Posted 23 January 2024

Samsung S24 Ultra pre-order delayed delivery dates.

Ordered a Samsung S24 Ultra via the Samsung website pre-order service for delivery on 24th January. Paid in full on 18th Jan and received an email confirmation shortly afterwards.

Been checking the Samsung order status page and its still showing option 3 'order confirmed'.....but has not moved to option 4 'preparing for dispatch'.....ideally you want it to move to option 5 'on the way'

Emailed Samsung chat support this afternoon and after approximately 30 mins of chat it transpires that the phone and accessories may not be delivered on 24th January as booked at time of order. It took me quite a bit of prodding to get that admission.

Basically told that if you haven't received an email or text notification of delivery by the end of today then you will likely receive an email tomorrow with an updated/revised delivery date. DPD are I believe the people contracted to deliver the phones.

This obviously won't affect everyone but there will potentially be a lot of disappointed people....particularly if they have booked the day off work to be in for delivery. So worth checking your order status if you haven't received an email confirmation of dispatch/delivery update.

UPDATE - order now arriving by 9th February instead of 24th January. Don't bother logging into your account as it won't tell you anything.

UPDATE 2nd FEB. Samsung subsequently changed the status to preparing for despatch around 28th Jan. Checking status on their order tracker it now displayed 'delivery by 2nd Feb'. On 31st Jan it changed to 'on its way' and it was delivered today 2nd Feb. As some people have noted if you speak to Samsung via live chat or phone call they may offer you a 'goodwill' voucher for money off a future purchase from Samsung if they have significantly delayed your phone delivery when you pre-ordered.
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  1. michael6's avatar
    Same for me, delivery date of tomorrow, but just now had an email, delayed until 26th... (edited)
    AWard911's avatar
    Yep...I've just had an email.....24th January is now the 9th February.

    Great pre-order launch 👏
  2. D476's avatar
    Ordered 1tb titanium blue on 17th. Selected 24th. Everything said before 24th, then had email on 23rd changing to 9th Feb.

    Poor effort Samsung...
  3. manuel_yemoh's avatar
    Hey all, this is my first time posting but wanted to share that Samsung offered me a £100 voucher -

    I called them up and was on hold for 40 minutes and explained that I chose an exclusive colour which was promised for the 24th and how I have not received the goods as promised so I would like to escalate this claim to the complaints department as this disappointment has caused me "emotional distress" (The fact all my friends received their phones did cause distress XD)

    Attached is the email they sent me

    Hope this helps!

    Njay's avatar
    That's encouraging

    I would just make sure you can use the discount code in conjunction with other offers
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Some people were saying you couldn't get a refund until they had attempted you could be waiting 14 days after your estimated delivery date...

    T&C uses the term "cancel" for refund whereas legislation often uses the term "withdrawal".
    Largely irrelevant - you can just convey your cancellation/withdrawal at any time from the instant of order placement up to 14 days after receipt.
    There is no need to wait for delivery, nor despatch, nor non-despatch, nor might-despatch.

    Shamdung may provide a cancellation form on its website, somewhere, but legislation states the victim consumer can simply tell the trader to shove it:
    32. - (1) To withdraw an offer to enter into a distance or off-premises contract, the consumer must inform the trader of the decision to withdraw it.
    (2) … the consumer must inform the trader of the decision to cancel it.…the consumer may either -
    (a) use a form following the model cancellation form in part B of Schedule 3, or
    (b) make any other clear statement setting out the decision to cancel the contract.
    34. - (4)Reimbursement must be without undue delay, and in any event not later than...
    (6) ...the end of 14 days after the day on which the trader is informed of theconsumer’s decision to withdraw the offer or cancel the contract.
    and the 14 days should provide sufficient time for the company to have another strike-off/dissolution notice filed

    All above info will have been presented to you prior to order - as it is a legal requirement,
    and obviously a company of such impeccable stature would not flout legislation.

