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Posted 12 May 2023

Jan 2024 - 2 people - DoubleTree Hilton New York Times Square + BA Rtn Flights LGW + 23KG bags - 3 nts £1028 / 5 nts £1228 @ British Airways

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January 2024 early booking deal for a winter break to New York for two people working out at £514 per person for 3 nights (£1028 total) or £614 per person for a longer 5 night break (£1228 total), including BA flights, 23kg bags and 4* hotel DoubleTree Hilton New York Times Square West (no resort fees). The flights are direct flights from Gatwick to JFK. Sample dates for lead price.

  • 29th Jan to 1st Feb - 3 nights - £514pp (£1028 total)
  • 17th to 22nd Jan 5 nights - £614pp (£1228 total)

3.6/5 Google reviews

There are also some other hotels for a similar price, would say the Kixby is also a good option which has decent reviews.



What's included for two people

  • 3 or 5 nights - King bed
  • Return flights from London Gatwick
  • 23kg checked baggage per person
  • Sample dates in January: 29th Jan to 1st Feb, 17th to 22nd Jan

The Doubletree by Hilton Times Square West in Manhattan sits within easy reach of NYCs iconic landmarks and boasts striking skyline views from its stylish rooftop lounge (open Thursday to Saturday). Youll receive the hotels signature warm chocolate chip cookies when you check in at the attractive lobby. Centrally located in Midtown Manhattan, the hotel benefits from good transport links nearby, including the adjacent Port Authority Bus Terminal and 42nd street subway. Here, the E subway line connects with the AirTrain at Jamaica Station or Howard Beach, which connects with John F. Kennedy International Airport. The contemporary guest rooms feature one king bed or two double beds and come equipped with a TV and a desk.

British Airways More details at
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  1. suzy18's avatar
    I booked similar deal yesterday through British airways £760 each 4 nights this hotel end Oct 23 and over Halloween in school holidays (edited)
    KelvinPritchardSmith's avatar
    Went last year over this time and had a great time. Enjoy
  2. R37R0's avatar
    is lugague still included for transatlantic flights? or is there a surcharge
    Chanchi32's avatar
    Chanchi32 Author
    yes deal includes checked baggage of 23kg per person
  3. crazywolf's avatar
    Last time we went to new york in jan it was -15 degrees…

    Just bear it in mind… we then went in the summer and had a much better time… well worth the extra £500 ish.
  4. Shackalula's avatar
    Cold. Expensive.
    xenole's avatar
    Variable weather. Too hot sometimes in the summer though, and too many tourists crowding Central Park etc.
    I was in NY in Jan and the wind was chilly whilst walking in some directions, yet warm and sunny when the buildings sheltered you.

    Prices for hotels last week when I was there were hitting $500/night+ for hotels that are usually half that - ridiculous when I paid £46 for a night at the Premier Inn near LHR T5 yet 5-10x that for something not a lot better (stayed at the Kimpton in April for £170ish yet over £430 this time. Around £170/night at the Intercontinental in San Francisco last week)

    Could have been a holiday period (not just in the UK) as my BA flight from LHR-JFK was completely full.

    Less than £150/night as part of a holiday is very good for New York.
    £250 is probably an average (watching out for resort fees of $40/day? or whatever though)
  5. vitor19771's avatar
    Hi anyone with experience is it a good idea to rent a car or to much stress and not worth it? Thanks for any feedback
    xenole's avatar
    For New York? If so, no need and parking would cost more than the car itself! Most of the time would be sitting in traffic honking your horn even though no-one apparently drives in NYC

    If you were travelling further afield, then perhaps pick one up at JFK (Federal Circle) or elsewhere.
    Don't really know of anyone who has ever hired a car in the area. Suppose a trip to Niagra Falls would work?

    I would be more likely to rent a car in the Boston area, drive to Cape Cod and/or to Vermont etc.
  6. ebury's avatar
    AB15's avatar
    I’ve been for Valentine’s Day and it was Baltic.
  7. FHPRP's avatar
    Perfect time for me to visit, I love the cold weather 👌
  8. CannonPark's avatar
    Well I'm £1900 poorer today but we are now taking our two kids to the states for their first time courtesy of this post. We got a bargain a little bit later in the year for 6 days with a lovely hotel with great flights. Thank you (through gritted teeth) (edited)
  9. AB15's avatar
    Times Square is a bit of a dump
    xenole's avatar
    Yes, but it's tourist central and a lot of people want to be near an area that is well known and not further out.

