Posted 25 October 2021

Wilko pick and mix nuts and bolts

Just managed to buy over 200 washers for £2.49 using the brilliant pick and mix they have on nuts, bolts, washers, wing nuts etc. I crammed the bag full, you could go for a right old mix of useful stuff but I needed some big washers and these are a bargain!!!

Doubt every Wilko has this section but if yours does it is a treat.
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  1. JHD007's avatar
    Wilko have been doing this for ages, as you say great for hardware at a great price if building up a spares kit. (edited)
  2. aLV426's avatar
    What a strange concept! Do they sell by the kg?
  3. themachman's avatar
    Had these for ages but well spotted.

    I get a few bags a year and fill it to the brim of washers, nuts and bolts
  4. rpl4703's avatar
    aLV42626/10/2021 00:01

    What a strange concept! Do they sell by the kg?

    No you get as much as you can cram in the bag. Two sizes of bag from memory, brilliant value.
  5. wibbleboy's avatar
    They are great value, and very useful if you're after a mix of sizes; not the greatest of quality but good enough for general use. Pretty much useless for outdoor use though, they rust very quickly in exposed areas.

    Our local B&Q started a similar scheme for their basic screws and are also great if you want a bunch of various sized screws for DIY projects.
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