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Posted 18 July 2023

7 nights 5* Maldives All Inclusive Royal Island Resort & Spa - Inc Sunset Beach Villa - Seaplane Transfers - Flights - from £1645pp

£3,289£4,196.4522% off
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Update 1
19/07 - Offer extended until end of July
All inclusive 5* holiday for 7 nights Maldives staying at Royal Island Resort & Spa located in the Baa Atoll , based on 2 people. Includes an upgrade to Sunset beach villa, all inclusive, seaplane and boat transfers, return flights to Male. Prices from £1645 per person (£3289 total) based on October dates and flying from London although other airports available. You can also add one child under 12 years old for free (hotel accommodation and eats free) to the booking and just need to pay flight costs. Works out at £3964 for 2 adults and 1 child - £1321 per person. Option to pay 30% deposit and pay the remainder of the balance at a later date. Looks to be over £1k - £3k cheaper than other travel sites such as Destination2 comparing on the same basis.

4.5/5 Tripadvisor

Whats included - Royal Island Resort & Spa Maldives 5* - Based on 2 people

  • Free upgrade from Beach Villa to Sunset Beach Villa
  • All inclusive (Breakfast, lunch and evening meal with a selection of snacks and drinks).
  • One child under 12 years old stays and eats free when sharing a room with 2 paying adults
  • FREE roundtrip domestic flight (worth 400 USD per person)
  • Free "Sunset Fishing" excursion (once per person per stay)
  • Return flights to Male with up to 23kg luggage (airports London/Manchester/Birmingham/Bristol/Edinburgh/Glasgow)

Free upgrade to Sunset beach villa



All-inclusive package includes:

This offer is based on an all inclusive stay (breakfast, lunch and your evening meal served in the main buffet restaurant with a selection of snacks and drinks)

  • Minibar (one refill per day): 2 soft drinks, 2 fruit juices, 2 beers, 2 wines (375ml), 2 assorted snacks.
  • Occasional snacks served in certain outlets from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Dinner out: one à la carte meal per person per stay (for stays of 5 nights or more). Prior reservations required for dine-arounds. Special events in à la carte restaurants are not included
  • Beverages from Specialty Restaurants are not part of all-inclusive package. However, drinks will be served from a selected all-inclusive menu of these outlets.
  • 15% discount on à la carte restaurants.
  • The main bar and pool terrace are open from 10:00 to 01:00. The main restaurant serves meals only.
  • All drinks are served by the glass, one at a time.


Royal Island Resort & Spa 5*

This luxe beachfront resort on a lagoon island in the Baa Atoll UNESCO biosphere reserve is 9 km by seaplane from Dharavandhoo Airport.

Surrounded by tropical flora, the polished villas feature ocean-view decks, and wood-paneled walls and ceilings, plus flat-screens, minibars, and tea and coffeemaking facilities. Upgraded villas add Wi-Fi, private pools and hot tubs.

An upscale restaurant is centered around a natural pool. There's also an open-sided eatery serving Mediterranean dishes, as well as a laid-back pub with pool tables, and a swim-up bar in an outdoor pool. A tranquil spa offers steam rooms, saunas, and beauty and massage treatments.

Example date - 3rd October to 10th October - 7 nights (10 days including flights)

Works out at £1645pp based on 7 nights (10 days), with a sample date from the 3rd to 12th October flying from London.


Useful links

Voyage Prive More details at

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  1. haggisheid's avatar
    Looks amazing! whats the weather like in october?
    PS5's avatar
    Quicker to type "maldives weather october" into google.
  2. timtamd's avatar
    Not so much of a deal, lower end resort, cheapest prices are at the worst weather times so taking a real chance on the weather. Peak times are the usual 2200-2300 price bracket for a lower end resort.
    I loved the maldives and desperate to go back but id rather pay a few hundred more for a better/newer hotel. (edited)
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    "Worst weather"?

