I can add this to my Airtime Rewards and Topcashback accounts, and therefore ensure future instore transactions will be tracked? And their incredibly frustratingly reply was that Chase will not tell their customers their own physical card number. (They cited "security reasons").

So if, like me, you've got a Chase card and you've wondered why none of your instore purchases have tracked on cashback sites... well, now you know. The only workaround for this farce as far as I can tell is add your digital card details to Google Wallet/Apple Pay and pay instore that way rather than using the Chase card itself.

To sum up, there's no way of finding out more than the last 4 digits of your own physical Chase debit card number. If there is then please do tell...

EDIT: as @Russ2626 mentioned in the comments below, there is actually a working loophole to find out your physical card number if you've used your Chase card on the TFL (Transport for London) network.
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  1. Russ2626's avatar
    Apparently if you have a TFL transaction on your Chase account, if you view the transaction details, there should be a button at the bottom for adding your card to TFL which will show your physical card number (I haven't been able to test this yet)
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    You are spot-on! Just checked my TFL transaction from October and sure enough, there is an option to see the full physical card number - fantastic loophole, cheers!
  2. anouj's avatar
    you can get one of the nfc card reader apps then scan your card and you’ll get your card number (totally safe as the only info you can get is card number)
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    Thanks, needed to know my card number, and this has done the trick.
    The app I used seemed legit, but I scanned the card whilst in airplane mode and then deleted the app and the data before disabling airplane mode
  3. bozo007's avatar
    You can only see the last 4 digits of the physical card number, that too if you click on the transaction within the app. Chase explains it here.

    And Airtime works for me just fine - my physical cards are registered with them but I pay through Google Wallet which attaches a different number to the physical card. (edited)
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    How have you registered your physical Chase card with airtime and Google Wallet? If the 16 digit number is from the Chase app then it's not the physical card number.
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    CB works find for me be it card, the card number if buying online or using Google wallet for purchases. There are only a few places you aren't eligible for it - DVLA and Passport office being two of note.
  5. Russ2626's avatar
    Thanks for the info. That does make sense as the only Airtime rewards transactions that tracked for me with Chase have been Wagamama where I paid online by scanning the QR code at the table

    I also tried contacting Chase customer service but they are clueless. (edited)
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  7. Ferris's avatar
    I had to get a refund instore the other day and the CS asked to check my card number against the receipt. It was late and a small amount so she just put it through, but if I couldn't demonstrate it was my card even with the app it might have caused problems! I suppose I could show the transaction in the app, but from the way she looked at the numberless card in bemusement I'm not sure how well that would work...
  8. jungleboy123's avatar
    It locked me out of a purchase about 3 weeks ago. It started to ask me for ID etc on the app before i was able to go ahead. Thank goodness i had another card. Can just imagine if i didnt have any cash or a backup card i'd be stuck....
  9. jinkssick's avatar
    Tried to use Chase for use abroad. Did not like the fact it took absolutely ages to top up from my main account. Took like an hour when I top up Starling it's done instantaneously.
  10. BigPlonker's avatar
    Dashlane is an app you can use.
    Popeye_the_Sailor's avatar
    Is this for iOS?
  11. Chadvalley's avatar
    This is a total issue ! I’ve had fraudulent activity on my account and it’s been using the physical card even though it’s In my purse ! The company requires the first 6 digits and final 4 of my card number yet chase can’t provide it ! What bank can’t provide a customer with their own details ! What’s the point In having 2 diff card numbers for the same account !!! they don’t even understand when you try to explain 
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