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Like new Samsung fold 4 giffgaff warranty experience


I purchased a fold 4 like new condition from a giffgaff deal on this site. The inner screen screen protector has started lifting down the middle. The phone is still in warranty. Before I contact giffgaff, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with giffgaff and whether they would replace the screen protector on the fold?

Many thanks.
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    I would just contact Samsung, that's likely who you will get passed to anyway in end.
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    Can you still contact Samsung even though you purchased it from giffgaff refurb?
  2. Prosamuraiman's avatar
    Samsung offers one free screen protector replacement within the first 24 months of ownership, so just go to them and tell them to replace it for free.
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    Do you still have the 24 months of ownership even though you purchased it from giffgaff refurb?