    Its pretty much the same all year around. It might just rain for a few minutes a day.
  3. Ouzoherb's avatar
    Gili islands were much better in my mind as there were shops and restaurants and low prices and maybe even better diving.
    KeepIt100's avatar
    Love the Gili islands!
  4. Amphy's avatar
    Stunning looking island...it's the "domestic flight" transfer that would put me off. It's provided by the group that runs the resort, with no other transfer options. It means you could lose a full day either side of the trip in addition to the 11~16hrs UK <> Male flights (versus speedboat/seaplane/scheduled domestic). For those interested in the climate :- 28~32degC year round; meant to be a bit wetter in May~Sept, however these days it's more unpredictable - isolated short/sharp showers at any time of year.
    driver8's avatar
    Yep, it's domestic faff after a long flight, but Baa Atoll is beautiful and remote, and still popular.
    You could always book a resort close to the airport, with a short speedboat transfer.
  5. NeilsDeals's avatar
    The online videos are very misleading. It's actually extremely overcrowded and very loud. You can save some money, but it's not the same experience as the Maldives. But I guess it's subjective which option people prefer.
  6. Ouzoherb's avatar
    I know a family that goes to places like this with 2 screaming brattish children 5star AI exotic. Image spending this money and having them next door. Its need to be Adults only if you want relaxation.
    stueyp73's avatar
    Why don't we just ban all families from nice hotels hey , and then start banning other types of people you don't like . In fact just send them to rwanda instead
  7. TheGos's avatar
    Problem is there isnt much to do so after a few days it gets boring
    Mentos's avatar
    That’s really subjective. We normally go for 14 nights and are sad to leave.

    If you want to party every night then it isn’t for you. But I can do that at home as I live in London. For a beach holiday I want everything the Maldives offfers. Warm calm lagoon, reef to snorkel/dive (amateur diving) and avoiding other tourists rather then being crammed right next to them. (edited)
  8. joebaker123's avatar
    Stay home:

    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Is that sewage foam?
  9. BigSingh's avatar
    Flying 16 hours or so with Gulf Air would worry me. Are there other flight options? I assume they would come at a much higher cost. (edited)
    BigSingh's avatar
    50610061-0RXtY.jpgThey don't seem to score very well here.

    Although Skytrax has it ranked as 32nd..... (edited)
  10. Bob_Tomato's avatar
    Many years ago I went to the Maldives. All inclusive is really really worth it. It’s an island. Often it’s really expensive once there so worth paying in advance. It’s a long way to go for 7 nights. It is amazing. Honestly was similar to the pictures. I should note some people were really bored and complained they were missing British TV. There was no internet on the island I went to. But I can’t imagine they don’t all have it now. I couldn’t understand why people were bored. It’s the most beautiful place in the world. My wife and I had a great time.
    Ionkontrol's avatar
    But what did you actually do there? I get bored at European beach resorts.
  11. DrunkOnRedWine's avatar
    Nice deal

    Pure paradise. I'll probably never be able to afford to go again with kids and mortgage but glad I got to experience the Maldives at least once. I would go for longer if possible long way to go for a week.

    Few piece of advice, pack a snorkel and flippers. Take mosquito repellent, use in the day too as got bitten under the palms. Take sudocrem or bite sticks. Autan is very good
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    When we went we took Jungle Max pump spray & put it on first thing in the morning, straight after swimming, straight after a shower & before evening meal. It doesn't smell that great.