    I've stayed in Long Island (near the Queensboro' Bridge a few times: Country Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn and Hilton Garden Inn. 10 mins on the E line to Manhattan and it goes straight to and from JFK)

    Sometimes it's cheaper near the financial district as there's nothing touristy there, but other times, out of the way places seem to be far more £££ than mainstream.
  10. delfinostar's avatar
    Don’t like New York. Too expensive for me
    jig2480's avatar
    Then scroll by 🤪
  11. Bad.Actor's avatar
    Took a tour of NY back in 2017 and passed the building where they test my condoms for air leaks. 50168633-o2CWs.jpg
  12. Juraj_Martonik's avatar
    been there once in january never again warmer in siberia
  13. drumcorpsfan's avatar
    If you enjoy wind chill and frost bite then this is the perfect deal for you time wise
  14. Clare_Barrett's avatar
    Very cold in the winter advised to pack your thermal underwear
  15. ian_stanley_matthews's avatar
    Went to new york a few weeks ago, nothing special tbh just feels like London. Stayed 4 nights then 3 nights in Washington DC, which was fab. I would certainly recommend DC to New York, much cleaner, less dense and miles quieter.
  16. beaufinder1's avatar
    Do you need to be vaccinated to visit the USA.
    BlueCreek's avatar
    Not by time this trip takes place, restrictions drop on May 12th
  17. mogwy's avatar
    went in dec and was minus 18 wind chill
    AB15's avatar
    That’s odd for December 
  18. J_Yeadon's avatar
    What the obsession with staying at Times Square ???? So many nice places to stay for cheaper
    A_H2020's avatar
    Tell me cos I need to find a place to stay
  19. tom6195's avatar
    Be cold in January
  20. yodawggangsta's avatar
    Honestly this is cheaper if you wait and book in January. Got 7nights for £600
    TannaI's avatar
    £614 per person for 5 nights
  21. gt1915's avatar
    Yes, great offer but it's been very well known for -4 conditions on average plus heavy Snow fall
    xenole's avatar
    NY is like here. Weather varies, although when it gets cold, it gets a lot colder than what we're used to here.
    I've never had snow in NYC and I've been in most months multiple times.
    Some icy sidewalks off the main routes and the tail end of snowy conditions (heaps of snow at the side of things generally), yes, but mostly in March.

    Last time I was in LA and San Francisco, lovely and warm, blue skies.
    Time before, very heavy rain.

    Boston generally warm or chilly. Only ever seen snow there on Xmas Day and that was dealt with effectively.
  22. philreid's avatar
    Good price, can’t comment on the hotel as I’ve not stayed there - but go for it and just make sure you have a hat!
  23. fudgey16's avatar
    Hotel is fine, close to subway, rooms are small but clean, no resort fees and the best cookies I’ve ever tasted!
  24. KeyboardKitten's avatar
    In New York right now! Great city with loads of character and things to do! Nice and warm during this time of the year. January will be very cold
  25. lisaburns81's avatar
    Went for New Years and it was no colder there than it was where I am in the uk.
    Spectre786's avatar
    North Yorkshire?
  26. chrisnicholls10's avatar
    Had a dig around the site and booked 6 nights in March at Times Square Hilton (not double tree) for £1690.

    Thanks to the OP, very happy wife
    yuri9's avatar
    And very happy wallet
  27. deleted2800374's avatar
    Anonymous User
    It's all about the free cookie when you go to Hilton I've stayed at this hotel. Feb 2020.
  28. x80ssm's avatar
    I dont get the hype, NY is disgusting
    Gozman's avatar
    I can understand visiting ny for a day or as a side trip. Going for 5 nights is absolute insanity to me. I went to paris for 3 nights because my so booked it. By the third day we were bored as f. Visiting as city for more than two nights is pointless. (edited)
  29. Simon_Conroy's avatar
    Where does it say if resort fees are included or not? Can't seem to see it.
    xenole's avatar
    Hopefully they do mention it at the time of booking.
    The Doubletree example from the OP says it has none.

    Just had a look at the Hilton site and:

    Millennium Hilton UN Plaza $30 + tax per night
    Embassy Suites Times Square $30 + tax per night
    New York Hilton Midtown $30 + tax per night
    Hilton Times Square $35 + tax per night

    Hamptons, Hilton Garden Inns and Doubletrees might be fine?
    Some hotels have it, some don't, but it could add $150 for a 5 night stay at check-in / out.
  30. Trickytimes's avatar
    On the subject of the variable weather, I went in Jan 2020 and it was 20 degrees and we were walking around in t-shirts. Went this January and it was zero degrees and you didn’t step out the door without a coat!
    joseph.walker0zv's avatar
    I was there in Jan 2020 18-24th and it certainly wasn’t 20 degrees for us. Snowing when we arrived and bitterly cold on the mornings.
  31. Sammy_86's avatar
    Will be freeeeezing 🥶🥶
  32. Veganpoosmells's avatar
    Guys I really don't think this is a good deal. I went in Feb this year, same hotel and for 5 nights for 6/700 ish.
    xenole's avatar
    That's per person isn't it?

    You're generally looking at £300 minimum for flights alone, so a good £600+ for 2 people.
  33. Liquidsky's avatar
    Careful as hotels try to charge extra made up fees
  34. alpha40's avatar
    NY is much better in spring/summer, the weather can really make a difference to your experience. Winter is absolutely freezing and dark most the day
  35. AudioJunki3's avatar
    Would you say 3 nights is enough to do most of the things people would normally do? seems like a big place to stay only 3 nights
    deleted2800374's avatar
    Anonymous User
    You could spend 3 months in the 5 boroughs, there's over 80 museums for instance.
  36. lilslicky123's avatar
    booked 5 nights
  37. b13kal's avatar
's avatar