    Note the company's biased expectation for comms medium stated in t&c:
    All formal notices given by you to us must be given in writing to Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited at Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited, Samsung House, 2000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0RS (FAO: Executive Office). We may give notice to you at either the e-mail or postal address you provide to us when placing an order...

    Anyways: if you can't be bothered to
    make any other clear statement setting out the decision to cancel the contract
    here's the model cancellation form as provided by Legislation Gov UK:

    as lifted from bottom of…ade
    Rich_Gascoigne's avatar
    Cancelled my order online and got the refund within 12 hours.
  5. AWard911's avatar
    9th February...what a bunch of jokers!

    Tempted to cancel my order now. They are quick enough to take the money....but awful with their customer service.
    Jonwillis's avatar
    Same as last year the delivery estimates were wildly out
  6. Paul__B's avatar
    I ordered mine on the 17th, due for delivery today. The status is showing as "On its Way", and DPD have messaged with a slot of 17:19 to 18:19. This all sounds positive, but reading this thread makes me cross my fingers and hope for the best!
    Depzer's avatar
    You'll definitely get it today if you've got a timeslot. It means the parcel has left its depot and is officially on its way to you. This issue is more if it hasn't been dispatched from the samsung factory.
  7. Bigcats30's avatar
    Samsung claiming it will be UP to 14 days before they even initiate a refund (weird how taking money is instant but refunding it is delayed) THEN claim it can be between 7-30 days before I actually see the refund

    Absolute scam artists, in 2024 when digital money is instantly moved around the world until you want a refund
    AndyRoyd's avatar
  8. neilhukd's avatar
    Just spoke to them again, now 9th again not tomorrow as I was told on live chat. I really can't believe they've messed it up this badly
    seanmac's avatar
    Call them back and demand a £100 voucher as others have gotten it
  9. nigel.clifford's avatar
    Same here, delivery by 9th Feb
    AWard911's avatar
    Funnily they are experiencing higher than usual wait times for customer chat after sending out emails at 7pm the night before customers are expecting their orders to be delivered.

    Luckily I've cancelled my leave for tomorrow and will head into work....but for some people that won't be an option.
  10. Nym2105's avatar
    Same here ordered the 512gb BLUE. Got the email last night saying 9th feb called them this morning to be told they don't even know if it will even come on the 9th. I Asked about compensation and they responded with " cannot be given unless the items delivered" so dont waste time with them. Absolute joke
    Azwipe's avatar
    When you finally get it go back on chat and with a little persuasion they should give you a £50 voucher off any order. Worked with the Flip 5 delays a few weeks ago.
  11. patrick.rice's avatar
    My experience differs slightly to some others...

    I ordered the Titanium Blue 1TB (one of the exclusive colours).

    During the ordering process, at the time it would only show delivery slots FROM 9th Feb onwards - so I chose the 9th thinking it was simply just an initial 'placeholder' slot.

    I then messaged Live Chat - and after starting at around 39 in the queue, got disconnected three times.

    Eventually I got to chat to someone about my complaint of not looking to be getting the phone early like I expected on pre-order...

    ...and was immediately told by Chat that as I'd picked an exclusive colour variant, delivery wouldn't be until the 9th Feb, but more to the point, according to her, this was stated clearly in advance on their website that "Orders for Exclusive Colours will not ship until 9th Feb".

    I told her I had not seen this when ordering and I still wanted my complaint escalated.

    She said she'd refer it to Complaints, but that they'd likely reply back to me to say exactly the same with it being on the website in advance (allegedly).

    Up until now, I've had no contact from Complaints Team to be able ask for a link to where this warning is allegedly shown.

    Moreover despite ordering whilst logged in to my Samsung account, it got created like a "Guest Order", so it doesn't show in my Orders area. Nor did I even get an email confirmation. The only thing I got was my bank's payment confirmation etc.

    So she gave me the Order Number to be able to search for it manually (which does then show a proper order etc).