    Only got bit once on my ankle where I missed a patch.
  12. driver8's avatar
    Great deal especially with a child. 🔥
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Its a long old journey for a child. If they are capable of amusing themselves then fair enough but any younger then I wouldn't.
  13. photomorgana's avatar
    I've never heard about "Voyage Prive". Does anyone know them?
    robbpool's avatar
    We used "Voyage Prive" to the Maldives last year and a real good cheap deal, lesser island but was still superb. The company were fine to deal with we had no problems at all
  14. deleted48909's avatar
    Maldives = deadly dull.....
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Yeah you should definitely stick to Butlins, lots more to do
  15. rachelkajese's avatar
    Wish I could go live there 😞
    sivilis3d's avatar
    Difference between "living" there and holidaying there in a 5 star beach villa. I'm sure if you asked any of the locals if they'd swap for residence in the UK they'd jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat.
  16. czuwbacca's avatar
    People who can afford this and voted this hot, can you please tell me what your occupation is?
    mrgentry's avatar
    Train driver
  17. Ana10's avatar
    Would suggest going to Sri Lanka afterward as the maldives can be boring after a few days especially after traveling so far. If not a stop over to the middle east 👌🏽
    tobyjug77's avatar
    Been to three different islands in the Maldives never once got bored.
    The place is paradise.
    "No shoes no news" is the motto, (edited)
  18. extraj's avatar
    Thanks OP, booked for half term for something to keep the kid occupied
    driver8's avatar
    Wow! Adopt me! 😁
  19. Incognitoso's avatar
    These days when the holiday prices going up for family this holiday with kids say 6000 - 7000 + or more
    I would like not to work instead for 3 Month and relax by UK beach if i can
    The problem is that after 10 days days after spent £6000 + need to come back to job and start saving again for next year holiday
    Better then do not work for 3 Month "£2000 will be ok for me to live per month "
    3 Month not working time will give more relaxation for me then 10 days in this tropical place
  20. stig77's avatar
    Too short a stay to deal with that length of travelling time IMO
  21. Salad's avatar
    That's a lot to just sit on a beach
  22. samsmith66's avatar
    • FREE roundtrip domestic flight (worth 400 USD per person
    Nothing is free..
    Petetobin's avatar
    Unless you have to pay extra for it. You need to look at the overall price and if you think it is a good deal go for it. From my maths you are getting an all inclusive hotel for less than £300 a night for two people which is pretty damn good, I paid £500 in St Lucia earlier this year and it wasn't a patch on the Maldives.
  23. vic22's avatar
    If only I could afford ……..:::::……….
  24. Yuri_Cash's avatar
    Got 5 for ebay
  25. vladdy's avatar
    Looks a bit dated from the vids. Has anyone been here?
  26. Mentos's avatar
    Always worth checking flight prices separately, I've often found VP tend to be expensive and also restrictive on routing.

    Only BA do direct and its usually expensive. We've done it on the outbound to maximise the first day, but on the return picked a different route (BLR/BOM).

    However, there are several options for connecting flights: ME, India, Sri Lanka. Personally we prefer the latter two as its one longer flight and then a short hop. Last couple of times we went via India and stopped in BOM/BLR for a week. But even if you can't do that, you could book a long layover and spend a day, breaking up one leg of the trip. There used to be good Avios availability for BC on those routes aswell.
    driver8's avatar
    Flight prices jumped quite a bit after covid, making this a good price for a full holiday.
  27. Willy_Wonka's avatar

    I think this is fixed wing aircraft (poss seaplane) from Male to nearby island & 10 mins boat/speedboat to Royal Island (edited)
    driver8's avatar
    Info in the post is contradictory... Mentions domestic return flights and also a seaplane
  28. bollockskid's avatar
    11 year old stays and eats free but then it adds a 2nd room as the room only takes two people and the price doubles :/
    driver8's avatar
    Weird... Maybe contact them?
  29. MRT0000's avatar
    This is an amazing deal for this current climate on holidays especially including a child
  30. mattster's avatar
    Add a child?! Only if you are mad haha. Great deal though, and looks great for a couple
  31. BigBen75020's avatar
    Octobre rainy season ? Monsoon ?
    repstar's avatar
    I wouldn't go before mid November personally.
  32. umirza85's avatar
    Tried to do 2 kids and it seemed to not work.... anyone confirm if it's possible to do this with 2 kids?
    driver8's avatar
    This specific deal says +ONE child free
  33. chaz_187's avatar
    Any deals for cancun??
    Terry_Brownmpz's avatar
    Checked prices for Playa Del Carmen the other day, the prices have gone through the roof! I now know who is funding the army protecting the tourist!
  34. Steve_Burr's avatar
    Just booked for next May. Thanks for posting this one happy wife
    tyketyson's avatar
    What kind of price did you get? Similar to the offer?
    We'd look to go at Easter rather than October half term to have a little longer
  35. ck12111's avatar
    Anything for a bit longer than 7 nights?
    Jonwillis's avatar
    You can change it to 14 nights, comes to sound £6100.
  36. shalton's avatar
    Anybody know if this island had a different name 25 years ago? It looks similar to where I stayed. It was a lot more basic then though.

    I found the one I remember, it's Kuredu. It used to take under an hour to walk around the shore of the whole island. Beautiful place, with a very slight slope into the sea, about 50m till it start getting a bit deeper. (edited)
  37. ferranteguys's avatar
    Just been sent this
    Sock_Puppet581's avatar
  38. lehaandreev's avatar
    Go to the Maldives local islands. Before everyone finds out and it gets too crowded
  39. Naz_Kebabs's avatar
    Joke price
  40. Toup's avatar
    Take each others contacts. We will all meet there
's avatar