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Posted 20 May 2023

2TB - Crucial P3 Plus PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe SSD - 5000MB/s (PS5 Compatible) - £89.99 with code @ ecomputers.ltd / eBay

£89.99£99.9910% off
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Cheapest this has ever been.

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  1. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Or get a higher endurance TLC NAND drive for the same price?
    It actually has faster sequential write speeds than this P3 Plus, so games may install slightly quicker, certainly at least as quick as the P3 Plus, game loading times will be the same as sequential speeds mean nothing for that -

    Why Crucial QLC drive consistently get voted hot when they are still overpriced is beyond me.
    Is it just the name?

    This Netac at £81.73 after the voucher and code 3LRREKPM is a MUCH better deal at the moment, TLC NAND and higher sequential speeds too -
    amazon.co.uk/Net…-21 (edited)
    Rumcajs_9's avatar
    You again...

    Before you buy Netac, better double check if anything has changed regarding their dodgy warranty - reddit.com/r/N…ew/
  2. Triggerhappy_'s avatar
    Cheaper on amazon
    rad.'s avatar
    rad. Author
    That's the slower non-plus PCIe 3 model. (edited)
  3. Tryp's avatar
  4. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Do yourselves a favour and buy this for £100.54 with code TND-10 -

    Easily worth the extra £10 for added performance and durability.
    sybadm's avatar
    did some research... ordered these! Now I have to return Crucial order from ebay :-)

    Thanks for this. Learnt something new today TLC vs QLC

    did some research... ordered these! Now I have to return Crucial order from ebay :-)

    Thanks for this. Learnt something new today TLC vs QLC (edited)
  5. DaveG46's avatar
    Stuck one of this in an enclosure last week as an external drive reckon a need a different usb c cable though as only get around 300mb
    lonechump's avatar
    It's your enclose that's the issue not the drive.
  6. andrex_AaA's avatar
    I ordered one for a new build.tnx
  7. MooBie's avatar
    Replaced my 980 pro 1tb with one of these this week in my ps5, first games I tested were Ratchet and Clank and HFW (apparently its the first party titles that benefit from ssd speed the most) and noticed no difference at all in performance or loading speed (there probably is a very tiny difference but not that I could tell). Just in case anyone has any concerns!
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    You replaced a TLC drive with DRAM for a QLC drive without DRAM?
    Other than the size difference, that's a huge downgrade.
  8. hatot's avatar
  9. Neilmmmm's avatar
    Been watching prices drop all year, but that's it I'll bite
  10. Karling's avatar
    DealHunterChaos's avatar
    It is quite useful when people post links to other deals on a thread. I find it useful as many others do when considering buying something.

    This whole website would be pretty bboringand not half as useful without helpful comments even of they are negitive.

    I do agree that they might as well post their links to a new deal though.
  11. GordonFreemanLambdaLabs's avatar
    QLC 🤮
    Seanspeed's avatar
    Nearly universally, the people who think QLC is so terrible are people who dont really know much about the technology beyond some super surface level stuff, and have nowhere near the use case requirements to need anything better.
  12. NiOH667's avatar
    I'm still expecting my order which was created 10 days ago on Crucial official website.
  13. luqmaan.khalifa's avatar
    I just paid £116.99

    Edit realised i brought the p5 version (edited)
  14. Nujol's avatar
    What a shame Microsoft didn’t allow these to be used on the xbox series s/x
    jack201's avatar
    100%, but I use similar NVMEs with external enclosures and get 3gbps transfer speeds not bad
  15. sybadm's avatar
    how does 5 years Crucial warranty works on ebay pruchase?
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    If you're lucky you deal with the seller for the first year.
    After that you deal with Crucial and they are not fun to deal with...
  16. aaronwrightazz's avatar
    This from the PlayStation website:

    5,500MB/s or faster is recommended
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar

    Yep, not required.
    The only difference you'll have is games installing slightly slower.
    Game loading times and performance will be the same.

    Saying that, I still wouldn't buy this overpriced QLC NAND drive when there are more durable TLC drives available for the same price. (edited)
  17. GordonFreemanLambdaLabs's avatar
    "Speeds drop down from 4.4 GBps to 100 MBps." -- tomshardware
    Rumcajs_9's avatar
    Yeah, after like 150-200gb. I had Intel 660p on QLC for nearly 5 years and saw such drop only once, when I copied files from my old drive. After that it never happened again and the drive was great for laptop as QLC is cool and has got low power consumption.
  18. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    This deal should be dead and buried even if it was still £90, there are now mulitple 2TB TLC NAND gen4 drives for less than this, one of them here -

    The other is -
    amazon.co.uk/Int…8-3 (edited)
  19. StatusRed's avatar
    Code has expired.
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