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Posted 20 June 2023

adidas Originals adiFOM Quake Women's Black + Orange - £39.50 delivered @ Size?

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Sick and tired of the nagging wife?
Desperate for a divorce?
Buying her a pair of these monstrosities may help speed up the process! *

Please note -
If she has extremely bad taste and actually likes these, please accept my sincere apologies.

* Divorce not guaranteed with the purchase of these...things.

Drawing inspiration from the Quake that debuted back in 2001, this minimalist silhouette arrives in a black and orange colourway. Featuring an internal bootie, traditional lacing offers a secure fit while the white foam shell with cut-outs enhances breathability. Down below, a polyurethane midsole provides lightweight cushioning. The adiFOM is signed off with a moulded tongue and contrasting Trefoil branding. | HP6581
size? More details at

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  1. Joey.Bloggsy's avatar
    I want my money back if she doesn’t divorce!
    spenspuma's avatar
    It's 100% guaranteed. Nobody would want to be seen dead with anyone wearing these.
  2. dc7911's avatar
    I’m voting hot just for the description
  3. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Who's voting these hot?
    What's wrong with you people, have you no class?! (edited)
    buliztik's avatar
    People buy Yeezy's tho. I don't get it either
  4. Geezer08's avatar
  5. MasterBlaster_'s avatar
    Shoes for Klingons.
  6. obsydian's avatar
    Heat for the description
  7. Gort1951's avatar
    Ya not ready for these Shoes but your Kids are gonna luv 'em.
  8. eryuu's avatar
    Those are some funky a** trainer. Could totally see myself rocking them, no joke. Got that molten lava seeping through igneous rock vibe.
  9. Hunter68's avatar
    If you think they look bad online, just know they're worse in real life. The widest pair of shoes I've ever seen, pretty sure jesus was using these to walk on water...
    jasee's avatar
    Actually wide is good if they are, trainers or running shoes always seem to be too narrow nowadays, I often have to go up a size to get them so they don't pinch at the toes.
    At least these are not boring: I really dislike plain white or black, they always seem to be the cheap ones here.
    Your description was great
  10. a2next's avatar
    But look interesting for walking on the moon
  11. Gort1951's avatar
    I need your Clothes, your Quake Shoes and your Motor Cycle.

    ...Ba ba ba bad to the Bone, ...
  12. deals.for.bills's avatar
    The description is spot on
  13. antsgame's avatar
  14. yeababyyea's avatar
    Looks like a shoe inside a shoe
    AdamMuny's avatar
    These shoes wer made for you batman
  15. Geezer08's avatar
    50420923-hAyZo.jpgI'd rather wear these
  16. ChildofChaos's avatar
    These look really cool, seems the magnolia squad is out in the comments so here is an offer for you:
  17. MexicanJoker's avatar
    They look hideous

    I want them
  18. jimhuf's avatar
    Finally come up with a way to shift all the Yeezy gear then
  19. BARGAINS01's avatar
    I'm on my 4th marriage, so I can guarantee these work..
  20. billyboyjones's avatar
    I only voted up because it made me PMSL
  21. northface1000's avatar
    Oh dear……
  22. Marwood_Withnail's avatar
    To be honest,if they were all black I would wear them.
  23. deleted1945554's avatar
    Not even a Consortium collaboration will make these better.
  24. Richiejohn's avatar
    I like them!
  25. Weehamish's avatar
    Looks like a gun from some sci-fi game
  26. Piggy's avatar
  27. Dauffen86's avatar
    Gilead has better fashion lol
  28. DrHotUK's avatar
    What makes these jsut for women?
    StanislavYordanov's avatar
    maybe the shoe size going from 3.5 to 6.5.
  29. deleted2622843's avatar
    Damn. Whats an ugly ugly thing
  30. Kayote's avatar
    Is it just me or these are cool!

    I will take these over the multi-colour rainbows that people wear...
  31. ItsMeUrCousin's avatar
    Ordered 10 pairs. Gotta be prepared for the future wives too.
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