    I therefore asked her to transition the order into my actual account and she said she would do this, but any points credit or such like, would not transfer over too though when she did this.

    I said this was another gripe from me in such case then, as I hadn't done anything wrong and was logged into my account when I placed the order, but told her to go ahead and move the order over into my Account nevertheless.

    And yup - I'm still waiting, and this hasn't been done.

    Samsung CS are truly dire nowadays - so good luck getting a £50 voucher as some have said. I couldn't even get an acceptance Samsung had in any way erred.

    But the short take from my CS woes - Samsung claim that Exclusive Colour Orders do not ship until 9th Feb, and that their website allegedly stated this.

    (Though I didn't spot it anywhere).
    AWard911's avatar
    I think that is a lie from Samsung customer service. I've put some screenshots of the exclusive colour option delivery estimates showing today.....exclusive colours orange and green clearly show delivery dates before 9th Feb....with orange being available by 26th Jan.

    They all stated 24/01/24 delivery with pre-order when I originally placed order on 18th as I was trying to decide which colour I wanted so checked all the options.
  12. neilhukd's avatar
    What time and day did everyone order who has had their 1TB delayed?

    Order Confirmed: 18 January 2024, 14:20
    Abin_Paul's avatar
    Ordered 18,.. expected 24 Jan... Delayed to 9 feb
  13. MyNameSucksBad's avatar
    Got my Ultra today and am taking it back. It's become more like the Iphone. Sideloading is almost impossible now
    ezgeezer's avatar
    Odd, mine come today and have installed a few APKs without issue. I have an Huawei GT3 Pro watch so use HMS core and Huawei app gallery to install their health app and features as it was all removed from Google play store or other features did not work. I did have to accept to install unsupported apps.
  14. Baw_Bag's avatar
    these phones are getting too big to carry about, i got the s23 ultra and while its good to use, its murder in the pocket lol
    scotinthecity's avatar
    Exactly why I got the S24. My s21 is the best phone I've had in ages. Was gonna go Google pixel 8 but I hear they overheat quite significantly
  15. Abin_Paul's avatar
    Ordered titanium grey 1 TB.. to be delivered on 24 a mail yesterday saying it'll be delivered on 9 feb
    Rich_Gascoigne's avatar
    Ordered my 1TB on 18th Jan - booked for today 25/1 - got an email today saying I'm looking at 9th feb. Very Poor experience. Feels like 1TB is the issue (edited)
  16. neilhukd's avatar
    I didn't realise Samsung had managed to mess up nearly every big pre-order they have done. I was hoping it would just be delayed by a few days but given what I've been reading getting it by the 9th Feb is going to be good going
  17. Tony_Di-Clemente's avatar
    Mines supposedly at the DPD depot not far from me (UK), yet the didn't deliver yesterday or today and stated 'operational issues' as the cause. But I can't even go pick it up
  18. realdeals's avatar
    My S24 turned up today, it's a really nice lightweight phone and feels like a toy compared to the Ultra.
  19. Genral.Panda's avatar
    This is poor that the pre orders from Samsung itself are delayed whereas order from EE and others have been delivered.
  20. discount_dude's avatar
    Looks like I'll be getting my phone tomorrow.

    I´m looking to sell the watch as soon as I get it. Found Envirofone who are currently paying £150 for it which I think is a pretty decent additional "discount" if you don't need the watch.

    Does anyone have any experience with Envirofone? If they're not as hassle-free as they claim to be I may as well list them on ebay.
    Azwipe's avatar
    Sent mine on Friday using the prepaid 48 hour label, emailed today saying accepted and paid.
  21. Nicholas_Barbar's avatar
    Mine was originally for Jan 24 and then they say by Feb 9. Of course I'm flying on the 9th so was about to give up on my order. However now it is saying preparing for dispatch, is there a chance it'll come earlier? How long were you guys stuck in preparing for dispatch?
    AWard911's avatar
    I think mine was in stage 4 preparing for dispatch for 2 - 3 days. But that was over a weekend. The delivery estimate changed from 09/02/24 to 'by 2nd Feb'. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday but I had to defer delivery so it is arriving today in the next few hours.

