Posted 12 January 2024

Looking for a 70-75" TV for home cinema

Looking for a 70-75" TV for home cinema. Mainly films/sport/Netflix.
I haven't had a TV in 4 years, been using pc instead so I'm thinking any TV is going to be good for me but I don't want to have to upgrade soon

So budget preferably under £1500 but I could stretch to £2k.

The LG 75QNED91QE at AO is £999, any reason why i shouldn't go for that?
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    Try Google
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    I'm looking for recommendations from people on here who have knowledge of this type of TV and are budget conscious. Try just ignoring the post if you dont think it should be posted.
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    Recently bought a Samsung UE85CU8000 from John Lewis, it can be had for £1499 though it's slightly bigger than what you're looking for. It has inky blacks as it uses a quality VA panel which is also 100Hz native (pretty sure the smaller versions use a 60Hz panel though)
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    Thanks, 75" is the biggest I can get away with really. I'll look into the Samsung range