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Posted 14 July 2023

14 Night Costa Cruise Full Board from France to the Caribbean Full Board (For 2) Per Cabin

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Costa Cruises 14 night full board cruise.

Marseille (France) – Cadiz (Spain) – Tenerife (Spain) – St. Lucia – Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

9th to 22nd December.

Flights not included.

€618 per couple + €285 per couple compulsory charge

Works out at roughly £27.50 per person per night full board
More details at

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  1. ashuk's avatar
    I've just been on a 14 day Royal Caribbean cruise, and now I'm looking to book another! It was great!
    Also looking for one like this (transatlantic) as being onboard was so fun and there was always something to do or see, and the food was amazing. Can't wait for our next one
    badgerman2's avatar
    The added bonus of a transatlantic or repositioning cruise is that the crew are so much happier. Less busy, they are much more engaged. Happy to chat, talk about their lives and laugh with the passengers. It was a revelation the first time we did a transatlantic.
  2. Neo_Zhelev's avatar
    Really wanna do one of those but I'm a smoker and have no idea how it works for ppl like me as I know you can not smoke on the balcony as well and what about electric cigarette r they banned as well (edited)
    Chiptivo's avatar
    You have 6 months to give up the proven cancer givers.
    Take it as a challenge and save your life in the process of having a nice cruise.
  3. kevinyork's avatar
    Cruised 23 times with five cruise lines. I’ve spoken to enough previous guests to know not to touch Costa with a barge pole.
    ComingInHot's avatar
    Which cruise lines you'd recommend?
  4. deleted2936900's avatar
    Other than price I've never understood the appeal of these end of season relocating "cruises"

    You're basically paying to help them move the ship from Mediterranean to the Caribbean across the Atlantic ocean in December!
    plebbygiraffe's avatar
    Some people, for reasons unknown to me, enjoy cruising for the cruising part. A relocation cruise gives you that at a cheap price.

    If you're sailing on a luxury line, maybe it is a nice experience. But for a standard or budget line where you have no escape from people, no thank you. For me it is always about the ports and sea days are the devil.
  5. deleted2936900's avatar
    So many confusing sea days in season in the Caribbean (which I thoroughly enjoy) with days on end crossing the Atlantic ocean! They are not the same, this is not a cruise!

    I give up!
    ashuk's avatar
    Calm down, you're going to pop an artery! Some people have a different opinion to yourself, and thats totally ok (edited)
  6. sydney871's avatar
    Op there is a compulsory charge of €11 per adult per night so you need to add €286 to the total.
    Joetopps's avatar
    Thanks, will do
  7. wavecrest1's avatar
    That's a lot of days at sea..... And given its Costa, a lot of risotto. ;-)
    jnm21's avatar
    I believe they are one of the few lines to allow smoking on the balcony, which most banned after a fairly serious fire.
  8. vladdy's avatar
    Repositioning cruise, wouldn't recommend
    Sc00byDoo's avatar
    Repositoning cruises are great value. Before and after the summer season they need to relocate the ship to/from Europe. The ship is sailing across the Atlantic so they might as well fill it with paying guests.
    It's not everyones ideal cruise so that is why they are great value.
    Yes, some people enjoy all the different ports during a cruise, but given the price of repositioning cruises I'd go it (not sure about Costa right enough, but all cruise companies have cheap repositioning deals).
    For me, you getting the exact same ship facilities, luxury food, drink, entertainment etc as a normal cruise.
    You may not want it as a first cruise, but to me they're great value. (Just a shame my kids are still school age....)
  9. ilepak's avatar
    Well, I have just reserved a cabin as a solo traveller for £244'ish (theres a discount code on the site). I have until the 17th to decide whether to take it up. Plus £122 for the compulsory charge.

    That's £28 per night all in. I am giving this some serious thought. Any other views on the ship / company?

    Well, I've taken up the reservation and after some research taken the drinks package (a couple of coffees, beers, wines and cocktails per day and I've more than broken even) for a total cost of 846 euros. That's about £723 or £52 per day. For those that say you have to add in the cost of return flights, true but I was going to go to South America next year so this adds in the Caribbean. A couple of islands then a short hop to S America. YMMV (edited)
    Monaco.Blue's avatar
    Looks like all the inside cabins are now gone. PM if you decide to gove it up
  10. chrisporada's avatar
    I wouldn’t touch a Costa Cruise.
    Brits are just there to fill up the remaining cabins.
    Costa tend to cater more for the Italian, French and Spanish.
    rhumber's avatar
    That’s good then that means they won’t be serving up all day breakfasts etc 🏻
  11. Pokey's avatar
    Sorry HUKD, but why should this deal trigger my keyword alert for 'coffee'?
    Joetopps's avatar
    Costa 😁😁
  12. theghurka's avatar
    Getting to Marseille, getting from Dominican Republic and very likely a nights hotel in both seems a logistical nightmare to me. Plus you'd have to pay me to spend a fortnight on a cruise with the French!
    redrizla's avatar
    Totally agree with you mate it would be a nightmare
  13. Newbold's avatar
    £794 sounds cheap - until you add in the very substantial cost of two flights. One to France and one from the Dominican Republic.
    SweatySock's avatar
    Totally agree.
  14. Serialkillerz82's avatar
    No way
  15. flipper118's avatar
    Does anyone know if this is Full Board?
    badgerman2's avatar
    Yeah, eat what you like pretty much 24/7. 
  16. Avraj_Lalh's avatar
    What ship and liner ?
    Joetopps's avatar
    Costa Pacifica
  17. chris2618's avatar
    Probably should add the 800 quid for flights to get back.
    ComingInHot's avatar
    Or have a 6 month holiday in the caribbean and come back on another transatlantic cruise
  18. TCMoneyy's avatar
    A question for you cruise-goers here.. Is it cheaper to book cruises last minute or are deals posted here that are dated in advance cheaper or the same price as last min deals & are last min deals even a thing or as cheap as I'm being told?
    Newbold's avatar
    That depends a lot on the cruise company, the size of the ship, the time of year and the itinerary.

    The smaller ships doing more unusual itineraries, such as Iceland, for example, are more likely to sell out early. Bog standard trips to the Canaries on large ships outside school holidays may not, and may have to discount. Some of the best discounts to be had were after the Costa Concordia disaster!

    Difficult to second guess discounts, but the one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll be getting the accommodation nobody else wanted!
  19. deoiub's avatar
    This deal appears on the French site. Are there any issues booking this from the UK? Pricing on the UK site is different, so would need to book on the French site.

    Anyone booked it without issues?
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