Unfortunately, this deal has expired 22 June 2023.
Posted 18 May 2023

Surface Pro 6 (Certified Refurbished) i7 8th Gen/512GB/16GB delivered - £419 @ Microsoft Store

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Update 1
Price drop from £430 to £419 20/05
Good deal IMO, if you have any reward points convert them to Microsoft Gift Card and bring down the price further.

***Price reduced to £419 (from £430)
Microsoft Store More details at

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According to the specs, this doesn't include the Type Cover and majority of users will want to add that.
Edited by srinik, 19 May 2023
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  1. Tarek_Ali's avatar
    Wull Student discount or BLC work?
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    I once asked through the live chat function and the response was no, although they offered a one off 10% on the purchase. But that was a while ago.
  2. plewis00's avatar
    £430 for a 5 generation old CPU from 2018 is not good value for money even if it does have 16GB RAM. Regardless of the certified refurbished state these are also welded shut with no serviceability.

    And I've just noticed it doesn't even come with the Type Cover, so that's another £124.99 new from Microsoft or you're getting a used one from somewhere else... (edited)
    medicgaming123's avatar
    Well to be fair my 9 year old surface pro 3 is still running strong and hasn’t needed a service ever.
  3. Incognitoso's avatar
    I think it is bad deal in all ways
    1 Old CPU with NOT iris GPU but 620 GPU it is ok for Office task nothing more
    2 No Keyboard cover " So no screen protection "
    3 Battery 50% left or little more but they originally can only work maybe 3 hrs so you left with say 2 Hr + for battery
    4 Old and hot CPU so prepare with fan noise
    5 Stylus not Included You have option but no Stylus

    Good Points
    The price looks cheaper but .....

    For 600 i will better get android tablet like Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 14 it will do same office stuff plus battery all day

    Or the best is to get M1 MacBook Air --they can be around £700 The M1 CPU will destroy this old intel CPU like day and night I'm not talking about M1 GPU where it can play games 1080p Where this Intel 620 GPU 720 p max on low settings
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    Can you show me where it says 50% battery? In the past Microsoft Certified Refurbished has always meant new chassis, new battery and new accessories. That's why they quote 13.5 hours of battery life because the battery will be new. (edited)
  4. zeb.mattey's avatar
    Yeah as someone who owned this device, this is a nice deal, although the bezels look really bad in 2023 to me so I switched. Nonetheless it's a 5/10 tablet and a 6/10 laptop in one, basically.

    I switched to macbook m1 + ipad which id say are 9/10 in both categories, but it set me back about 700 compared to this 400.
    jayjay266's avatar
    You made the right choice I reckon. There are better options out there for working on the go if you're willing to shop around. My Asus Rog Z13 i9 RTX3050ti 4k cost me a shade under £700 and has the added benefit of an accessible battery that I can change out once that finally goes. I know I'll be better off in the long run.
  5. HotUKDuncan's avatar
    The dimensions are smaller than the screen so this will go really well with your Tardis
    soap_box's avatar
    Screen sizes are diagonal…
  6. DarcyMyCat's avatar
    16GB mem and 512GB SSD seem a good deal. Even though the CPU is i7 8gen, it has a fan built in. With a fan its performance lasts longer than its i5 10gen brother (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    I would 100% advise not getting one, repairing one of these are a nightmare. Changing the battery can involve cracking the screen. 100% do not buy a used Surface.
  7. iby2012's avatar
    Are they trying to do a clearance? As they stop serving the surface pro 6s at the end of June this year.

    That said, wonder when this goes out of warranty. Under warranty Microsoft are great no questions asked. Out of warranty. Might as well not bother.
    plewis00's avatar
    It'll have a year as it's refurbished direct with them. Likely ex-lease professional refurbs or something as this is the top-spec in the range.
  8. srinik's avatar
    srinik Author
    Price further reduced - £419/delivered.
  9. cHinGy's avatar
    No USB-C, no pen, no keyboard, old tech for £400.
    Alternative choice is Toshiba X30T-E if you don’t mind 2nd hand, and manage to find one on eBay. Same 8th gen CPU, but has USB-C thunderbolt 3 and larger battery.
    UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Does that have Windows?
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