This deal expires on 7 June at 22:59
Posted 16 February 2023

Apple TV+ free for 6-months (New & Existing Subscribers) via Sky VIP @ Sky Digital

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About this deal

Apple TV+ 6 months for Sky VIP customers

To be redeemed by 30 Apr 7 July 2023
Sky Digital More details at Sky Digital
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Claim from Sky by 7 June 2023 and redeem with Apple by 7 July.
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  1. D1ckTurpin's avatar
    I'll be honest, I find Apple TV content rubbish. I'm on the 6 month trial and can't believe people actually pay for it. Not much selection and even the exclusive films with the likes of Tom Hanks are just OK. Each to their own I suppose.
    SeamusO's avatar
    Agreed. I activated the free 3 month trial for my LG tv and can't find anything to watch. First season of Ted Lasso was good but second just turned into a bore fest for me and I gave up.
  2. packard's avatar
    Posted previously
    PlanetG's avatar
    Did a quick search before posting but did not find one.
  3. thr0tt's avatar
    Great thanks, my other free sub was going to end 16th March so just added this then cancelled and now have up to 16th September to watch nothing on it.
    angryshopper's avatar
    Ted Lasso S3 though?
  4. bennyboysmith's avatar
    Amazing, thanks for posting! This stacked on top of my recently redeemed O2 priority 3 month offer.

    Apple are amazing at giving away this service. I've not had to pay for a single month since I signed up a couple of years ago. (edited)
  5. BIGGZY's avatar
    Defending Jacob
    Echo 3

    Watchable on AppleTV and recommended.
    bonewinski's avatar
    Severance is one of the shows of the year
  6. richnewman's avatar
    Is it just me or do you get Apple TV with just about everything these days?

    Pack of spuds sir? Here, have 3 months Apple TV.
  7. deleted2817570's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Still struggling to believe I tried to register my 6m Apple TV free trial with Curry's purchase one day late after having loads of time to do it (edited)
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  8. Jay921's avatar
    If youve used this offer before, it wont let you use it again. Just FYI
  9. CloneRico's avatar
    Everyone gives AppleTV a lot of slack, it's definitely quality over quantity and I have enjoyed a fair few of the shows including

    Ted Lasso (don't even like football)
    Mythic Quest (cheesy but an easy/nerdy watch)
    Defending Jacob (Highly recommend)
    Home Before Dark
    Bad Sisters (Highly recommend)
    Few decent movies too!

    I'm gonna give Slow Horses, Dear Edward & Shrinking a go next

    Sadly my membership runs out soon (been on several free trials) but if I've not finished everything I want I'll probably pay for a month or 2 just to get through it
    bennyboysmith's avatar
    Agree with you 💯

    TL, MQ and BS are amazing. Severance and Morning Show are also very good.

    I've heard very good things about Wild horses, so that's next on my list. (edited)
  10. MarcoSymondi's avatar
    Bundles with other deals I.e. Curry’s 6 month deal. There are a few good shows on Apple:- Foundation. Slow Horse & Trying.
    horizon-in's avatar
    What was currys deal and when does it expires ? I recently bought an apple watch from them
  11.'s avatar
    Thanks . got it
  12. ande1979's avatar
    No wonder its always free there's nothing to watch on it the money apple have they myst be able to make something good
  13. Reggie100's avatar
    Does anyone have CODE would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED(y) (edited)
    uog's avatar
    You need to have a sky account to get it
  14. Bazza.20's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare code for this? Assuming codes are not account specific

    Please PM if you have a code available that you won’t be using.

  15. geiger167's avatar
    I could use a code as well if anyone has one knocking about, couldn't use the currys one it wouldn't let me lol
  16. Bolkyloren's avatar
    Do you have to cancel to prevent it being charged from the 7th month or is it just 6 months and it stops?
    PlanetG's avatar
    You have to cancel. You can do it as soon as you redeem
  17. Simpson9976's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code they're not going to use? please PM me (edited)
  18. Reggie100's avatar
    Please 🙏🏼 Help if you have a Spare Code. Super Grateful
  19. rodrego's avatar
    When I did it pre Christmas the one month trial stacked so got 7 months
  20. Nawaaz's avatar
    Incredible deal, and stacks with my current free trial through currys. £42 savings makes it worth paying for sky signature (edited)
    mattk3410's avatar
    Had you already cancelled the first one before you added it? I've got until mid-April on my Barclaycard 5 month trial, and my Sky VIP offer says it has to be selected by 31 March.
    Also, did you have to create a new Apple account or did it just accept it on the same one?
  21. boomish's avatar
    We would love a code if any kind person has a spare one?
  22. dizzer's avatar
    Slow Horses is alright
  23. v5535's avatar
    It doesn't work?
  24. Si1969's avatar
    Love Apple TV. 

    If anyone wants to gift me a code I’d happily use it!
  25. nudgenudge's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code please pm me, Thank you
  26. Jonathan_Murray's avatar
    Are you able to actually get spare codes, I would assume its a one time ask and get thing - but if not then anyone able to get another I would very gratefully take it off your hands.
  27. Jane11b's avatar
    Hi I seem to be going round in circles with this…do you have to have sky tv to get it, I only have sky broadband.  I get the vip offers and have downloaded the app 
    thanks Jane 
    PlanetG's avatar
    Yes. You have to have sky and you get this via Sky VIP in the app.
  28. harry66's avatar
    I have a few Sky Mobile contracts and have the Sky app installed.
    I see the Apple TV+ offer on the Sky VIP page.
    If I click on it, it says head to the Giveaways section.
    I can see a Giveaways banner on the Sky VIP page (showing a Roald Dahl book) - but pressing the Giveaways banner does not do anything...
    Any ideas on how to activate this offer?
    PlanetG's avatar
    Haven't seen this issue myself. May be close and try again. Or reach out to them.
  29. johnnybgood's avatar
    Would appreciate a spare code - please DM me. I could offer something from student beans discount code in return?
  30. uog's avatar
    This deal has been extended till 7th July now I've noticed on SKY VIP.Must be a sweetener after putting up there prices
    PlanetG's avatar
    Cheers. Have updated the description.
  31. uog's avatar
    Does the 6 months go from when you redeemed it on the sky VIP app or when you have activated it?
    PlanetG's avatar
    When you activate it or it stacks up
  32. jm1082's avatar
    I just redeemed a three month freebie & it seems to have given me a one week free trial on top of that.  Do I just tap the “Cancel free trial” in red or do I have to wait until after the free week before I can turn off auto renew for the three month part?
  33. PlanetG's avatar
    If you can see the date that includes the free week, you can go ahead and cancel auto renew
  34. Reggie100's avatar
    Any spare codes
  35. Maureen111's avatar
    Anyone has a code they don't want to use ?
  36. Si1969's avatar
    If you have PlayStation or Xbox (or know somebody with one), they're offering 3 months free Apple TV. Offer expires 1st April.
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