Posted 18 March 2023

Apple MacBook Air 2020 13.3" M1 Laptop Retina Display 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Grey, Excellent - Refurbished £699.99 @ eBay / outlet-returns.shop

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About this deal

The item shows no to minimal signs of use. It is fully functional and has been professionally refurbished, tested, inspected and cleaned to excellent condition by qualified sellers. The item includes original or new accessories and may come in generic packaging.

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MacBook Air. Now with the Apple M1 chip.

Apple’s thinnest and lightest notebook gets supercharged with the Apple M1 chip. Tackle your projects with the blazing-fast 8-core CPU.

Take graphics-intensive apps and games to the next level with an up to 8-core GPU. And accelerate machine learning tasks with the 16-core Neural Engine. All with a silent, fanless design and the longest battery life ever — up to 18 hours.

MacBook Air. Still perfectly portable. Just a lot more powerful.

Additional Features

  • 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning
  • 8GB of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid
  • Superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • 13.3-inch Retina display with P3 wide colour for vibrant images and incredible detail3
  • FaceTime HD camera with advanced image signal processor for clearer, sharper video calls
  • Three-microphone array focuses on your voice instead of what’s going on around you
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity
  • Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports for charging and accessories
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard and Touch ID for secure unlock and payments
  • macOS has a bold, easy-to-use design and works seamlessly with iPhone

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  1. Nujol's avatar
    Crazy how they retain their value - recently £800 for a brand new one presumably made in 2023, but people willing to pay £700 for one that is second hand and could have been made in 2020 so three years’ worth of wear even if it is in great condition.
  2. FlyingSquirrel's avatar
    Buy new, wouldn't trust randoms on eBay to  refurbish a MAC.  It is regularly 779 new on amazon with full warranty
    AD77VK's avatar
    If you search for refurbished MacBooks in excellent condition you'll find that they are more expensive than this one. The good news is that they hold value very well. Investing your money is peace of mind for a long time.
  3. afckev's avatar
    My mum has a 2015 MacBook Air. Amazing how fast it still runs. Absolutely no issues at all. Flawless
  4. fishmaster's avatar
    It doesn't say M1 in the title of the deal! Why not? Come on get with it M1 is the most important thing to mention. Yes the eBay seller worded it that way but I definitely would add M1 to the title!

    I'll tell you why because Apple were still doing Intel based Macbook Airs in 2020 >

    support.apple.com/kb/…_GB (edited)
    AD77VK's avatar
  5. Happy_Shopper_'s avatar
    £700 on a refurbished laptop from eBay? Call an ambulance, but not for me.
  6. FunkyDomino's avatar
    That's an awful price. You can buy them new for £100 more.
  7. damspt_'s avatar
    Anyone bought from here before?
    afckev's avatar
    Haven’t bought from them. But I message them through eBay and it was rather vague. Told me it’s grade B and can’t confirm wether it has the original box. Might be worth paying a bit more for brand new
  8. pb-live's avatar
    The M1 is still a solid laptop even with the M2 out. I currently have the M1 model and it can do pretty much everything I need really fast. Useful if you’re already invested in the iOS infrastructure as it works seamlessly with iPad and iPhone, AirPod and Apple Watch.
  9. afroylnt's avatar
    Does this have a soldered ssd?
    rodman's avatar
    Like you don't know?
  10. wozabee's avatar
    Wouldn’t very’s 20% new account get you a similar price ?
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