Wanted Wireless XBOX 360 Controller / Controller and Games Pack

Hey all.

I missed out on the deals of the wirelss controller and games through various sites such as HMV and PC World and there are no Comets in ireland so i was wondering does anyone know of any other sitres that do that package of the WIreless controller and the games such as Forza and Viva PInta?? Or do anyone know the cheapest price for a wireless controller on its own? I saw shopto.net doing it for about 18 quid delivered but i was wondering if there are any better ones?



were in ireland are you, I have NEW wireless controller never used.

If up north and collect it for 15 quid.

My xbox broken 5 times.
MS gave me a refund, and just ordered another xbox (must be mad)

Have 2 contollers already, and getting another with new xbox

Away on lunch, PM me or after 3:00 be back if want wireless controller

Original Poster

I dont mean to be rude but i was hoping for a brand new one. Anyone got any deals?
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