Posted 23 November 2023 - Legit or Scam?

I've found this website and was just wondering if anyone has used this before?

Ourfriday | Shop for Electronics | About Us

They have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 for a really good price. Normally I wouldnt entertain something like this if I havent heard of the site etc. But all the other products seem normal priced and reviews on Trust Pilot seem to show positive?

Just wondering if anyone here has used or has experience of this site?
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  1. Ernest_Mocarski's avatar

    this company is not fake
    1st of all the company has delivery partners like royal mail
    2nd of all the brand is verified by visa
    3rd of all they have a return and refund policy
    and last of all 4th of all they have shops you can go to
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    And 5th you joined just to tell us that
  2. Anna2608's avatar
    I ordered a phone from them and they provided a fictitious shipment number that does not exist in any of the courier systems that supposedly provide services to them. This company is a scam. They scammed me of £260, now I have neither phone nor money. They are fraudsters.
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Unless you were foolish enough to pay by Western Union, or Amazon vouchers, then do a chargeback
  3. EnbyEmily's avatar
    -Social media links dead end. No phone number for support - what’s app number says ‘what’s app only’, and office address is rented from London office - no actual office. 
    -10% PayPal fee I’m pretty sure is against PayPal terms.
    -Expedited shipping been £60 suggests it’s from overseas - and there’s a 4 day lead time for an order to be shipped which is poor. 
    -Calling the cost of postage for a return ‘logistics fee’  
    - “Tracking numbers and photos for returned parcels should be provided with OurFriday once parcels are sent.” Is awful grammar.…ion - straight copy paste from back market. Even left the part where it says if you don’t notify of the defect the seller isn’t obligated to repair, implying third party vending.
    - The privacy policy ‘top 5 points’ thing is a direct rip from Oh C’est La Vieic, Deal Monday, fauxpology - deal Monday is owned by the same ppl (what’s app only contact, same design and same address).
    - Privacy policy itself is a purely stolen copy from Pretty little thing they didn’t edit it well
    “Any third parties processing customer data outside of the EEA on behalf of PrettyLittleThing must participate in the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield frameworks.”
    - Privacy policy says parent company is Endless E-Commerce Limited At yet another virtual office and according to companies house is dormant.
    - Newsletter button leads to contact form.
    - ARE THERE ANY EXCLUSIONS TO NEXT DAY DELIVERY? - is bs as the quickest delivery is 2-4 working days. The terms also mention next day, so I take it this is stolen too. By looking that up I found another company they run pricelulu 
    - I should add PriceLulu is run by “MEAS Holdings Limited“ at again a virtual office and was dissolved in feb with the owner in China. Endless Ecommerce is run from Pakistan. Deal Monday is run by a guy in Hong Kong under the entity CLFF TRADING LIMITED. Faxupology is a dormant company, with a British director, but the website contact address and registered address don’t match. Oh C’est La Vieic has no info to go on, but it is a similair design to the former and uses the same GoDaddy checkout process.
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    Kudos at 4am on boxing day. Seemed the point of marginal gains at that point but you went the extra mile.
  4. PS5's avatar
    I think you know it is fake. Well done for asking though instead of gambling on something that won't ever arrive.
  5. Sweetchinmusic's avatar
    Yeah I’m very sceptical but I’ve been reading about this and other companies that operate as Grey Market Importers.

    I did find another deal on a similar site but can’t post a link here unfortunately!

    Normally don’t trust sites like this but Trust Pilot seems to show it as being legit. Of course I take that with a pinch of salt but online seems to show people have used with success rather than not?
    PS5's avatar
    It isn't real. The end. Look at the site, the prices, the contact being a WhatsApp number.. And that took seconds..
    Feel free to order though
  6. AndyRoyd's avatar
    The company allegedly operating the webstore was
    dissolved via compulsory strike-off
    six months ago.

  7. HotRodTrotter's avatar
    That website is almost certainly set up and operated in China. The text on the page clearly shows it's not written by an English speaking person.

    "Buy Online Convenient"

    "Do you ship to PO Box addresses?

    No, our courier could not send the parcel to any PO Box address"

    Then a bunch of their text is lifted directly from Currys website.

    A fair few of them are, in fact.

    They have "Follow us on Facebook and Instragram" in the footer, but they don't exist.

    So many red flags.
    EnbyEmily's avatar
    I added a dozen for extra measure,
  8. bobdylan's avatar
    Why even take a chance with these type of sites? Just order from somewhere reputable
  9. Sweetchinmusic's avatar
    Cheers all.

    To be honest it was a family member asking me about it. Personally I wouldn't use it but the stuff online like Trust Pilot and other sites similar made it hard for me to disprove that its completely not legit.

    Was just curious if anyone had/has ever used sites which are known as 'Grey Market Importers' as its the first time I've come across them.

    Agree the site doesn't look legit at all but never hurts for a second opinion.

    Many thanks for everyones comments
    becca.louisePYl's avatar
    Ordered 10 days ago and arrived yesterday. Genuine site and item delivered from the UK. Really pleased with my purchase
  10. The_Circle's avatar
    Legit website. Just received my earphones this morning. I'll not think twice about ordering here in future. I'd rather save a few quid for having to wait a couple of extra days.
  11. Mcharlton's avatar
    I’ve received my earphones that don’t work. Rather than arrange a replacement as I asked, they said to take it to a repair shop as it’s covered under warranty. I’ve now said I want a refund or I’ll be taking it further. This is my third social media website where I’m saying this and I’ll continue until they fix up. Avoid them.
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    3rd? Wow... I suggest you don't go for the quadruple
  12. FAZZ_'s avatar
    Its legit but very slow ordering time. I got a Samsung 6 watch but took so long I ordered from Dixons and had to send the Currys one back. I'm not the first to do this either. It is legit though.
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    OK 1st time poster
  13. becca.louisePYl's avatar
    This site is 100% legitimate. Like many of you I was unsure whether to place an order but I did for a Samsung Galaxy watch. It arrived yesterday and it is a boxed, sealed genuine item. More than happy and a fraction of costs elsewhere. Tracking was up-to-date at all times. Highly recommend!
    PS5's avatar seem very annoyed for a new poster. 5 posts in 5 minutes.

    A fraction of the cost? Lie.

    A police officer for 25 years.. Hahaha
    Not from your photo..

    OK, humour me. Please post your tracking history that was up to date at all times. I would love to see where it came from and how long it took.
  14. becca.louisePYl's avatar
    Why would I post a photo of me in Uniform? I retired on 18th January FYI!!
    You clearly don't like a bargain who have something against this site!
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