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Posted 9 September 2023

The Matrix Resurrections - Now free to stream (for Prime members) on Amazon Prime Video


Not worth buying but certainly worth a viewing now it's free for anyone with a Prime subscription.

“The Matrix Resurrections,” the long-awaited fourth film in the groundbreaking franchise reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous.

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  1. Mojomaster1979's avatar
    Awful movie tbf
  2. roy.motombo's avatar
    Awesome, I enjoyed this a lot in the cinema, been wanting to watch it again.
  3. HalfDemonHero1982's avatar
    This was a terrible film. They'd have to pay me to lose another 2 hours of my life to watch this again.
  4. Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Give it some credit guys, at least it makes the second and third film look good.
  5. Player_1's avatar
    How is this a deal? You have to be a Prime member to "enjoy" this film on their service.
    -Asking for a friend
    zippy99's avatar
    Avoids having to pay the rental price on streaming, or the DVD (cheapest) physical price.

    Avoiding buying something but still being able to see it (legally) is worth highlighting.
  6. liltman's avatar
    Wooop niceone, didn't wanna pay for it but will have to watch it, even if it's bad. Loved the others, have to watch this regardless lol
    zippy99's avatar
    In an infamous sequel, in that respect it's a must watch
  7. scottbcw's avatar
    Dont do it.. I watched it for free via chili and I felt I was owed a refund
  8. mluton's avatar
    Errrrrrr...... No!
  9. Grimsargh's avatar
    Tried to watch it last night. Sorry it was awful.

    I think I lost the thread of the plot after the first one .
    AzureMoon's avatar
    The Matrix series is a weird set of movies, and it has lots of theories about what goes on in the movie, but my favourite one is us.

    If you look at the movies in a slightly different way, they make much more sense in how the meaning behind them have changed over time, and why the second and third movies must exist.

    Originally, we see the first movie (before the others were released) as a movie with Neo trying to get out of the Matrix and wake up those living in the Matrix within the movie, fighting the machines that run the Matrix. However, with the release of the two-part sequel, Reloaded and Revolutions, the perspective of what the original Movie was about can change.

    If then we consider the first movie was actually about us in the literal sense of being in the Matrix, the movie then becomes a beacon of sorts, where Neo has successfully hacked the Matrix, and has used the cinema to broadcast his message in the form of a movie. Showing us we, the people, are the asleep in the pods.

    And we have to assume this because, people (us in the Matrix) had started to wake up from the original movie's release. Now with Neo's broadcast to us inside the Matrix, the machines made their own version of the movies to create disillusions of what the Matrix is, and thus the machines gave us the second and third movies. This resulted in people seeing the original broadcast hack by Neo as just another movie again. The quality and message behind the original 'broadcast' are now diluted and discredited.

    This is why in Resurrections; Neo again hacks the Matrix we're living in to try and broadcast a new the message. If you watch the Resurrections not as a movie as such, but a hack, broadcasting us a message... the movie starts to make a lot more sense.

    Let's face it 2, 3 and 4 are still terrible movies, but at least we've got excuses to why we've wasted 7 hours watching them.... unlike this comment sorry, not sorry - maybe you were a fast reader.
  10. MrKrabs's avatar
    Absolute dross, best to pretend it doesn't exist like the third and fourth ghostbusters films, or die hard 4 onwards

    Best thing about it is it makes the 2nd and 3rd films seem great
  11. spatter's avatar
    I'd pay not to watch it
  12. jco83's avatar
    I like it
  13. johnny_storm's avatar
    I loved all three of the films, but this was so bad. What a huge wasted opportunity.
  14. Evilcell's avatar
    Just outta curiosity if anyone know.

    I remembered there was a matrix MMO, I never played it myself, but remember it was said to continued the story? (after the 3rd movie)

    So did the MMO have story in it, and have they made it non-canon?
  15. darkstryder360's avatar

    Everyone had told me, "don't bother, its rubbish, its crap". Didn't hear a positive review from anyone, I am not sure why I decided to watch it the other night

    It wasn't as bad as I expected though, but that may be because the last film I watched was Heart of Stone, which was garbage.
  16. HDUK2022's avatar
    Save Yourself - don't watch it !!!
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