    If its changed to preparing for dispatch then you may get it sooner than the 9th Feb. Fingers crossed 🤞
  22. McShane's avatar
    Thoughts and prayers for those with delays, stay strong over the next couple of weeks.
  23. michael3's avatar
    s24 due to be delivered 2nd

    i cancelled it based on the cpu and similar specs to my existing s21 5g
  24. Rich_Gascoigne's avatar
    Gave up. Ordered from Sky 8pm last night got it at 430pm. Had to drop to 512gb - but shows it's not DPD, as DPD delivered mine.
    AWard911's avatar
    Oh it's definitely Samsung. They aren't even bothering to answer live chat anymore.

    Just giving a generic link on their website to how they can effectively change their delivery dates it's in the small print.

    They're also deleting your chat history from the live chat section so you can't go back to view if you have a live chat with their agent take screenshots of it in case you need to go back to them later otherwise they will deny stuff they have committed to.
  25. Christopher_Byrne's avatar
    Mine landed today ordered at 2300hr GMT on launch day just charging it and transfering apps so far wow
  26. Keanujeeves's avatar
    19th Feb for me
  27. PJ0's avatar
    Got mine on the last week of November 2023
  28. HankMcSpank's avatar
    Ordered the S24 Ultra was delivered yesterday (along with all the accessories)....I now wished I hadn't's virtually identical to the S23 Ultra I already had!
    Bobef90's avatar
    £50 for that old useless one
  29. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Cynics with a bias towards conspiracy theories may suggest there will be another delay beyond early Feb to permit the supplier to attempt another compulsory strike-off and have it away on their toes with any pre-payments,
    prior to The Crown inheriting the leftovers.
  30. Nihaar_Cherodian's avatar
    Each colour had a expected delivery date on the bottom of each...
  31. Candy_Man's avatar
    Ordered the 1tb version. Got it delivered yesterday by DPD.. came with the free watch as expected
  32. SK8SINGH's avatar
    Ordered mine via EE store from the employee discount and received it today before all of Samsung direct orders lol. Happy days
    xPabloz's avatar
  33. sankerkd's avatar
    Got my s24+ and the watch today. Planning to sell the watch , so didn't open the watch box. Please can someone confirm if the sports band is inside the watch box or does it come separately. I Just recieved the watch box with no mention of sports band on it. Thanks
    AverageBloke's avatar
    Be quick as eBay prices now approaching £100 after fees.
  34. Bigcats30's avatar
    My order won't show up in my profile (but does in the chat support) and stuck at processing despite promise of delivery tomorrow. No emailed received about delay or anything else other than initial order email.

    Order look up also doesn't work

    I bet its because people are cancelling in droves so trying to stem the flow

    Sat in the chat queue now (was 89 now 20)

    I'm cancelling (edited)
    Lucy_Bt4Q's avatar
    Mine won't load just like yours but mine was always booked earliest on 2nd feb
  35. lmolson's avatar
    Got mine great phone so quick camera is awesome battery last ages. Your gonna love it
  36. SailorMickey's avatar
    I`ve had mine for 2 days already. It is really good. Fast, battery still on 39% despite my constant playing and only charged it to 100% on the first day. The AI search and transcripts are decent.
    Very enjoyable and well worth the upgrade from an S10.
  37. Azwipe's avatar
    Got my Ultra on the 25th. Demand is high though with the crazy good launch offers this year.
  38. LordChocIce's avatar
    The joys of entitlement
  39. Bigcats30's avatar
    Order cancelled so I hope that speeds up someone elses delivery
  40. deleted2996983's avatar
    Mine came right on time but then I did order the yellow one which is probably least popular. Love it. Don't worry, all yours will come soon and this delay will be a distant memory
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