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Where to buy a sofa bed

Good morning.
I am looking for a sofa bed. Initially I thought buying used one will be cheaper. However, the facebook marketplace is filled with scams. Gumtree is like a desert and echoes the chirping of a cricket.
Any idea where to get a good deal for a sofa bed?
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    Have you tried charity shops?
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    I got new from futon company but in central London where I am gumtree is active. Shock is quieter but better
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    Griffinpark1982's avatar
    +1 we also added a mattress topper to ours as the mattress provided isn't ideal.
  4. PS5's avatar
    Sofa bed is a compromise and usually not as comfy as bed or sofa.. Cheap sofa bed likely to even more so.
    Slept on a friend's cheap one but couldn't sleep at all.
  5. JimboParrot's avatar
    As above. I sat on one at someone's house and was jolly glad I wasn't going to have to sleep on it! It looked lovely like white leather and had in fact never been used yet the older fabric covered one they also had was apparently much more comfortable.
  6. aLV426's avatar
    Yeah cheap ones tend to compromise on comfort and have a really thin "mattress".
    Have you tried Ikea?
  7. cornishscouse's avatar
    Buy a memory foam topper to put on the mattress. Makes it much more comfy to sleep on.
  8. themachman's avatar
    I got one of these from M&S
    3 years old now and still in great nick
    Long enough for tall people too
    They're regularly reduced so keep an eye out
    Think we paid £250?…fas
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