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APPLE MacBook Air 13.3" (2020) - M1, 256 GB SSD 8GB RAM - £859 / £759 With Trade In Of Any Working Laptop / Macbook @ Currys

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with a trade in of any working laptop it comes to £759, + whatever your laptop is worth if Currys list it, best to go instore to do it there and then


Thin and fast with the Apple M1 chip

Incredibly light and boasting a speedy performance, get your work done anywhere with the MacBook Air (2020).

From video-editing to gaming, the Apple M1 chip lets you take on the biggest tasks without draining your battery. It's 3.5x faster than the previous generation, with eight-cores of power providing an incredible performance. And for whisper-quiet operation, the improved thermal efficiency means it doesn't even need a fan.

With the Retina Display screen, everything from blockbuster movies to everyday browsing is a visual joy. True Tone technology automatically adjust the display to your environment - so web pages and emails look as natural as if they were printed.

SSD for superfast loading

At the heart of the MacBook Air is a solid state drive with 256 GB of storage space. So, there's plenty of room for your work projects, movies, photos and music. And it's twice as fast as the previous MacBook Air, so you can load up your important files at lightning-speed.

Browse all day with up to 18 hours of battery life

Forget the mid-day recharge. Thanks to the M1 chip, the MacBook Air will give you up to 15 hours of web browsing, or up to 18 hours of the content you love on Apple TV. That's plenty for the entire working day, as well as your entertainment on the journey to and from the office.

More detail in your FaceTime calls

Look your best on FaceTime calls thanks to the M1 chip. It uses an image signal processor to give clearer, sharper images, while the Neural Engine can recognise faces to adjust white balance and exposure for improved, natural-looking skin.

Unlock your MacBook securely with Touch ID

Forgotten passwords are a thing of the past thanks to the MacBook Air's Touch ID sensor. Simply place your finger over the sensor to unlock with nothing but your fingerprint, for effortless security wherever you are. It's great for accessing sensitive documents and system settings or shopping online with Apple Pay, so you can keep everything important safe.

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  1. castleheg's avatar
    £100 trade-in for a working Mac, oh how times have changed
    MrSwitch's avatar
    or any laptop don't forget
  2. noconversationsallowed's avatar
    Got an old HP i5 lump £160 all in

    A Macbook for £699. I gotta say i'm almost tempted an I HATED the Macbook Pro I had for work.... (i7, with the battery life of an old toothbrush) (edited)
    bbbazman's avatar
    Time for a new toothbrush
  3. mackay85's avatar
    Just the M1 or can we trade in for M2 ??
  4. sion22's avatar
    I remember M1 being sold out everywhere around after M2 air release for months, now its discounted and available in so many places....

    Great deal tho.
  5. noconversationsallowed's avatar
    I spotted this and nearly posted it and then thought "Nah, Switchy will do a better job"
    Funny enough I was right
    MrSwitch's avatar
    You should have man
  6. MrSwitch's avatar
    You can use works vouchers as well if you have access to that sort of thing
  7. markyo007's avatar
    All the Costco buyers are wishing they waited
    mozbud's avatar
    The Costco deal was cheaper wasn't it
  8. send-pc-deals's avatar
    I’m guessing this is £100 + whatever you usually get if you traded in a laptop?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    It is yeah
  9. Fabby's avatar
    Educational price direct from Apple @ 898 if you can access it through unidays.
  10. rs_tigerblade's avatar
    What's the deal with the trade in laptop? I have about a 10 year old Samsung laptop, probably a dual core Would they take it?
  11. thecoolguy's avatar
    would they take a chromebook?
  12. rahhjarr's avatar
    I think the lappy has to be less than 7 years old. Correct me if I am wrong.
    noconversationsallowed's avatar
    I won't correct you
  13. spendHot's avatar
    when M2 in market why people would go for M1?
    fishmaster's avatar
    M1 costs less and the M2 really is a marginal upgrade over M1.
  14. fishmaster's avatar
    I'm tempted to buy one just so I can try Arc Browser but I'll wait, macOS is my least favourite out of the big 3 desktop operating systems. Windows, macOS and Linux.

    oh_my's avatar
    May I be the first to denigrate your taste in desktop OSes.
  15. AverageBloke's avatar
    REMEMBER... Your local Apple Store "may" be able to price match. My girlfriend did this in the Reading branch when she bought a new iMac that was cheaper and in stock at the local Currys. What you don't ask for... you don't get ;-)
  16. batdroid's avatar
    Still waiting on 512gb & 16gb deal 😪
    markyo007's avatar
  17. qprfanbideford's avatar
    If you are not in a hurry, Very regularly has deals for new customers or other promotions. Just 4 months ago I got 20% off the M2 Air. Only 10 days ago they had a 10% off promo.

    Like I say. If you’re not in a hurry it might pay to wait.
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